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Global Warming Theory

Thursday, November 30th, 2006

The paleo-climatologist who developed the model and the statistical analysis in support of global warming has refused to share his analysis with statisticians and mathematicians thereby reducing his conclusions to the status of uncorroborated theory; a realm similar to the faith that some scientists disdain.

The statistical extrapolation of 300 years (the length of time we have been able measure temperature) of verifiable data over the 4,000,000,000 year history of the earth is reminiscent of the story of blind men and the elephant, who, upon feeling the creature\’s tail, concluded that the beast was very like a snake. Only in this case it would be like touching a single hair and concluding that the animal was very like a pine needle.

Science demands that scientific fact be ascertained by the duplication of findings by others in relevant fields of endeavor. The paleo-climatologist in question is not a statistician or a mathematician, yet he has employed statistical models to substantiate his claims. These have yet to be validated by anyone; therefore, his theory remains just that.

If the Attorney from Massachusetts, who argued today before the Supremes, had bothered to visit the coastal towns he so worries about, he would find that the water level has not risen at all in the last 300 years, based upon the present locations of historic wharves and buildings.

I’ve been to these places and many others that have not been re-claimed by the sea. I have been to the Arctic in winter where nothing is warm and no icebergs are melting. I have been to the Arctic in summer where one looks to the cold for relief from mosquitoes. We are presently living through an unseasonably cold November. I will concede that the world is weird but there is no reliable evidence to suggest that a pattern of warming is emerging; ask Al Gore who gave his big speech on Global Warming on NYC’s coldest day in recorded history.

Kofi\’s Regret

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

Kofi Annan’s greatest regret, as he leaves his post as UN Secretary General, is that he failed to prevent the US invasion of Iraq. He believes that the inspectors should have had more time. More time to do what? Weren’t 17 UN resolutions regarding Iraq over 12 years sufficient to bring the brutal dictator to his senses or was the “Oil for Food” program too successful to interrupt?

The main problem (among a world of others) with Annan and his organization is that this quasi-democratic institution cannot be made to properly function when more than half its members hail from countries that don’t even know how to spell “democracy”. As a result, any attempt to pre-empt the destabilizing activities of brutal and unjust regimes is foreordained to failure. This would run contrary to the interests of member nations that routinely abuse their citizens and/or their neighbors.

The other significant problem with the UN is that it is completely unaccountable. Who votes for the delegates that vote for the leadership that runs the show? The US delegation is appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate; at least a tip of the hat to those who voted for the Senators on the Foreign Relations Committee. The Bolton nomination continues to remind us just how democratic this process is when the full Senate is denied the opportunity to vote. And this is America! Just imagine how twisted the issues of UN Delegate appointments get in, say, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Russia or China.

Still, there are those in power among us who would defer to this undemocratic and disorganized organization comprised of nations resolved to the enactment of resolutions that are all-too-frequently diametrically opposed to this nation’s interests (and often their own). Many nations, if not the majority, use the UN simply to extract money from the US while simultaneously afflicting the world’s greatest benefactor with undeserved mischief and unmitigated malice.

Meanwhile, what else gets done at that round table on the East River? Tyranny and chaos still reign unabated in too many parts of the world. The UN in its infinite impotence refuses to do anything in places like Darfur and Rwanda. Perhaps if the warring parties in these conflicts had once used weapons of mass destruction, Kofi could at least send in Hans Blix for the fix. But maybe there’s just not enough oil in this part of the world to successfully pimp. If the truth were known, Kofi’s greatest regret is getting his hand slapped for his part in siphoning $20+ Billion dollars from the Oil for Food program. Annan needn’t worry, though; he can always Annanomously retire to Cyprus. There is at least one vacancy at the Sevan Hotel. He will want to use the stairs.

Mitt and the Mormon Thing

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

So, what is this “Mormon Thing” with which the electorate will have to contend before they are comfortable enough to pull the lever for Mitt Romney? Are they uncomfortable with the US Constitution’s “Establishment” Clause which has been widely misinterpreted and cast as the faulty foundation for the doctrine of “Separation of Church and State”? Are they fearful that a vote for Mitt will mean that everyone will somehow be forced to give up their own faith?

