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Dallas 1963

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005

An argument can be made that it was the assassination of President Kennedy that created the environment in which the 60’s radicals blossomed. The devastating impact of the death of the youthful Kennedy was felt most keenly by the youth of the nation; those for whom the President’s Inaugural ideals gleamed more brightly than the realities of the time. The White House never was and will never be Camelot.

The subsequent debate over the manner of the President’s death in Texas nearly destroyed the fundamental trust that must exist for a government to be successful. The political beneficiary of Kennedy’s brutal and untimely death, Lyndon Johnson, pulled the Tonkin trigger on a war under conditions that were reminiscent of that day in Dallas; who fired which shot from where? In Vietnam, America endured its most divisive conflict since the Civil War. At least in the Civil War there were no questions about who fired the shots on Fort Sumter. The murders of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bobby Kennedy only added impetus for the furtherance of radical thinking, creating a solid subculture of mistrust.

The concurrent emergence of LSD and the subsequent explosion in the use and abuse of all manner of psychotropic substances as a balm for the wounded psyches of the youth of the culture, further served to erode traditionalist faith in the face of the painful realities of modernity. This approach was ultimately much more than self-medication against the Angst over assassination and war and generated a tsunami of non-traditional answers to life’s nagging questions, evolving still further into a general homeopathic hedonism that prescribed the pursuit of pleasure as a panacea for the pains of existence. This reliance on an ever-diminishing personal supply of dopamine and other naturally produced endorphins induced a spiral of despair, a course hopelessly antithetical to the search for true happiness. The attendant guilt this produced and the legacy of self-loathing that necessarily follows is most keenly observed in the lives of a large number of those who were between the ages of 13 and 20 on the day that Kennedy was shot. The ripples of their examples continue to rock many boats, but most particulary the ship of state.

Perhaps it is simply supposed to be this way.

\”A law was made a distant time ago here—-\”

“—-and the love of many shall wax cold.”

Keystone Flop

Sunday, November 20th, 2005

The overwhelming 403-3 vote in the House in support of our troops and against an immediate pull-out from Iraq provides conclusive proof that the polls indicating withering voter support for the war are not only wrong but cooked as Enron\’s books. Even the most liberal of Democrat Representatives recognize that the polls the media has touted for months are as worthless as Confederate currency.

The truth is that anti-war sentiment in this country originates from very small but vocal minority, among whom are the 60\’s radicals that gravitated to and populate today\’s educational and journalistic hierarchies. Left-leaning politicians look to these people for money, but cannot rely on them for the votes they need to stay in office. It would have been suicide for the House Democrats to have truly demonstrated their “convictions” by voting for an immediate withdrawal of the US Forces that are fighting the foreign terrorists in Iraq while supporting that nation\’s fledgling democracy. Democratic Congressman Jack Murtha of the Keystone State got this particular debate started by calling for the pullout.

Now would be the time for the Republicans in the House and Senate to flex their muscle and press the Democrats on other issues (the Courts, Energy Policy, Second Amendment, Religious Freedom, etc) of national import; critical debates that have been postponed by the prattle of the PC Police; the few, the loud, who now appear to represent little more than a precinct-sized company of Keystone Cops.

Still More Random Thoughts

Wednesday, November 16th, 2005

Where in the Constitution do we find the requirement that a President needs to diversify the court? Harry Reid, the Senate’s champion of Leftist thought (an obvious oxy-moron), has implied that such a requirement exists. If it doesn’t, why make an issue of it in the case of the Alito nomination? This being said, it must also be noted that Harry Reid is at least consistent; he is an embarrassment to everyone.

The Clintons, on the other hand, in an effort to be all things to everyone, have again illustrated their boundless hypocrisy by declaring that the war against Iraq was wrong; this after having bombed the place and subsequently voting to bomb it again. There can be no doubt that Bill is openly stumping for Hill. Choosing this time to make their poll-driven break from the pack, they will ultimately find themselves in the same position as the Kerry campaign about noon on Election Day. One cannot count on polls that are contrived to influence public opinion. The only poll that counts is the private poll that takes place when the curtain is drawn. The vast majority of Americans support the Battle for Iraq as a necessity in the overall War on Terror. The Clintons are adept politicos but they are outsmarting themselves with this maneuver.

Hillary’s attacks on Vice President Cheney in which she accuses him of promoting the “torture” of terrorists for the extraction of information is another tortured but light-headed attempt to stretch the meaning of the word. Inflicting discomfort is not the same thing as torture, unless one is forced to endlessly endure these continuous mind-numbing protestations from the Left. Are there no bounds to the pain that the self-loathing Left is willing to inflict on the rest of us?

On a happier note, it is a wonderful thing to be a citizen of these United States. With all his wealth and wisdom, Solomon would be envious of each and every American privileged to live in this most exiting moment in the history of human kind.

The Polling Place Poll

Tuesday, November 8th, 2005

I just participated in the only poll that counts, having voted in the California Special Election this morning. I was troubled by the signs and ballots written in English and Spanish. I have nothing against people who speak Spanish (and I love the Mexican people) but I am of the firm belief that they should also be able to speak and read English well enough to participate in the democratic process in the language of the country in which they reside and claim citizenship. We are all troubled by the ethnic violence in France, caused ostensibly by the failure of the culture to properly absorb the immigrants. Who can honestly say that America’s experiment in diversity won’t yield the same result in time? The only way to fully avail oneself of the American Dream is to fully become an American.

