Heaven Help US

October 26th, 2013

One should not be terribly surprised that Utah Senator Orin Hatch is seriously considering endorsing a moderate Republican in a primary challenge to Utah’s other US Senator, Mike Lee, an avid constitutionalist. We could attribute Orin’s nod toward the dark side as a singular, senility-induced spasm but for the fact that he and Ted Kennedy were bosom buddies. Can a clearer picture of someone be developed? Show me your friends and and I’ll know who you are.

Orin has had his moments of courage and clarity but he has always managed to avoid a genuine confrontation with those actively engaged in corrupting our culture and our government. Is decorum truly sacrosanct? Must we conjure up the ghost of Patrick Henry? Is there a red, white and blue pill that men can take to stiffen their spines.

Senator Lee’s “radical” attempts to resist the top-down corruption of the entire nation is a worthwhile pursuit and should be lauded and applauded by everyone who still has faith that the Founding documents remain a timeless recipe for success, politically, culturally and morally.

If Orin turns his back on Senator Lee it will be the surest sign that the elect (and most of the elected) have not only been deceived, they will have willingly become co-conspirators in the deception.

Don’t get me started on the most powerful Mormon in the the US government, one Harry Reid. What a….I said DON’T get me started!

Heaven help US.

Turn That Frown Upside Down

October 11th, 2013

Remaining positive is starting to feel more and more like work. Still I labor. Looking for the silver lining is straining my eyesight but I remain on the lookout. The good (?) news; modern stresses do come with their own set of benefits. Losing one”s appetite will ultimately lead to weight loss, if it’s a tone-up one desires. Being broke makes shopping a whole lot quicker and simpler, and if gasoline prices keep one closer to home, imagine how much house work (or writing) can be done.

Ranchers in South Dakota awoke to find the blizzard that just passed through killed 100,000 of their cattle. Imagine the feast if those animals could be dressed out and BBQ’d before the weather warms up, provided that Kansas City is generous with the sauce and if Idaho shares the spuds. So many hungry people could be fed.

The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), operated by the IRS, might punish a person for not enrolling in the program, but if they arrest you and and check you into the gray bar hotel you will get your healthcare for free. What’s not to like about that?

The National Park Service has closed America’s natural national treasures down to the public, but on the other hand we have made 11,000,000 to 20,000,000 illegal aliens feel warm and welcome on Park Service property in the nation’s capitol. The NPS locks WWII veterans out of the memorial dedicated to their heroic service, but the welcome mat is out to drug dealers, human traffickers and terrorists on our southern border. But we are a nation of second chances, right? These might be “wretched refuse” but aren’t they just “huddled masses yearning to be free”?

Our Justice Department has flooded Mexico with illegal assault weapons, to be sure, and one of our own border agents was murdered by someone wielding one of these, but on the other hand none of the dead Mexicans compete for the limited number of jobs and they don’t eat very much, especially the ones without heads.

The Canadians (the British) are mining our gold and silver, but they must be paying us for it, right?

Trillions have been spent bailing out the banks but at least we have places to borrow money.

When we add up all the debts that have been sold as investments (derivatives), the world is in debt to the tune of nearly a quadrillion dollars but all we have to do is hit the reset button (world war) and we can basically start all over again with lots of rebuilding to be done and a few hundred million fewer mouths to feed.

Congressional hearings reveal countless scandals and no one is held to account. Isn’t it swell that we can forgive and forget?

Both political parties serve the Federal Reserve Bank and the IMF. Isn’t it great that the Dems and the GOP really can get along, even if not in public?

Kennedy was killed because he raised the ire of the Fed with his silly executive order (11110) putting the US back on the silver standard, but he will always be the youthful king of Camelot instead of an old and feeble former president insulated by the Secret Service.

After the NSA reads this I will probably be water boarded but it might ultimately cure my psoriasis.

Our news media is brought into the White House for private meetings about which nothing is revealed, but we have all had enough of the bad news, haven’t we?