The last President from Massachusetts, who died 43 years ago today, presented the public with a similar challenge (apart from “Ask not—“) as the first Catholic to be elected president. Did the Vatican end up ruling this nation? They wish!

There are a host of wonderful things that Mormons do that have won the respect of the vast majority of their neighbors. While it is a uniquely American religion it is fully Christ-centric, calling upon its all-too-human members not just to believe but to attempt to live a Christ-like life seven days a week. Though impossible to achieve, the effort to attain to perfection is laudable and worthwhile. Where is the danger in this? You can ever rest assured that even the most ardent of the faith will never be found blowing themselves up on buses or in pizza parlors (though perhaps by eating too much ice cream!).

Mitt has had a stellar career on the public stage. He has not shamed himself the way that so many other revered politicians have. Should this prevent him from serving in the swamp? Perhaps we need a truly good man at the helm of the ship of state, now more than ever.

Ultimately, we are what we do, not what we believe. Should this not remain the measure of men?

Spiral Ham for Thanksgving?

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

For those of you who have pardoned your own turkey and have decided to enjoy a Thanksgiving Ham this year, I offer this tip. If you buy a spiral ham that has not yet had that “honey” glaze professionally affixed, do yourself a huge favor and throw away the package of glaze that accompanies the ham. Pay no attention whatsoever to the instructions regarding heating the ham. Do not heat the ham in any way. It is already fully cooked.

Save yourself the work and spare the quality of the product. Simply allow the ham to sit out at room temperature for 3-4 hours depending on the size, slice into the ham perpendicular to the spirals and separate the resulting slices onto a tray and serve. It will be tasty, moist and tender. If you want some kind of sauce to replace the glaze, consider mixing honey (or a fruit jam or jelly of your choice) and a good mustard, half and half. Keep the “unspiralled” portion of the ham, and the bone to which it is attached, for cooking up a fabulous pot of beans or a hearty winter soup.

Happy Thanksgiving

The Dim Ages

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

No one should be surprised that 90% of Europeans believe that global warming is caused by humans burning fossil fuels. One must hasten to understand that nearly all media outlets on the Continent are state-owned and state-operated. There is no freedom of the press in European countries. To state that the European citizenry has been fully propagandized would be an understatement of mammoth proportions (mammoths, you’ll recall, were wiped out in the last great global climate change; doubtless caused by proto-humans burning unfossilized fossil fuels).

Something else one should understand before using Europeans as a benchmark for wisdom and enlightenment is this; our forefathers fled the stifling small-mindedness of Continental Europe as soon as a “New World” was discovered. In the intervening years the best and the brightest in the European gene pool were regularly sacrificed on the battlefields of Europe by the “Enlightened” of their respective generations.

The truth is this; the Dark Ages our forefathers fled lives on on the Continent, mitigated only by the availability of the internet and the nearly infinite trove of knowledge that is accessible in cyberspace. Silhouetted in the pale glow of the ubiquitous monitor we could refer to modern day Europe as the Dim Age (and the universal totality of same as Dim Sum). The trouble that alcohol-addled, sex-sotted Euros have is this; one must invest time and effort in the search for knowledge. Propaganda is free.

Reptilian Perspective

Monday, November 20th, 2006

Having forced myself to digest the tasteless and textureless results of the mid-term elections, having endured the ensuing colonic dances, Technicolor yawns and the attendant revulsion, I am ready to offer my analysis for the two people who regularly refer to the Poached Frog for reptilian perspective.

The vote will be properly understood as a referendum on the War in Iraq but simultaneously misunderstood as to the underlying frustration of the electorate. Certainly some were completely opposed to the War but most of these could have their attitudes appropriately summed-up in the bumper sticker I saw on I-80 near Davis a few days ago; it read, “I am already opposed to the next war”.

The swing voters saw it differently. They were not upset that we had taken out Saddam and his barbaric regime; they were upset by strategy and tactics that were infected by political correctness. They were upset that we would put our sons and daughters in harm’s way without the benefit of all the technology and capabilities that we possess.
They were upset that we didn’t drop a MOAB on Faluja. They are upset that the Administration, in an effort to muffle criticism from the Left, actually drove our war making machinery into the quagmire they had sought to avoid.

