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He Who Does Not Learn From History—

Sunday, September 24th, 2006

First came the Blitzkrieg, the \”Lightning War\”, as Hitler\’s mechanized forces swept through and defeated Poland in six weeks. This was followed by the \”Sitzkreig\” or \”Phony War\”, that period of time after France and Great Britain had declared war on Hitler\’s Germany in response to the invasion of Poland. During this phase the British and the French did virtually nothing to inflict damage on their enemy. It was also during this time that Hitler prepared for the invasion of France through the Low Countries. Had the French and British chosen to press the war on their own terms, who can say what the outcome would have been but it may have prevented the fall of France and the retreat of the British Expeditionary force from the Continent.

It wasn\’t until the Allies chose to invade Nazi held territories that the violence really escalated. Resistance increased as the Russians pressed from the East and as the other Allies pressed from the West and from the South. Casualites were horrific as the enemies of freedom were pursued and cornered. It took six years to crush Hilter\’s war machine but we never had the satisfaction of getting Hitler, even though we often knew where he was. His life was ended by his own hand.

In light of these facts the recently disclosed revelations that violence and terrorism have increased since we invaded Iraq should come as no surprise to anyone with a lick of sense. Unless one presses the fight against the enemy there is no reason for him to fight. If Ted Kennedy was as brave or as smart as his brother Joe who died fighting the terrorists of his day he would know better than to spin this information for political advantage. Kennedy should hire the guy who took his tests in college (while Ted was majoring in drinking) to review his speeches before he displays his lack of accumen in public.

To those (Bill Clinton and his defenders) who say the Bush had 8 months to find and kill Bin Laden, please remember who turned down the Sudanese offer to hand over Bin Laden. Remember also how tough it is to kill an enemy leader even when you know where he is.

Bill\’s Billions

Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

Who will spend the $7.3 Billion that Bill Clinton has raised to cure the world\’s woes? What will the money be spent on? Certainly not on Hillary\’s presidential ambitions? Who are these people and why are they giving money to the former president? Does Branson think that giving $3 Billion to Bill will reverse the effects of flying his fleet of global warmers at 35,000 feet? There is simply something unseemly about Bill Clinton taking money from Virgin.

Disproportionate Use of Force

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

What is the Secretary General thinking when he condemns the \”disproportionate use of force\”?
Is he saying that it is in some way immoral or unethical to respond to aggression unless the defender employs the same level of force (or means) used by the aggressor? If someone kidnaps two soldiers should the injured party only be allowed to kidnap two of the oppostion\’s troops? What are they drinking (or smoking) at the UN? It is no wonder that more people are tuned into sports than into international politics. One can more insight into the human condition by watching the \”Three Stooges\”.

Politicizing 9/11

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

Now who\’s politicizing 9/11? Ted Kennedy\’s wild assertions that Iraq had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks and therefore should not have been a target in the War on Terror completely ignore the realities of our time and the historic realities of most major conflicts. His own brother died fighting the Germans. The Germans did not attack Pearl Harbor. Why, therefore, should his brother have died fighting people who did not have anything to do with the aggression of December 7, 1941?

What can be said about Harry Reid? The worse thing I can think of is to call him Harry Reid.

Intellectual honesty, not heated partisan rhetoric, is what is needed most at this crucial juncture but that may be more than we can reasonably expect from the radical Left.

Arrested Malevolence

Saturday, September 9th, 2006

Ted Koppel is producing a special for the Discovery Channel that supposedly focuses on the impact of the War on Terror on our civil liberties. In an interview segment this morning with the NBC morning show host they commingled this topic with the news surrounding the “outing” of the secret CIA prisons and the 14 inmates that have been transferred to Guantanamo to await some form of legal process (yes, the Judiciary demanded and got their piece of the action). How these two so-called journalists, these guardians of the public trust, managed to morph these two stories into one was less than amazing. The trick, it seems is to manufacture and broadcast these wild absurdities before most people have become fully conscious, before their trip to Starbucks (after the commencement of happy hour on Fridays has also been a good time to post dispatches that demand less scrutiny).

After making this intellectually lazy leap across the chasm that separates fact from fiction; after conferring the rights of citizens upon terrorists (they called them “suspects”), Koppel quipped “a Liberal is a Conservative who just got arrested.” ????!!!!
What?! Is he saying that after I get arrested for planning and launching a terrorist attack on the United States that I am in danger of forfeiting my rights and freedom?

The terrorists have never found better friends than among the liberals in this nation. First they coddled the criminals creating a permanent criminal class, now they are coddling terrorists ostensibly to create a terrorist class. It does serve their purpose, first as job security for the coverage of disaster news and secondly as new opportunities to plunder the public coffers by dragging non-citizens through the courts.

The irony is that Ted got his big break when the current Iranian President (and the preeminent purveyor of international terrorism) took part in the kidnapping of our embassy personnel in Tehran in 1979. Might his attitude stem from a mild case of Stockholm syndrome? Still, one would think he would know better.

The silver lining in all of this is that even fewer people will be watching Ted on the Discovery Channel than were watching the NBC morning show, fewer even than watched him in the waning years of World News Tonight.

News and Views

Friday, September 8th, 2006

Clinton\’s complaints are the best possible reasons to watch the ABC mini-series on the subject of 9/11. They couldn\’t have created a better advertising campaign for any amount of money.

CBS should change the name of Katie Couric\’s show to the CBS Evening Views. It is not news.