Our Constitution is gored and ignored but thanks to the Department of Education and CORE, we needn’t worry about our children and grandchildren. What they don’t know will never hurt them.

Senility will be the fate of most Baby Boomers (those not immediately placed under palliative care) but are there not so many bad things too painful to remember?

Yes, there are many things that could be better but see how easy it is to look on the sunny side?



An Open Letter to Mr. Obama

September 17th, 2013

You are about to awaken the sleeping giant. It will take but a little while before he washes the sleep from his eyes, has a cup of Joe and snaps his straps. Americans by their very nature are slow to rile. They are more circumspect than most expect or respect. They prefer peace and tranquility, letting others live and let live. Enjoying one’s own freedoms bespeaks respect for the freedoms of others. Freedom does presuppose the right to do wrong, but there are limits. You have crossed that line. You have mocked the citizens of this nation by consistently violating your primary oath of office, your first sacred obligation; to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. By doing so you have become the “domestic enemy” to which that oath refers.

You have also violated the spirit and the letter of the Declaration of Independence, wherein is contained the prophetic warning about the government becoming “destructive of these ends”, i.e.,” life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, among others”. It is the duty and obligation of all real Americans to see to it that you and the other domestic enemies are appropriately held accountable for violating your oaths and for being destructive of the American way of life. It is now just a matter of time. The clock is ticking.

It took only 4% of the population of the original 13 colonies to put our last king in his place. He went too far but was smart enough to know when to quit. Today an impassioned 1% would more than suffice. If you were merely incompetent these might be willing to remain somewhat tolerant, but your deeds are unambiguously designed to destroy the laws and traditions of this noble nation.

I am but one lowly and humble citizen who seeks first the redress of the wrongs you and the other domestic enemies have consciously and carelessly committed, but there are millions more who believe as I. There will be millions and millions more, many who do not seem as patient, who grow more perturbed each day. If you wish them to respect and cheer you, repent or resign! If you want them to resist and jeer you, then continue down the road you are on. The clock ticks. The giant stirs.

Welcome to the New Dark Ages

December 21st, 2011

Political correctness is a linguistic black hole, the gravity of which prevents the light of truth from escaping.

It’s All Greek to Me

November 2nd, 2011

The current crisis in the Eurozone portends ill for democracies the world over. It has long been understood that democracies have a relatively short shelf-life before they ultimately collapse under the weight of the demands of those who sold their votes to short-sited, self-serving politicians in exchange for largess from the public treasury.

While we in the US are technically a Republic, we have our share of vote-hoarding, power-coveting politicians who have made a similarly Greecey mess of our country.

This is not a problem that can be corrected at the ballot box, as the rest of the Eurozone will discover in January when the Greeks vote to accept or reject the bailout that will or will not prevent the bankruptcy of that once enviable nation.

Are we capable of solving our problems at the ballot box? We will have to wait until next November to find out, but don’t hold your breath.

Sound the Alarm Clock

September 7th, 2011

The fate endured by myriad small nations is now impacting the big ones. All are in debt to the world’s central bankers. All must ultimately default. The solution; arrest the criminals that got us into this mess and confiscate their ill-gotten gains. Otherwise the problem is perpetuated, at best, or at worst the citizens of the world will awaken to the fact they are in utter servitude to those who created the debt-based economic system.

Is it not time to wake up?

Lone Wolf or Big Bad Wolf?

August 17th, 2011

Would anyone be truly surprised if Obama’s recent pronouncement, that he fears a “lone wolf” domestic terror attack on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, was meant as bait for just such an event? Could he not then declare martial law and maintain power in the face of his ever-decreasing popularity? Is this not as likely a scenario as his being re-elected in 2012?

He would not do this on his own, however, it would be at the insistence of his bosses at the Federal Reserve; a private bank with an interesting name, which seized control over our currency and monetary policy from the Congress in 1913. They know the jig is nearly up and something will have to be done to keep them out of prison, or worse.