Vietnam should have taught us that we cannot win a war with a PC mentality. This war is being conducted, not in a sincere effort to win but rather in an effort to appease the appeasers. America’s most dangerous enemy is not Radical Islam; it is home-grown Leftist radicalism and those who refuse to offend them.

There is a Gump-like wisdom in the American electorate; an almost unconscious ability and prescience that sets at odds competing internal political forces for maximum universal benefit. In this case, the maximum benefit is to stifle the aspirations of both parties; both parties to failure.

In the next two years we shall watch and see if there are any elected representatives who are truly committed to promoting the common good and then we will, as always, re-elect those who promise to put Dr. Pepper in all the drinking fountains.

John McCain

Saturday, November 11th, 2006

John McCain never was and never will be a conservative. He did marry well, however. I admire him for his willingness to suffer the privations of captivity in North Vietnam for six years longer than was necessary. That was a display of conviction, principle and courage that should earn him a level of high regard no matter what else he makes of his life, especially as we celebrate Veteran\’s Day.

Thank you Veterans!

Saturday, November 11th, 2006

Thank you, Veterans and all who are on active duty! Hoorahh! Semper Fi! Anchors Away! Up We go! God Bless you and the USA!


Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

It appears that I will now have to eat many of the words I have recently written. I\’m just glad they are toothsome and well-chosen.

We may well have reached the cultural tipping point to which Touqueville alluded when he said \”America will cease to be great when Americans cease to be good\”. Welcome to Hollywood Nation. At least we will now be able to hear the plans the Democrats have yet to share. It will be interesting as they are finally forced to show their hands and be held to account. They will assuredly keep one campaign promise; they will take us in a new direction. Just don\’t be surprised if it\’s \”down\”.

Will the \”conservative\” Democrats, who provided this win, be able to withstand the demands of their liberal leadership? Sam Rayburn\’s advice to the freshman congressmen of his day will echo through the cloakroom; \”Anyone can get elected once but if you plan on being here longer than two years, you\’ll need to do what we tell you to do.\” They will, at the risk of displaying their true natures.

Republicans have paid for their willingness to go PC; a lesson to be pondered well into the next election cycle. The loss of people like DeWine and Chafee are not really losses at all. They were unreliable at best. This clears the decks for better choices in the future after the Dems have clearly demonstrated their ineptitude, aptitudes and bad attitudes. (Did Nancy actually say that this Democrat victory will herald a new era of civility? In which universe?) This will also cause a healthy realignment of GOP presidential aspirants. Mitt happens.

The campaign complaints about Republican corruption will also come back to bite the Dems between now and \’08. Having practically invented corruption, this is one area in which their accumen is unchallenged.

We will now be required to make the best of the best and the worst of times. Opportunites will abound; first to test the Jeffersonian notion that \”the government that governs least governs best\”. This is when gridlock becomes a virtue and the Gump-like nature of the electorate displays its latent brilliance. And each of us will have opportunities to repent.

Please pass the Poupon and the Pepcid AC.

Hunkered in Their Bunkers

Tuesday, November 7th, 2006

There can be no question that the major media outlets have sculpted the political landscape in advance of this election. Polls, pundits and a litany of lies have left the Left in a position to prep the battlefield but this will not prevent them from once again becoming the victims of their own deceit. Their appeal to myth is as hopeless as the Third Reich\’s reliance on non-existant secret super-weapons and the ghost of Friedrich the Great. Belief and desire in the face of impending calamity were admirable but they could not keep the Bolsheviks out of Berlin. In the end the purveyors of the propaganda, the minions of the myth, will be reduced to fighting over table scraps in the bunkers of their bankrupt ideology.

Republican Spending

Monday, November 6th, 2006

Much is made of the amount of money being spent by the Republican-held Congress. While they may have gone overboard in less necessary areas, the point must be stressed that we are in a War, potentially the most serious conflict in our nation\’s history. Winning wars requires the significant sacrifice of a nation\’s wealth and resources but losing wars is infinitely more costly.

Losing this war will render all economic considerations completely meaningless. If you are planning to stay home or vote Democrat in protest of liberal spending policies, please rethink your position. If we lose the war against radical Islam (and all it will take is one well-placed nuclear device to trigger the conflagration), nothing else will matter. Are you willing to accept this risk to make your point? Do what is right.

