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Clinton Legacy

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Clinton does have a legacy after all. His name is George Tenet. When Clinton was looking for a new CIA Director he found the third most self-absorbed, self-promoting, self-centered, self-serving man in the nation to fill the post. The top two already had jobs in the adminsitration as President and VP. That George Bush did not turn this Clinton mole out when he first came to office is illustrative of a dangerous degree of naivite`. It is the same tendency we witnessed when Bush claimed to have seen something when he looked into Putin\’s eyes. These judgements are certainly a failing on his part. We must hope that Bush\’s legacy is not 8 more years of a Clinton White House.

Just Whistlin\’ Dixie

Friday, April 27th, 2007

If Joe Biden\’s campaign speeches are as rhetorically economical as his single word answer to a very pointed question in the midst of the Democrats\’ South Carolina debate, he may not be elected president but he will be held in high regard for his brevity and wit. It was truly the most articulate statement of the evening.

All the Dems at tonite\’s debate erroneously believe that they were elected to end the war. They were not. They claimed the majority in the Congress by putting centrist and even conservative Democrats on the ballots. By their fruits they shall be known. Many of the voters want a more aggressive approach to winning the Battle of Iraq and the War on Terror. Their frustration with Bush and the Republicans is that they employing PC tactics against committed fanatics; a sure recipe for failure.

Hillary admitted that the two biggest mistakes she made were, one, believing the president when he said that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and, two, that she believed the president when he inisted that he didn\’t have sex with that woman.

Chris Dodd was asked by a citizen who was forced to take a drug test to qualify for his paycheck if he felt that he and Ted Kennedy should be held to the same standard. He didn\’t think so.

It took the lawyer, John Edwards, a full 15 seconds to name someone he held in esteem as a \”moral\” leader. Of course he is a lawyer.

Kucinich should be allowed to wave his copy of the Constitution and broadcast his opinions daily. He should also be encouraged to read it.

Governor Richardson wants to Democratize Cuba but not Iraq. He believes in the Second Amendment because he is a \”westerner\”?!

Obama would bomb terrorists that strike us in the future but apparently not the ones that already have.

As the only candidate to refuse to join the panderfest, the former senator from little rocks, Mike Gravel, is obviously the best candidate they have, although he, too, had to have been mystified as to the reasons he was invited to participate. His obvious function was to make the resst of the pack look thoughtful, reasoned and above all, centrist.

Throughout the debate I sensed something, some unseen malevolence from out of the past; could it be—it must have been ——Count Carville, the Democrats\’ master of political posturing, the Jedi of Jihadi politics, the man for whom there is but one absolute; power. So much for truth, justice and the American way.

Pentacles at the Pentagon

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

As we wonder about the quality of decision making in the US Military we must remember that Bill \”I loathe the military\” Clinton had eight years to reform that institution in his own image. Don\’t imagine for a moment that he had no lasting influence at the Pentagon. The military\’s decision to add the Pentagram to the accepted list of religious symbols that may be engraved upon the headstones of our nation\’s veterans is evidence of the fact that Clinton did more than politicize the institution; he left behind an embedded extreme left religious legacy.

The Issue of Tissue Issue

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

Ain\’t Cheryl Crow Charmin\’?

The Elect Shall Be Deceived

Saturday, April 21st, 2007

\”—and in that day even the elect shall be deceived.\” In this case many, if not most of the elected are deceived; Senator Harry Reid, chief among them. I have a question for the people of Nevada. Who will start the petition drive to recall Harry Reid? Does the pork he delivers truly compensate for the harm he is doing?

Patriot\’s Day

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Happy Patriot\’s Day!
If you are not sure what this means take it as a sign of the degenerative condition of the culture and the educational system. The first Americans fought and died for freedom on this day, April 19, 1775. You may recall having heard or read the words: \”By the rude bridge that arched the flood, their flags to April\’s breeze unfurled, once the embattled farmer stood and fired the shot heard round the world\”. You may be more familiar with the midnight ride of Paul Revere. Listen my children and you shall hear virtually nothing today about this historic moment.

I\’m sure you know when Earth Day is celebrated.; three days hence. I have no problem with Earth Day. I like the Earth. I am happy to live here. We should respect this wonderful world and exercise proper stewardship principles as we abide upon it. But what decisions or sacrifices has the earth ever made that has impacted our lives (apart from snowing on the day of celebration) the same way that the Battles of Lexington and Concord have? Isn\’t this the same mute orb that silently abided every known tyrant and all the evil they brought forth; the very earth that drank the blood and hid the bodies of their victims? The Earth has ever been completely neutral in the battle between good and evil.

Should it not be our custom to laud significant and heroic deeds and those who conquered their fears to perform them or have we been completely reduced by our PC-corroded culture to the worship of that which simply, unalterably exists?

Let the Long-Overdue Debate Begin

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

My heart brakes for the families of those who lives were taken yesterday in what appears to be a fit of madness. Consoling expressions cannot fill the void created by such an act. Lessons learned cannot bring our loved ones back to life. Yet life goes on. The world in which we live continues. We must brace ourselves against the possibility that violent events will escalate, the result of insanity on an individual or a collective scale. How will we react?

If this shooting had occurred in Texas or Florida, the gunman might have killed a few people but some armed citizen would have prevented the kind of bloodbath we witnessed at Virginia Tech.

This nations needs an open and honest debate about some very important issues. Certainly Imus and the vocabulary police have provided one such ideological venue to explore. The killing spree in Virginia should provide impetus for a frank discussion about the Second Amendment.

The Leftists who control the press and the congress, who want to have a dialogue with Iran and who appear willing to allow Iran to control the deadliest of weapons, would certainly entertain the notion of having a serious dialogue about the meaning and value of the Second Amendment with their own fellow citizens, wouldn\’t they? We must call for this debate to begin.