August 1st, 2011

The senior Senator from Arizona, the brave naval aviator who has become the Republican party’s Peter Principle poster boy, has very recently referred to members of the Tea Party as “Hobbits”. As noted by more than a few others, these diminutive, furry-footed agrarians were the very creatures who managed to take down the evil empire. So it has often been.

It was the common man, who had had enough, who tossed the tea into Boston Harbor.

The embattled farmers stood their ground behind Concord’s rude bridge and fired the shot heard round the world.

The 900 farmers from “over-the-mountain” destroyed the left flank of Cornwallis’ march through the Carolinas in his 1780 attempt to confront Washington’s army in Virginia, turning the tide of the Revolution at King’s Mountain. The opposing force, under British Colonel Ferguson, was comprised almost exclusively of American colonists loyal to the English King George.

The farmers of Eastern Tennessee once again answered the call to come to the nation’s aid in New Orleans, where they defeated a far superior British force in the War of 1812.

(The British, though twice defeated, did not give up. They ultimately managed to re-occupy the USA via the Federal Reserve Bank, essentially a branch of the British Central Bank. This is who our political leaders really work for. This is not conspiracy theory; it is conspiracy fact. Our two party system is merely veneer.)

Still, the lesson is this; tyranny is turned when the common man makes history.

Are more such days in our future?

America’s Struggle

May 20th, 2011

Barack Obama is the ultimate terrorist. The damage he has perpetrated and perpetuated is far worse, on many levels, than OBL, KSM and their 19 Saudis ever contemplated or imagined in their wildest fantasies.

The Little O’s wrecking ball has nearly brought down the entire structure of the Old World Order with no apparent consideration of the disorder sown in his path. Images of Berlin in ruin and rubble rise unbidden from the dust as the specter of Auschwitz is channeled through the flames of the Arab Spring, further fueled by the audacity of Obama’s anti-semitic rhetoric.

Obama is America’s greatest trial. I hope he lives long enough to face his Nuremberg.


January 13th, 2011

I am a fan of the idea of unity. It is a marvelous concept—-but what does it mean, is it really a virtue, and how is it obtained?

In our history as a nation we have seldom experienced unity. The attack on Pearl Harbor provided us a common rallying point for a month or two but then FDR decided to intern our Japanese fellow citizens. The 9-11 attacks held us together in purpose for about a week before the finger pointing began.

Obama was ostensibly elected by the Left to end the wars in the Middle East. Has that happened? The Left is now demanding “unity” after the Arizona shootings but they are not even unified in their own purposes. They just want to derail the juggernaut of disaffection careening their way as a result of their own divide and conquer strategy of control. Don’t fall for it. They don’t want unity. If they could they would send people like me to the gulags and you know it.

Looking back, Vietnam was not a rallying point for our culture or our politics.

We managed to hang together to defeat the Germans and the Japanese (and Italians) in WWII but were not unified, by any accounting, in that pursuit.

In World War One we outlawed the German language; interesting reaction considering that 29% of all Americans are of German descent, the largest single group comprising the American family.

Then there was the Civil War. What did that have to do with unity?

Our revolt against Great Britain only managed to capture the active participation of 4% of the population of the 13 colonies.

Don’t preach unity to me unless you are willing to gather around a firm set of principles, which, in our secular society, is embodied in our Constitution. If we can agree on that, I’m in, to a degree. We are about exercising liberty, not marching in lockstep.

The Benighted Senator from Searchlight

December 18th, 2010

Every piece of legislation passed by this extraordinarily lame lame duck congress and signed by Obama should be repealed. The Pelosi and Reid agenda was fully fully rejected by the voters in November, yet they persist in flaunting the will of the electorate. This is the worst example of leadership in the history of our nation. They are not satisfied in merely taking down the Constitution; they want to drag the entire culture into the abyss, as well.

Harry Reid is the worst kind of politician imaginable for he holds himself out to be a faithful, God-fearing man. He would do far less damage if he was simply a crook, as are most of his fellow politicians. The Senator from Searchlight is leading our government further into the darkness. His sins are not just ideological. Who’s errand is he on? When will he be excommunicated for his brazen immorality?