We Shall See

Sunday, November 5th, 2006

What you don\’t see is what you\’re gonna get if you vote for Democrats or fail to go to the polls to support Republicans. The notably absent Lefties who occupy the leadership positions in the Democrat party will emerge from hiding on Wednesday morning, win or lose, but for the sake of the nation and its people we must pray that they creep forth from the darkness into the light of an overwhelming Republican victory on Tuesday.

I am not a Republican. I am a lifelong Independent who cannot imagine that we have reached the cultural tipping point where the majority has been fooled or is foolish enough to hand the controls of government over to those who have so frequently demonstrated their unwillingness or inability to do the right things on nearly every level.

The fact that the likes of Pelosi, Kennedy, Reid, Durbin and now Cary have all evaporated in recent months is perhaps the best evidence that the Left is fearful of the reality that those who still possess some moral clarity continue to outnumber the \”progressives\” by a significant margin. We shall see!

Tis the Season Without Reason

Saturday, November 4th, 2006

\”What can Brown do for you?\” is not the question. The question facing California voters is this; \”What will Brown do to you?\” Jerry Brown is back and running for Attorney General. Well, he might be homeless if he doesn\’t win. He is probably unemployable at this point having never held an honest job in his life, and he has probably worn out his welcome in Oakland. He should move to SF. Willy Brown has moved on leaving at least one empty doorway.

Things are even more peculiar if you live in California\’s 4th Congressional District where the incumbant, John Doolittle, is facing a challenge from Charlie Brown (no, not the \”good man\”), an Air Force veteran with a faulty moral compass and a Forrest Gump cadence to his voice. One expects to hear him claim that, as a member of the military, he might be stupid but he is runnnning!

Life may be like a box of chocolates but with this assortment you know exactly what you\’re gonna get. All that\’s Brown is not chocolate.

In the Pink

Thursday, November 2nd, 2006

I stopped for lunch in Truckee today and upon emerging from the restaurant I encountered a couple of pink-clad women in the process of placing pairs of shoes on the sidewalk. As I walked past I asked if they were having a shoe sale. The one with the exaggerated Mohawk and the pink peace sign painted on her cheek (appearing every bit as a twisted vision from some Halloween hangover) yelled after me to stop. She proceeded to a rant about the symbolism of the shoes, representing the 650,000 Iraqi civilians killed since the US invaded Iraq. I asked her who killed them. She did not answer, her hesitation drawn from similar conversations. I told her that most were killed by other Iraquis and affiliated terrorists but that ultimately these were the victims of radical Islam. She told me she was a Muslim, though no one would have ever expected it and most would never have believed it. She then accused me of being a radical Christian, which I denied.

With all the venom she could muster and spew, she hissed that I was a \”f*****g Christian!\” Further attempts at communication were thereupon pre-empted. Sensing this as my clue to withdraw, I turned both cheeks and darted across the street between crosswalks. I wasn\’t really paying attention to the invective that trailed off into the welcome sounds of traffic, but I can imagine what she hoped to convey.

Parked next to my car was a large pink truck with all kinds of anti-war messages scrawled upon it, such as \”Support Our Troops, Bring them Home\”. Yes, I had been accosted by the real Pink Ladies.

How mixed their messages. If they truly supported our troops they would also support the mission these brave men and women have chosen to undertake at the risk of their lives. If the ladies in pink had hoped to persuade others that they possessed the higher moral ground they really need to read Dale Carnegie\’s book. In the inerim, I hope hope they travel far and wide with their Halloween on wheels and treat everyone they meet wih the same respect they accorded me. This, coupled with Jon Cary\’s remarks should guaranty a Republican victory next Tuesday.

Two Men in the News

Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

So Kerry was talking about President Bush when he remarked that those who fail to study and get good grades end up being stuck in Iraq? Apparently those same dolts will get to be President first. With that possibility in view, who needs to go to school at all? Meanwhile, Kerry, the illiberal Left and most Democrats are stuck in Vietnam.

Is it me or does Kim Jung Il look like a character out of North Park? Certainly he will still be at the helm in 2009 when President Kerry takes office. What a duo!

Together these two remarkable statesmen should be able to make the world safer for odd couples and madmen everywhere.