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In the News

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

The residents of San Francisco recently voted to restrict the ownership of handguns within the city limits in an effort to curb senseless violence. It appears they missed the target. They could have prevented the curbside violence that occurred yesterday if they had only restricted the use of automobiles.

The anniversary of the arrival of Katrina was observed in New Orleans yesterday amid the ringing of bells and the wringing of hands. One significant fact was ignored in all the reportage; that the storm didn’t do the lion’s share of the damage to the port city. As devastating as the wind and rain were, the most serious long-term problems were caused by the failure of the levees; levees that were to have been strengthened and extended with an investment of many millions of dollars of tax payer money over many years. The real story of this disaster has less to do with the weather than with the flood of corruption that engulfed the Big Easy generations ago and the siphoning of the levee funds for the purposes of payola. Nothing of significance will ever happen here until this political swamp is drained. It is important to point out that Louisiana remains an island stronghold for Democrats in the great sea of conservativism that is the modern South.

Hugo Chavez, the newest member of the modern Axis of Evil, can only wish he was as talented as Benito Mussolini. He has only been able to run his mouth on time; all the time.

Only Driven on Sundays

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

Asking whether or not you would buy a used car from the President of Iran would be an insult to used car salesmen everywhere. Just because he has openly called for the obliteration of the State of Israel and subjecting the West to the authority of Islamic law, can we really trust him to be open and honest about the balance of his intentions? This proposed new round of nuclear negotiations is just a delaying tactic while he completes his preparations for the Persian version of Jihad.

Liberalism is Not a Mental Disorder

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

A very popular radio talk show host has posed the possibility that modern-day liberalism is a mental disease. It is not. The problems associated with modern-day liberalism are the results of a host of moral difficulties mixed with false pride. Though troublesome, the various moral maladies (dishonesty, sexual deviency, abuse and self-abuse, etc.) are simply symptoms of a more significant problem; the failure to recognize and remember who and whose we truly are.

The cavernous emptiness created in the absence of a relationship with our Creator is then filled with any and everything, even garbage. In an effort to assuage our natural guilt for our lack of discipline we band together with the similarly afflicted to declare that all behaviors are equal. We use our baser tendencies as excuses for mediocrity rather than marshalling our better natures in a quest for excellence. Rather than offend a purveyor of rotten behavior we invite him, in an effort to be inclusive, to pollute our space (or bomb our sky scrapers).

The great irony in our hyper-sensualized and overly-tolerant society (the expanding moral swamp that was once known as the great melting pot) is this; without a realtionship with God we are very much alone. The line between self-interest and selfishness is blurred. Pride prevents honest self-appraisal. Pain is experienced as injustice. We attack God and the neo-cons and beat a hasty retreat into self-indulgence.

Philadelphia Zeitgeist

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

There is no love left for Boy Scouts in the “City of Brotherly Love”. In 1923, the City of Philadelphia, after recognizing the significant civic contributions resulting from the many virtues demonstrated and exemplified by the Boy Scouts, granted the Cradle of Liberty Council a free place to meet “in perpetuity”. We now know what “perpetuity” means to the radical Left. Now the city is demanding the payment of rent as punishment for the Scout\’s un-PC attitudes and to squeeze the last drop of “sexually-oriented discrimination” out of this vicious gang of juvenile bigots and their homophobic leadership.

In their argument for homosexual marriage we recall the homosexual political movement’s assertion that no valid difference exists between hetero and homosexual relationships; all that matters is love and commitment. Is there an issue relating to the concept of perpetuity that would aid us in our efforts to more fully understand the dynamics at play?

Nearly 70% of all traditional “first” marriages continue to exist in perpetuity. The overall divorce rates are skewed by those individuals who get married more than twice. With these people (the Liz Taylor’s, Donald Trump’s and “insert names here” of the world) factored in, the overall number of divorces is approximately half of all marriages. This latter statistic is widely disseminated by those who knock the notion of traditional marriage. The average homosexual relationship lasts approximately 1.5 years. (A conversation about pleasure versus happiness could be inserted here.)

Viewed within the Brotherly Love paradigm, the concept of perpetuity is bent by the reality of modern-day moral relativity. Where\’s the love? Where\’s the commitment? The new Philadelphia Zeitgeist obviously bears no relation to the Spirit of 76.

Unjust Criticism

Sunday, August 20th, 2006

At the top of the list of criticisms we shall hear from the Democrats this election cycle is that the Bush administration (particularly the Defense Department) did not plan to enter Iraq, at the outset, with troop strength sufficient to win a decisive victory. This contention fails on two fronts. First of all, the 4th Armored Division was poised to strike Iraq from the north but was prevented from deploying at the very last minute by the Turks, across whose territory they would have to travel. By the time the 4th was re-deployed through the Suez and the Persian Gulf, the war was over. The Marines and the 3rd ID, along with the British, had already secured the battlefield. These facts are completely ignored by the mainstream media and have even been forgotten by the relatively few who had initially been aware of this unanticipated change of plan.