I call upon the leadership of his church, and mine, to hold him responsible for his detestably irresponsible actions as the most politically powerful Latter Day Saint in the history of nation and the church. He is a very dark stain upon the honor of both.

With Friends Like These——

December 6th, 2010

The most recent WikiLeaks docu-dump contains much that we should already have surmised, most notably that Saudi Arabia is the largest bankroller of Al Qaida. No surprise there! Weren’t all 19 of the 9/11 hijackers from Saudi Arabia?

Where did the Saudi’s get most of their wealth? Who developed their oil infrastructure and who convinced them to value their oil exclusively in dollars? If you guessed the USA, you would be right. They have taken the money we have given to them and they have passed a sizable amount on to the terrorists.

So, it follows that the USA is actually the biggest funder of terrorism. Ouch! The law of unintended consequences can be brutal.

WikiLeaks Docu-Dump: an Alternate View

December 4th, 2010

The WikiLeaks document dump does cause a problem, but primarily for those who cause bigger problems. There will assuredly be innocent victims but the casualty list would be wanting if it did not contain the names and deeds of the dishonest, deceitful and disingenuous among us. While some information should remain secret for bone-fide security reasons, the rest should be exposed for what it is; double-dealing, corruption, back-biting, duplicity, skulduggery, treachery, underhandedness, malfeasance and otherwise deplorable (if not criminal) conduct.

The best thing about the dump, thus far, is that it forced the Federal Reserve to release the story of its $3,000,000,000,000 secret loan program to everyone on the planet except, of course, to you and me. This they did to pre-empt the release of documents promised to shed light on the dark and nefarious domain of the world’s central bankers.

Just how and where did the Federal Reserve (a private bank with no known reserves) get $3,000,000,000,000 to loan out? If they are wealthy enough to bail out the world, why not tax them at a 90% rate?

The bad news in this story is that the government can and will shut you down and hunt you down if you post something they consider to be threatening to the ruling class and their masters in the underworld.

Truth can withstand the light of day; falsity and fraudulent behavior cannot. Thanks Julian!

Terrorism Surfaces Again

November 21st, 2010

The abuse that modern air travelers must now suffer under the hands of the TSA is but a foreshadowing of the growing darkness we face as the culture is pushed closer to the PC precipice. Frisking grandmas and nuns and groping grown men is evidence that modern social engineering techniques are, like global warming, the results of junk science.

Punishing everyone in lieu of direct action against real criminals clearly demonstrates a villainous intent on the part of today’s decision makers. Those who would force us to sacrifice our liberties in an illconsidered effort to avoid offending our enemies are arguably as evil as the mad mullahs who terrorize their own flocks should their sheep dare to opt out.

9-11 heralded the end of political correctness as a viable means of promoting peaceful understanding among the malcontents. Sociopaths of all pursuaions should be confronted and subdued with all due expediency. This includes those who ignore and violate Constitutional protections against the intrusive acts of government clearly prohibited under the 4th Amendment. True, we are at war, but with whom?

We keep only those rights we elect to defend.

The Wicked Witch is Merely Wounded

November 3rd, 2010

In 2008 Republicans were sent packing for behaving like Democrats. In 2010 the Democrats were run out of town for behaving like Bolsheviks. This is important to understand. In both cases the voters were voting against behaviors rather than for a specific party or party line. Failure on the part of party leaders to comprehend this fact will cause further erosion in the waning faith of the body politic.

There is, indeed, a dimes worth of difference between Republicans and Democrats, but that difference resides primarily in social matters. Economic differences are not as distinct and the obvious subservience to the interests of the Federal Reserve is nearly universal.

We can hope that the attitudes of the newcomers like Rand and Rubio will reverberate through the halls of Congress in the spirit of Mr. Smith, but the Boy Rangers have their work cut out for them as they take on the Taylor’s of the world over the thousands of Willard Creeks hidden in hundreds of bills in which billions of dollars are siphoned from the public treasury to pay for votes.

