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Americans Who Hate America

Friday, March 30th, 2007

The simple answer to the question \”why do Leftists hate America?\” is this; self-loathing. We all have an inherent sense of right and wrong, whether or not we possess an accurate understanding of what constitutes each. In our \”anything goes\” culture consequences for mis-steps are misinterpreted by those who have succumbed to the sirens\’ songs of praise for the hedonistic lifestyle. The guilt-afflicted individual, failing to recognize, renounce and repent of his/her misdeeds then unconsciously blames the society that granted him/her the latitude to behave so indiscretely (pride plays a distinct role in this subliminal attempt at catharsis). In this regard, Lefties are not much different from the radical Mullahs who also misunderstand the dynamic that freedom presupposes the right to do wrong and its corollary, that righteousness cannot exitst without freedom.

How can I be so sure? Ask any reformed Leftist.

Oversees Issues of Interest

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

The fact that Arab lesbians had to hold their first annual conference in Israel should be a soberingly unambiguous wake-up call to the American Left. Israel was not the lesbians\’ first choice of venues, in fact they lamented having to meet there. Why then were they there? What if Israel didn\’t exist as the Persian and Arab worlds insist will be the case? Where would these people meet; Dubuque? Certainly not Dubai! What happens to homosexuals in Islamic lands? What will happen here if we allow radical Islam to fulfill its stated mission? One thing is for sure; gay marriage won\’t be a lingering issue. And you can forget about a host of much simpler pleasures, like watching \”The View\”.

There is currently an interesting \”debate\” in Germany over the subject of Press Freedoms; it seems there aren\’t any. And we should worry about what the Germans (and the French) \”think\” about us!? The difference between us and them is this; while all the major media outlets on the planet are preconditioned to propagandize, the truth is still permitted to be told and heard through a variety of mediums here in the USA. If you are watching ABC, NBC, CBS or CNN, you might as well be watcing the BBC. You are not getting news; you are getting their views of the news. At least in Europe the citizenry knows that they are being fed so much drivel. There isn\’t even an attempt to hide the fact. That is why beer, wine, soccer and sex are much more popular than propaganda. Hmm—maybe we have more in common with the Euros than I had previously supposed.

Bush\’s Poll Numbers

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

The President\’s approval ratings have every bit as much to do with the way he has mishandled his critics as it has to do with mishandling the war on terror. He has appeared wimpish and unwilling to take on the nation\’s domestic enemies. If we lose this conflict at home we will lose the war on terror. The message he sent today regarding the boondoggle military appropriations bill is the kind of message we need to hear from him on a more regular basis. His poll numbers will rise as he shows a little more backbone.

Carbon Neutral Lifeform

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

Al Gore has loaned his ballooning star-power to the ongoing public debate over the \”science\” of climate change. His challenge to all of us is that we commit to reducing carbon emissions. Yet he claims the right to live a carbon neutral lifestyle. If everyone lived a carbon neutral lifestyle, what would change? I would be happy to contribute to the reductions of CO2 emissions if I could only figure out how inhale CO2 and exhale oxygen. Perhaps we could get some volunteers from among the alarmed to test this as a solution.

The State of Literacy in DC

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

There seems to be more than a literacy problem in the nation\’s capitol; the grasp of math appears to be as challenging. If the Democrats are now in the majority how can only 1/3 of the residents be illiterate?

Oh—they live in Georgetown.

The Donald

Saturday, March 17th, 2007

Well, maybe Rosie is right after all; the Donald is sounding like Goofy. It is good, however, that he has done us all the favor of staying out of politics as a profession. He might know something about making money but his grasp on the reality of the current world situation is little better than the Democrat\’s. To judge our nation based upon what the French and Germans think about us must set our ancestors to spinning in their graves. They left those countries for a very good reason.

Raving Roving Reporters

Friday, March 16th, 2007

It\’s the smell of blood that draws them.

Rove\’s effectiveness in his battles against Democrats over the years can only be properly measured by the degree of Rove Loathe that has existed, and continues to exist among the exhalted Left. It is a good thing for him that he is a slippery as he looks and even a better thing that he apparently hasn\’t done anything they haven\’t done.

This new non-issue will soon blow over but the Left will continue to attack this guy at every opportunity. Meanwhile, others will take his place and they will spark the ire and the vindictiveness of the Dems, as the party of tolerance will never tolerate those who take exception to their agenda. Politics is a rough game, especially in a era when truth is an undervalued currency.

It has always been difficult to swim with the sharks; it is more dangerous still when one has joined them in the swamp.

In the News

Friday, March 9th, 2007

We can all sleep safely inour beds knowing that the EU has declared war on climate change. As soon as they have achieved victory on this front they will be sending Tornado fighter/bombers to photograph terrorists, before they are then sent to fight the sea off the coast of Italy.

Some DC residents can now sleep safer knowing that their .45\’s may now legally reside beneath their pillows. Other DC residents will be spending sleepless nights wondering when their names will be spilled into cyberspace by the Beltway Madam.

We do live in interesting times.

Scooter Libby

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

What makes Scooter Libby\’s perjury (regarding a non-event) worth 25 years in prison while, concurrently, the former Commander in Mischief, Mr. Hillary Clinton, who purjured himself under oath is fully given a pass? Where is James Trafficant? Who is left to plead for us to be beamed up?


Thursday, March 1st, 2007

In spite of Al Gore\’s assertions that all the facts are in, the paleo-climatologist who orignally developed the model and the statistical analysis that brought us this whole global warming debate has refused to share his analysis with statisticians and mathematicians thereby reducing his conclusions to the status of uncorroborated theory; a realm similar to the faith that some scientists disdain.

The statistical extrapolation of 300 years (the length of time we have been able to measure temperature) of verifiable data over the 4,000,000,000 year history of the earth is reminiscent of the story of blind men and the elephant, who, upon feeling the creature’s tail, concluded that the beast was very like a snake. Only in this case it would be like touching a single hair and concluding that the animal was very like a pine needle.

Science demands that scientific fact be ascertained by the duplication of findings by others in relevant fields of endeavor. The paleo-climatologist in question is not a statistician or a mathematician, yet he has employed statistical models to substantiate his claims. These have yet to be validated by anyone; therefore, his theory remains just that.