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More \”In the News\”

Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

Time Magazine’s cover photo showing a polar bear adrift on an ice cube is a blatantly dishonest attempt to distort reality for the sake of Time\’s own agenda. That particular photo does not belong in a news magazine unless the related article deals specifically with the relevant timeframe. This photo could not have been taken this winter as the ice in the regions where polar bears live is still in a single sheet many feet thick. I know. I just got back from polar bear country. If the ice cap is truly melting, why isn\’t Marblehead under water? Why are natural disasters now the fault of man? Are these people somehow afraid of calling them \”acts of God\”?Leave it to Time to distort rather than report.

The media has unleashed a whirlwind of speculation about the circumstances that would cause a Tennessee woman to murder her preacher husband. The general notion is that he must have done something to provoke this action, verbal, physical or sexual abuse; otherwise, it would seem, a women would be incapable of such a deed. Have we heard this kind of argument before? If she hadn’t been wearing that dress, she wouldn’t have been raped. If he hadn’t been displaying his wealth, he wouldn’t have been robbed. Does the victim always bring misfortune on him or herself, or is it possible that there are people who knowingly and willfully commit crimes against innocent people? Or is it possible that no one is innocent in the hyper-judicial era.

Who built Alec Baldwin’s house? He had best be grateful that it was built by skilled construction workers and he had better hope that it won’t be in need of repairs any time soon, though I suppose he could always call Jimmy Carter. Say what you want about Baldwin but one thing is sure; he is no smart Alec.

The 20th hijacker has not only revealed his complicity in the 9-11 attacks, but his case reveals a more disquieting aspect of our current reality; that our justice system has less to do with justice and the application of the law than it does with the manipulation of the law by the adepts who “practice” the game. No matter how overwhelmingly Moussaoui’s guilt is proven, the trial will persist and the process will be dragged along until every penny is extracted from every possible source. Every month is madness when the game is played on these courts. Everyday is show time when the legal teams are suited up for action. And as always, the spectators pay and pay.

The nation needs real immigration reform. A reality check clearly indicates the need for a guest worker program with incentives (including the opportunity to become a citizen after a predetermined number of years of documented work) for those who play by the rules and become fluent in English; a necessary component of accessing the American Dream. A reasonable recipe is available but the borders must first be sealed in order to make the program work for both the INS and the Dept. of Homeland Security. Guest worker visas to grant 8 month/year permission to work in the USA would encourage non-working family members to stay home until the worker had qualified for citizenship, reducing the need to provide services to aliens with taxpayer dollars. 8 months working for dollars is worth signficantly more than 12 months working for pesos, and many people would like to vacation in Mexico for four months per year. This would also benefit the economies of the homelands of these workers as they send and bring money home, promoting growth in their neighborhoods that might ultimately slow the rate of immigration. Barring willing and essential workers in not a solution. Amnesty is not the answer.


Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

The recently published 20-year study by UC Berkeley professor Jack Block (see “School of Block”) indicating that whiny children grow up to be conservatives while those exhibiting self-confidence, resilience and self-reliance grow up to be liberals, is only half-complete. It may be correct as far as he has taken it (if one can draw any realistic conclusions from observing 95 Berkeley school children) but the research will require an additional 20 years before the results can be properly reviewed and objectively stated.

In his zeal to publish his work (prematurely) he has failed to contemplate the previous and overwhelmingly demonstrable assertions of Winston Churchill who reasonably postulated that if one was not a liberal by the age of 20, he had no heart, but failure to become a conservative by the age of 40 was a clear indication that he had no brain. Publishing the results of a study before it is finished is a clear indication that the researcher is a blockhead.