When the Iranian President visits the UN we should treat him the same way he personally treated our diplomats in Tehran back in 1979. Blindfold and imprison him for 450 days and maybe he will see the light. Even with 14 new inmates there must be still be room for him in Guantanamo. (Is blindfolding still allowed?)

Mitt happens! Ya gotta like Governor Romney! How can anyone argue with his point? How can we justify spending money on protecting a terrorist when we are fighting a global war on terror? Are the people at Harvard really that nuts? What message do we send our brave troops when we invite a known purveyor of terror to speak on a university campus? (Didn\’t Harvard tell the DOD that US Military recruiters were no longer welcome?)

Who doesn\’t understand what the President related in last two days regarding the war on terror? Try listening.

Cajoling is not Polling

Friday, September 8th, 2006

So, some polling companies make things up. Who can we trust these days? Apparently not DataUSA.

A polling company contacted me a few nights ago and I agreed to
submit to their questions. It was a fascinating exercise. It was very
clear from the outset that there was a dual purpose to the poll; one to
gather information to be digested by the \”pols\” and two, to serve as
advertising for one of the candidates.

\”Paper is patient\” reads the old German expression. Paper will accept
whatever is printed upon it whether truth or lie. Polling lies a quantum
leap beyond this pearl of Prussian cynicism.

The framing of each question was designed to construct a specific
response but because of faulty wordsmanship, all that remained was a
house of cards. The rubble of the Kerry campaign should have provided
pollsters extra incentive to do their level-best to accurately reflect
the opinions of those they poll rather than manipulate the questions for
the purpose of shoehorning the resulting data into pre-cast modular

One question went something like this; \”Given that the corrupt
conservative Republican candidate is a personal friend of Jack Abramoff,
that the candidate had voted against women, children, the elderly and
veterans, that his wife unethically handles his fundraising, and that he
voted for the administration\’s failed policies in Iraq, would you more
or less inclined to vote for his opponent who has served his country for
20 years in the military?\” What kind of question is this? This went on
for 40 minutes.

It was all worthwhile however, as the questioner ultimately confided
that our conversation had caused her to rethink her previously held
position. Herein lies the point; when given correct information people
will usually make the appropriate and proper determinations. As long as
people look to the facts instead of the manipulated polling data, they
will ordinarily choose wisely.

When, on Election Day 2004, the Kerry campaign was going wild over the
polling data that predicted a Kerry victory, they were in fact being
deceived by their own deceptive polling. They had not crafted the
questions to reveal the reality of the situation but rather to yield a
particular result.

Most of the polls we hear about are very much like this. Those who
engage in this activity are only deluding themselves. Before believing
the results of any poll, go to the website and review the questions. You
will be able to immediately tell whether or not the poll was designed to
ascertain the truth or to create an illusion.

What questions are the Democrats asking to make them appear to be the
most desirable candidates in the upcoming election? The answers are not
nearly as revealing as the questions.

Neo-Secularism and the 12th Imam

Monday, September 4th, 2006

Militant Mullahs believe that the day of reckoning will be ushered in by the martyrdom of the faithful, having drawn the Infidel into humanity’s final conflict during which the 12th Imam, the Mahdi, shall appear to secure the prophesied ultimate victory of Islam over the non-believers. After the bloodbath, peace shall descend upon the survivors. It is not clear how many survivors there will be when success in this radical worldview can only be defined as the total elimination of the non-believers through the ultimate sacrifice of the believers. Who will bury the dead?

Jews have long expected the Messiah whose appearance will herald the arrival of an era of worldwide peace. His followers are not required to pave the way for His coming by the destruction of their enemies. If any destroying is to be done it will be God’s job, a task for which He has amply been proven capable.

Christians believe that the opening gavel will fall on Judgment Day at a time specified exclusively by God for the Second Coming of the Christ, at a date unknown to even the most powerful angels. Christians await the day with relative degrees of patience, knowing that they have no real role to play in the decision. All they can do is pray. Earth will be restored to its paradisiacal state, the righteous will be separated from the wicked and the lion shall lie down with the lamb.

While there are many other religions among the peoples of the planet and while many anticipate their respective versions of the end of time, there is one other significant and highly influential belief system that concerns itself with the promotion of its own millenarian myth. The neo-secularists, though strongly anti-religionists, are equally committed to this notion of “The End”. Chief among these are global warming crowd, other radical environmentalists and their propagandists in the press. They have generously given us ten years to repent.

Though most of the Left is an amalgamation of disparate single-issue groups, they are united in their disdain for the moral exactitude that is at the heart of any serious religion. Most codes of moral conduct set parameters that call upon the “natural man” to reflect upon and reject certain behaviors, usually pleasure-oriented pursuits. As a result, they refuse to be fettered by “Faith”. The Left is also plagued with the notion that the West has created radical Islam and is therefore consequently capable of manipulating the resulting circumstance through negotiation.

The magnificent irony in all of this is this; it is the moral climate change fostered by the neo-secularists that has caused the withering of the West’s social norms. One doesn’t have to observe modern American culture more than an hour in order to understand why the Mullahs want to murder us. (They don’t understand that freedom presupposes the right to do wrong, and they do not comprehend the fact that one must be free in order to be righteous.) In other words, it is the faithless who have awakened the hatred of the radical elements of the Islamic world. The two belief systems that promote the notion that man will kindle the all-consuming fire and brimstone at the end of time will have done so by rubbing up against one another. In essence, the 4th Estate is calling forth the 12th Imam.