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Time to Repent

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

The vicissitudes of life have drawn me to more important pursuits of late. Crises (like death) have a way of reordering priorities instantly. Blogging, never a high priority, has become far less important. Over the last three years I have primarily used it as a means providing balance after spending an hour or two on the cable spin cycle; therapy of sorts. It has been my version of “The Scream” in prose. A more appropriate metaphor might be the natural function of the human system hours after Munching of a mess of pottage.

Because I am certain that I behaved like a stinker from time to time, I want to take this opportunity to repent and to apologize to any and all I have offended in the course of scrawling the last 360 posts. Please excuse me.

I still have a part to play, though small. It should be to improve upon my baser nature; it should be to use whatever talents I possess toward the purpose of generating happiness and understanding among those with whom I share this space. We are all children of God. If he loves us all, as I believe He does, I would be hypocritical if I failed to sincerely attempt to do the same.

If my political perspective becomes overly exclusionary I am missing one of life’s most important lessons. As we are commanded to love our enemies, I would like to cultivate far fewer of them. While we are never charged with accepting the unacceptable, we would do well to seek common ground upon which to build a level of accord; this for the benefit of all. Don’t mistake this as pacifism.

I will continue to post as moved upon. A mess of pottage will do that.

Kerry for President

Sunday, January 28th, 2007

John Kerry should reconsider his decision not to run for President in 2008. He should. He should run for President of France. His contention that the US has become a \”pariah\” would sell well there.

The Jewish Question

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

The Iranian problem must be viewed from the perspective of the radical element that has controlled that nation since the day Jimmy Carter abdicated his responsibility as leader of the free world.

Radical Islamic theology commits its adherents to “Jihad”; on the one hand the process of personal spiritual cleansing, on the other hand the cleansing of the earth of satanic influences, i.e. the USA and Israel. In certain ways this tracks with Jewish and Christian theologies. When Christ chased the money changers from the Temple with a scourge, what was he saying? He had just told his disciples that the temple would be destroyed and then rebuilt in three days. Was he saying that we need to be personally, spiritually clean?

The watchmen in all three religions look to the horizon for the Messiah, whether the first or second time, or to the arrival of the Twelfth Imam. The big difference among these three perspectives is this; in Judaism and Christianity God determines the time of his arrival or re-arrival, but the radical Shi’ite clerics that govern Iran require their adherents, through the act of Jihad (the cleansing of the earth), to set in motion the chain of events that will call forth the Twelfth Imam; Muhammad Al Mahdi, the hidden Imam, who will usher in their version of the apocalypse.

An understanding of this is more than crucial to all. Radical Islam is a death cult. The duty of each is to sacrifice himself or herself in the process of ridding the world of infidels (that would be you and me). If we do nothing to stop them, this is what they will do. Allowing the existence of a nuclear-armed Iran is nothing short of suicidal. Fortunately, Israel recognizes this and will act. The only question that remains is this; is the Iranian government trying to incite an attack as justification for what they have already planned and prepared to do?

Regardless of the answer, failure to take action now will only result in the ultimate actualization of that which we hope to prevent. Do we defend ourselves now or wait to be rousted from our beds and carted off in the middle of the night? The Jews know the answer to this question.