The 2nd failure in this intellectually dishonest argument should be more than obvious; the Iraqi military had no intention, from the outset, of fighting on any front. Their MO was to slip into civilian attire and conduct the type of operations we have seen for three years; a protracted guerilla-style campaign that would never produce a military victory but one that would test America\’s resolve. Saddam, though cruel, was not stupid. He understood the lessons of Vietnam and fully comprehended the mindset of the Moore\’s and Murtha\’s, the John Kerry\’s and the Cindy Sheehan\’s of the world, even if he didn\’t know their names. He had also deprived the US of a significant number of allies by bribing 4/5ths of the UN\’s member nations, including France; the American Left\’s great beacon of political enlightenment, and probably Turkey, through which illegally traded Iraqi oil once flowed.

The truth is this; Saddam can still win this war on November 7th.

France Surrenders

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

The French have once again proven their metal (it\’s not brass). After having forced the issue to get a UN brokered cease fire along the Lebanese/Israel border by broadcasting their intent to station their own troops there, they are now re-evaluating their commitment; instead of approximately 5000 troops they will now be sending 200. Either they have been leaned on by their Syrian and Iranian business partners (as they were by Saddam\’s regime in Iraq) or they have recognised the hazards involved in any effort to disarm Hezbollah. The cease fire may be less fragile than French resolve.

Waiving the Yellow Flag

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

Hezbollah\’s claims of victory are perfectly legitimate when viewed from a certain perspective; every death is a victory if you are a member of homicide/suicide cult.

Their claims of victory are illustrative of the difficulties all of us confront when faced with the task of reasoning with those whose reality is based upon myth. Nietsche claimed that myth was more important than reality; a concept raised to an artform by modern-day radicals of all persuasions.

One great difference between the United States and most other nations can be seen in a military parade. In places like Nazi Germany, the former Soviet Union, North Korea and Iran, the military hardware takes center stage. In this country, the citizen soldier is the focal point. A passing glance at the yellow Hezbollah flag with it\’s black AK-47 tells you all you need to know.

The Swift and the Dead

Thursday, August 10th, 2006

What shall we do with all the libraries that the information age has relieved of relevence? I offer a modest proposal. With the ever increasing population comes an ever increasing number of dead and an ever decreasing amount of space in which to bury them (in some places coffins are placed vertically requiring the departed to stand at attention in anticipation of the resurrection). With the increasing popularity of cremation we could artfully maintain the mortal remains of our dearly departed on the abandoned bookshelves of ornate libraries behind video screens that replace static brick and mortar headstones and offer vibrant, living details about their earthly sojourn.

Thoughtful people who plan ahead for their repose could record video statements for posterity or offer a bit of autobiographical commentary, reflecting upon their mortal experience. For the more imaginative (and well-to-do), voice samples could be digitally stored along with a holographic physical image that would be able to interact with the visiting survivors in a private corner or room; a cyber-seance, as it were.

Of course, it would still be called the Libury.

News With a Fuse

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

The Fourth Estate is the Fifth Column.


Friday, August 4th, 2006

Why do we have laws that require children to wear bicycle helmets to protect their fragile skulls, yet we encounter such tenacious resistance from the supporters of that very legislation when it comes to the subject of protecting children’s brains? The impact of pornography on the psyche (and the moral fabric of the culture) is arguably far worse than any physical injury to its container. Planting airbrushed illusions in any mind (especially the minds of impressionable youth) will yield the seeds of serious lifelong discontent causing the love of many to wax cold.

Political Correctness = Moral Equivocation = Political Paralysis

Affirmative Action is Racial Profiling

Diversity Training is the current strategy employed to “Divide and Conquer”


Friday, August 4th, 2006

\”Under your leadership, there have been numerous errors in judgment that have led us to where we are. We have a full-fledged insurgency and full-blown sectarian conflict in Iraq.\” complained Hillary Clinton to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld yesterday.

Without fear of condradiction Secretary Rumsfeld might have responded,
\”Under your leadership, there have been numerous errors in judgment that have led us to where we are. We have a full-fledged insurgency and full-blown sectarian conflict in the world.\”

Keeping the Enemy Close

Thursday, August 3rd, 2006

Hezbollah has gained prestige in the world because it has managed to militarily engage the Israeli Defense Forces longer than any of the IDF’s previous foes, but this is only because Hezbollah has mixed its military into the civilian population (often by force or intimidation). In earlier conflicts with Syria and Egypt the targets and battlefields were fairly well-defined and the combatants were traditional armed forces. There were some civilian casualties but both sides sought to minimize them. Hezbollah is fighting by different rules and they understand that Israel is constrained by an international public relations problem in addition to a potential PC problem domestically. Hamas and the PLO (as surrogates of neighboring Arab states) have used a similar strategy inside of Israel itself. Everyone knows that Israel has the bomb. Everyone knows that Israel cannot bomb itself to cleanse itself of the Palestinian problem. The ongoing Intifada is Radical Islam’s 5th Column.

One should not be surprised by the French reaction to the Israelis. The French (along with most of Europe) freely delivered their Jewish populations up to the exterminators. France may have been a liberated nation at the end of WWII, but their complicity in the Holocaust cannot be ignored. There were SS volunteer units from France, Spain, Norway, Finland and other western nations that went to war at Hitler’s side. Going further back in time, it was customary for the Crusaders to get “tuned-up” for battle against the Infidels by practicing on their Jewish neighbors. We needn’t remind Jews of the treatment they received in the land of Putin. How little things have changed.