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Mammoth Egocentricity

Tuesday, April 25th, 2006

Arnold Schwarzenegger may not be a career politician but he is a professional politician. The art of posturing and pandering comes every bit as easy to him as working with a script. It is clear that he will need the center and left-of-center voters to win another term as the leader of the Golden State and so he must further tarnish what little conservative electoral-plating that remains by allowing ill-considered remarks to slip from his increasingly leaden tongue. A visceral appeal to the thoughtless has always been a winner, and so his remarks about global warming having been caused by humans should not surprise the thoughtful. But if he really believes that we simple earthlings are the force behind yet-unrealized calamitous climate change, how does the Governor explain what happened to the Siberian mammoth?

Where were the people with their cars and factories that triggered the climatic event that froze these beasts in their tracks? They were frozen so quickly and completely that their flesh, when thawed, can be and has been fed to dogs. Identifiable and undigested food is frozen solid in their entrails, almost as if it had been IQF (instant quick frozen) in a TV dinner factory (and is perhaps just as tasty). Who among the denizens of the planet was to blame for this sudden change in the weather pattern? Were our Paleolithic ancestors preoccupied with technologies that plagued the earth with harmful gasses or was it just because they chose not to bathe regularly (or because of a diet of mammoth)?

The fact is, there was no one to blame then and there is no one to blame now. Extrapolating catastrophic climate change from humanity’s brief experience dealing scientifically with a cataloguing of the earth’s weather patterns (200 years would be generous, don’t you think? And we still can’t predict with certainly what will happen three or four days from now), compared to the 4,000,000,000 year history of our planet, is nothing if not hugely egocentric.

We humans might actually destroy the planet after all but it will be the result of having exhausted all other recourses in the course of dealing with the Iranian-fomented international jihad, not because of the exhaust that is produced by our automobiles.

Seven Generals

Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

There was an interesting moment during Clinton’s first inaugural celebration (apart from having the Philandersmith College choir sing—really—no kidding—check it out!) in which one of the members of the new White House staff was expressing his chagrin at a US Air Force flyover as being a display of militarism. A colleague comforted him by responding “It’s okay, it’s our military now.”

Now we have seven generals demanding the firing or resignation of Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense. The question must be asked; weren’t these seven part of that military?

The Specter

Sunday, April 9th, 2006

The only reason Arlen Specter is permitted to hold any power at all is that, as a result of his role as counsel to the Warren Commission and as the author of the magic bullet theory, he knows more than he should. He is still able to raise an audience for his mutterences due only to the fact that the mainstream press can still count on him for an itinerant swipe at those they despise. Arlen\’s inanities are mostly illustrative of his lack of understanding but fully informative as to the boundlessness of his hubris. He remains the near perfect example of being educated beyond one\’s intellect. No one else exhibiting these tendencies could ever be elected to the Senate– except as a Democrat.

Unanswered Questions

Monday, April 3rd, 2006

The clearest evidence of the hypocrisy of the mad mullahs and the sinister sheiks who orchestrate the terror attacks against the West is the fact that these puppeteers will spare no effort to convince younger members of their order to sacrifice their very lives to spill the blood of the innocent for the cause of radical Islam. If martyring oneself is so noble, why haven’t Bin Laden, or the Wahabi clerics who support his jihad, followed, indeed lead, this mission for the faith? This question has been asked before but it has never been answered to anyone’s satisfaction. Perhaps these people are just tight-lipped and averse to discussing such things with those of us who simply would not understand.

The search for an answer may be at hand. It seems that there is another movement afoot to decrease the size of the earth’s population. This effort is also not new but it has seen a bit of a revival in recent weeks with the call, by collegiate clerics, to reduce the number of people wandering the planet by 90%. According to these, and the misguided that have picked up and perpetuated this message, “WE” are the problem. “WE” are the bane of our own existence. (Apparently there is not enough stuff to go around.)

In order to restore planetary order and to save the world for future generations, it is necessary that nine out of ten of us perish. Where is the leadership of this movement? Why don’t they step up and provide the example? If they are so concerned about the earth and the future of mankind, why won’t they martyr themselves for the cause?

If we answer these questions, we will have the answer to the first question posed above.