The other thing that struck me was the bumper sticker that read “I’m Anti-War and I Vote”. This was on a car parked in front of a school! Had this person invested a little more time in class studying American History, he or she would have discovered that their right to vote was secured and maintained by the blood of patriots sacrificed in a series of wars. It’s one thing to be stuck on stupid, it’s quite another to be mired in moronic.

Viva la Chance

Tuesday, November 8th, 2005

The riots in France, violence that is spreading to Belgium and Germany, are being blamed on the failure of the French culture to embrace and make a place for the children of immigrants who have chosen to air their grievances with a little super-oxidation technique known as the Molotov Cocktail.

We can justifiably blame the French for many things but holding them responsible for the incendiary tendencies of the youthful residents of France’s “diversity enclaves” would be unjust. While openly condemning the violence, Chirac has privately (publicly) expressed his regrets for the way that these young French citizens of foreign extraction have been neglected by the ethnic French and the system that has thus far denied them a happy, hopeful future. Okay—–, so that makes it alright to firebomb your neighborhood?

If Chirac wants to treat the terrorists in his midst the way he treated Saddam or Al Qeda, France hasn’t got a chance.

The Swarm

Friday, November 4th, 2005

This morning’s Presidential news conference from Argentina provided further clear confirmation that the White House Press Corps is not interested in anything but its own agenda. Bush had just emerged from a meeting with the Argentine President ,after having visited with leaders of Central America’s fledgling democracies and had given a short but positive report on his discussions with our neighbors to the south, whereupon he invited reporters’ questions. One might have anticipated a question about the Conference in which the President was advancing American interests and during which he was attempting to buoy up the young democracies. They might have asked about the Brazilian people\’s vote to defeat the UN sponsored effort to ban private ownership of guns. They might have asked about South Americans’ commitment to fight Narco-Terrorism or the Free Trade Agreement; but no! The first three reporters all wanted to know whether or not Carl Rove was going to be fired now that Scooter Libby had been indicted. Fortunately for us all, Hellen \”Spouting\” Thomas didn\’t make the trip. The President is a patient soul. He coolly and properly stated and re-stated that he will not comment on the on-going investigation.

There are days when this pack of reporters circles like wolves, days when they attack like sharks and days when they swarm like a plague of annoying mosquitoes, but there is rarely a day when they behave like journalists. They are not interested in news; they are only after blood. It is no wonder that the “new journalism” that Dan Rather derides holds such appeal for the serious observer of the times.

Dear Harry

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005

To Harry Reid.
In case it slipped your mind, we were attacked on 9/11 by a group a people with proven ties to Iraq. Saddam supported terrorists. He gave $25,000 to the families of every Palestinian who blew himself up in a crowd of Israelis. He used WMD on his own people. He used them in his war against Iran. Even Clinton and Kerry agree that he had WMD and was working to procure newer and more destructive battlefield technologies. He threatened Israel. He fired on US pilots on a daily basis. He was a destabilizing influence in the entire Middle East. He was a sadist quantum levels beyond Hitler. His spawn were as evil as humans can become. He raped his people and his nation and threatened the region with more of the same. The war in Iraq has drawn the most impassioned Islamic zealots from the world over; each hoping to cash in on his 72 virgins by attacking our soldiers. If our troops were not there fighting these madmen, they would be coming here just as Attah and his flying assassins did.

The war in Iraq is essential to our nation\’s interests on many levels, every bit as critical as our fight against the Germans (who never attacked us at all). The intelligence failures that lead to all of this fall squarely at the feet of the Democrats, beginning with the Church Committee and continuing through the inept Carter Administration and on in to the scandal-plagued Clinton presidency. Read up on the work that Torricelli did in the Senate to disable our human intel capabilities; at the request of Bill Clinton. What about Clinton\’s CIA Director, George \”Slam Dunk\” Tenet? What was Sandy Berger trying to hide when he stuffed his underwear full of classified documents? The feathers will fly now that you have chosen to start this fight. When the dust does settle, you had better hope that you can\’t get the Avian Flu from eating crow.

The most significant intelligence failure that will be discovered in this process is that most Democrats have either been educated beyond their intellectual capacities or that they have failed to test their stale ideologies against modern day realities.

Bucks Unlimited

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005

The focus on the potentially devastating impact of the Avian Flu on the human population has illuminated a larger predicament; the lack of domestic capacity to produce the quantities of vaccine necessary to protect the population should the H5N1 virus reach the “tipping point”, the point where the virus has mutated to the degree that it can be spread by humans. The less-visible underlying problem is the ultra-litigious environment in which we live. Our lawsuit-happy culture has caused the flight of many businesses that once thrived in the USA. In order to keep the “flock-shooting” attorneys from bringing them down, business owners of many varieties (including vaccine manufacturers) have chosen to find safer havens. Perhaps we could take a page from the EPA and create a kind of “Wetland Preserve” where these businesses may congregate without fear of frivolous attacks from the legal eagles (or buzzards of the bar) that circle ceaselessly in search of “bucks unlimited”.