Below is my response to an article posted by the Deutsche Welle, the German news service, on the subject of the Virginia Tech killings.

Your article on this subject placed blame for this horrific event on lax gun laws. Are you saying that Europe\’s failure to enforce international laws against German rearmament in the late 1930\’s was the cause of World War Two? The truth is that both events were caused by madmen that the world did nothing about until it was too late. Furthermore, about six months ago on a different American Campus, another madman intentionally drove his car through a group of students, killing several. Employing the logic of the author of your article, should we also outlaw automobiles? What should we do about the Iranians who are pursuing the world\’s most dangerous weapon? Should we again wait until it is too late?

Tennessee Side-Step

Thursday, April 12th, 2007

Fred Thompson didn\’t just discover his cancer. He has just revealed it, not to gleen sympathy but to pave the way for his decision not to run for the presidency. The real reason he won\’t run is that the Clinton\’s have a copy of his FBI file but, naturally, he will never be able to say that openly.

The Plaintiff Imams

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

No one wants to be sued. The process of being drug through the process is tedious, expensive and unwholesome. Most Americans do all we can to avoid it. This is what the Jihadis are counting on. This attempt, by the Six Flying Imams, to sue their fellow passengers is a strategic step to suppress such vigilance in the future. The entire event was orchestrated to be exactly what it has become. Instead of using the plane, in this instance, as a weapon against us they are using our legal system to soften the resolve of those future passengers who may be there when the martyrs board. I would accept this episode as a sign that we need to invest even greater attentiveness in the direction of our fellow travelers as we move about the country.

Barak and White Photos

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

The photo of Obama conversing with his top political advisor in his Senate office has raised a stir about the illegal use of his taxpayer-funded office for campaign purposes (as though he is the only one who has ever done this!). But this is not what makes this photo interesting. The most glaring incongruency in this picture is the fact that the Great Black Hope has apparently surrounded himself exclusively with the ivory skinned. Who is running his campaign; Hillary? Where are Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson? Oh, they are busy sputtering and waxing hypocritical over the I-man having used the public airwaves as though he were a young black music entrepreneur. Is this a racist incident or simply a case of hip-hop flip-flop? Whatever it is, it\’s job security for Jackson and Sharpton. No one (except the Democrat Party) has perpetuated and profited from racism as successfully as these two.

Don\’t Be an April Fool

Saturday, April 7th, 2007

Don\’t be fooled by Cindy Sheehan\’s tirade against the Democrats. The Party is doubtless paying her to say these things to make the Dems appear \”centrist\”. The truth is that the people who are currently calling the shots are even less stable than Cindy. Nancy Pelosi\’s trip to the Middle East is proof of this fact. She should not have gone at all but having done so she should have attempted to exercise some thoughtfulness in the conclusions she drew and the in the statements she made. Both Cindy and Nancy are Northern California girls but Nancy lives much further to the Left.

Some have compared Nancy to Neville Chamberlain. If she maintains her present heading many more will consider a comparison to Tokyo Rose to be more apt.

Christiane Charity?

Thursday, April 5th, 2007

Imagine what would happen if a group of American Right-wing religious fanatics took custody of Christiane Amanpour, for consistently crossing the line in violation of American sovereignty and interests, only to release her one week hence. Would this be heralded as a generous act of peace as her reportage of Iran\’s release of the 15 British hostages would indicate? There are three reasons why not; first, the Feds, in inimitable confusion, would quickly turn this into another Waco with CNN Amanpouring gasoline on the flames; second, Amanpour knows better than to show up in the USA, and third, if these people ever did get a hold of her they might be tempted to forgo the photo op and keep her incommunicado for a very long time.

Sandy Berger, NSC, FOB

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

It is incomprehensible that anyone could willfully violate the rules of the National Archives, steal secret documents relating to the prosecution (or lack thereof) of our nation\’s long battle against Bin Laden, commit perjury and not only remain free to walk the streets but remain qualified for the restoration of his security clearance. Apparently Berger also has access to some of the 1000 FBI files, relating to high-profile Republicans and other enemies, that the Clintons managed to purloin back when the US government was their private fiefdom.
I encourage all who read this to call their Congressional Representitive, the Dept. of Justice and the White House and insist that Berger never again be allowed to get a hold of any paperwork more sensitive than Charmin.

April Fool Awards

Sunday, April 1st, 2007

Not content with being 2nd in the line of succession Nancy Pelosi has decided to simply to usurp the powers of the presidency. Her moves to assume the role of Commander in Chief by including a date for mandatory military withdrawal from Iraq are not only illustrative of her disdain for the President but for the Constitution itself. Now she has opened her own foreign policy department, again in open contradiction of the stated position of this government regarding states that harbor terrorists. Our (her) State Department has specifically repeated the prohibition against handling with the State of Syria and has asked her not to go there. Again she ignores the gravity of the circumstance and common sense itself. Such irresponsible behavior cannot be attributed to her being a grandmother. Grandmothers usually exercise a modicum of street savvy when not wisdom. Nancy’s disregard for reality has qualified her as a finalist for April Fool.

But the winners are the voting members of the Nobel Prize Committee. This once August body, by accepting the nomination of Al Gore to be the recipient of the Nobel Fleece Prize (for his body of work relating to the creation of Carbon Credits), has claimed the dubious distinction as the 2007 winner of the April Fool award. It is hard to imagine how this organization could have discredited itself even more than it has in giving the Nobel Prize for Peace to Yassar Arafat and Jimmy Carter. In consequence of their contravention of good sense, for their impolitic politization of their once respected organization, the Nobel Committee has, at last, succeeded in making itself as relevant as the Academy Awards. Congratulations!

Alfred Nobel is not just turning in his grave; he is doubtless ready to explode.