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. This is our job. Hold them to account. Call and write and let them know you are watching. 2012 is only one election away.

As an aside, it must be noted that California’s hard-left-leanings cannot be blamed on a propensity for smoking dope, not legally at any rate. The problem has to be more organic (and perhaps more Pavlovian) than that. It must have something to do with the instinctual understanding that one should never bite the hand that rings the bell.

Truth: the Bitter Pill

September 29th, 2010

While not all that can be said should be said, some things must be said.

The modern Democrat party is a cancer in the body politic. People who vote for Democrats are, at best, fools. If those who are elected in 2010 do not treat those who have consistently violated their oath of office as criminals, they will be complicit in the greatest crime ever perpetrated on the American people; the evisceration of the Constitution.

Having an (R) behind your name makes you more (R)esponsible to fix the mess we are in because the other party is completely incapable of taking any actions that do not put us in a worse fix. You cannot go to Washington to “go along to get along”. It is incumbent upon the new blood to extract a full measure from the incumbents from both failed parties. The immoral cannot wield moral authority. In the face of evil, decorum is no virtue.

Barack Obama is neither an American nor a Christian. He was born to an underage (17) mother and a father who was a British citizen. This makes him a British citizen, regardless of where he is born. His father and mother soon parted company and he was subsequently adopted by Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian Muslim. Barack was educated in a Madrasa in Indonesia. A Muslim does not convert to another religion without dire consequences (usually a death sentence). Ask any Muslim. A Muslim, however, is permitted (indeed obligated) to lie in order to further the faith. He attended Occidental College in Santa Monica on a Fulbright Scholarship for foreign students. As troubling as all this is, his association with avowed communists, Marxists and bomb-throwing anarchists should trouble you more. His statements on the inadequacies of the US Constitution should also be of major concern. His blatant disregard for the limits placed upon the federal (feral) government is evidence of his contempt for the Founders intent.

These statements are true and are easily corroborated for those who do not suffer from LIS (lazy intellect syndrome).

It is not hyperbole to state that the election this November the 2nd is perhaps the most important election in this nation’s history. If we cannot rid ourselves of those who have slavishly supported Obama’s insidiously un-American agenda, we may never again have the opportunity to restore the Constitution.

Remember, a vote for any Democrat is a vote for Barack Obama.

Labor Pay Day

September 6th, 2010

Obama’s plan to “invest” $50,000,000,000 of taxpayer money in infrastructure; roads, railways and runways, is just another payoff to the union labor who will benefit from this decision and is nothing more than Chicago-style payola. It is designed to buy recently diluted loyalty from the unions and votes from the communities that will see the instant, but transient, infusion of inflation-generating funny money.

Infrastructure is ordinarily useful if there is industry or agriculture to support and for the creation or maintenance of supply lines for the products they create. When productivity is flat to non-existant, of what use are new roads and railways? The reason Hitler was able to successfully kick-start the anemic German economy with Autobahn construction was twofold; first, it required legions of men with shovels and picks. Secondly, as soon as these roads were completed, these men were conscripted into the German military, which made very good (or bad) use of the men and the new highway system; a system specifically designed to serve this same military and Hitler’s purposes.

When Eisenhower decided to build our Interstate Highway system, it was also for military purposes (the rapid defensive deployment of troops in an increasingly dangerous world) although it has served a viable economic purpose, as well, back in the day when people had products to move and places to go.

The $50,000,000,000 would be much better employed as a tax break incentive for businesses to hire people and produce products. When these businesses and their employees are successful and able to pay more taxes, then the government can build or repair roads to move the products these businesses are actively creating. This would also save the Fed from having the expense of printing $50,0000,000,000 more in funny money with which they further enslave the taxpayer/debtors of this nation.

We are closing in on the November elections. This boondoggle is an overt attempt to buy votes with taxpayer money. It is really nothing new. It just has a lot more zeros than we have been accustomed to see in the past. Please remember, Democrat politicians are not stupid, just immoral, but those who vote for them are stupid and not just stupid, but suicidal.

The Mosque at Ground Zero

August 22nd, 2010

I have good friends who are Muslims. They chose to make America their home rather than live out their lives in their respective places of birth. This they did for many of the same reasons most of our European forefathers decided to forsake their ancestral homelands; to seek and settle in a place where their personal brands of conscience were not branded as heretical, with all the painful consequences that pertained.

When the United Colonies endorsed the formation of the United States and officially crafted freedom’s framework, the First Amendment fully affirmed the pre-existing rights of individuals to freely worship according the dictates of their conscience while completely rejecting Euro-style pseudo-Christianity, to which freedom of conscience was an anathema. The inspired Founders proclaimed that there would never be a freedom-stifling, state sanctioned religion to afflict the American people.

Now, however, there is a concerted and devious effort to import the same kind of religious totalitarianism our ancestors escaped; it is called Sharia, the ultra strict Islamic law governing nearly every aspect of life. Under Sharia, women are less than second class citizens, non-believers are lower than women, homosexuality is punishable by death, and public dishonesty is encouraged if it furthers the acceptance and growth of Islam. We already have enough lying politicians in our midst. Adding Sharia would really complicate the issue of separation of church and state.

The odd assemblage of so-called Americans who support the “Ground Zero” mosque in lower Manhattan do so less out of a sense of ideology or principle than out of a desire to promote anarchy. Most leftists simply wish to see existing social orders crumble (misery no longer loves company; nowadays it insists upon it) and are not concerned with the realities of the consequences. While they march in leming-like lockstep, they appear to be completely ignorant of the fact that their approval of the importation of Sharia law will claim them as its first victims.

In a sense, Obama and his fellow leftists are right; this debate is all about religious freedom. Everyone, even and especially the adherents of Islam, should be free from the dictates of Sharia.

From Slippery Slope to Free Fall

August 5th, 2010

They tried it in Greece and look what an affinity for homosexuality brought them. Their amoral, secular world view destroyed their democracy and their culture. All that remains of their golden age are a few marble columns.
Riots and retsina have replaced reason in the land of the once-admirable republic. California, indeed America, is not far behind. In this world there are no “consequence free zones”.

A homosexual federal judge has ruled that California’s Proposition 8 (which defines marriage as exclusively between one man and one woman) is unconstitutional because, in essence, “morality” no longer has a place in law and public discourse. He probably never read Washington’s farewell address to the nation or any other of the Founders firmly held beliefs that religion and morality formed the fundamental framework upon which this nation was built and only upon which this nation would long endure.

The girlie men, the burley women and those who cynically seek and collect campaign contributions from them have all mis-framed this debate. This has nothing to do with equality. There is nothing equal among the unions of man and woman, man and man, woman and woman. In a union between a man and a woman 1+1=the potential to create many others. Same gender unions= 1+1=0. Being unable to procreate, they must recruit. I care not for what anyone wishes to do in the privacy of their homes but please do not debase our culture by lying publicly about the imaginary benefits of one’s particular predilection.

This incomprehensible ruling (after all, morality IS the basis for law) is not the end of the story. This will ultimately go to the Supreme Court where, it is to be hoped, the proponents of the traditional view of marriage will cast off their puny, pitiful, pathetic PC appeals to what remains of reason in this nation, and state the case for what it truly is; the First Amendment’s affirmation of the pre-existence of a free people’s right to the free exercise of religion in concert with the absolute prohibition of state-sanctioned religion, which neo-secularism and this ruling certainly and fully represent. A belief in no God cannot reasonably be considered legally superior to a belief in God. But with Kagan on the court and Kennedy acting as the wild card, reason may well fail to prevail.

God bless the Supreme Court.

Affirmative Action is Racial Profiling

July 11th, 2010

In view of Eric Holder’s willingness to consider the filing of a racial profiling lawsuit against the state of Arizona, it is worthwhile to remember that affirmative action is also racial profiling.