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On Vacation

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

I am not sure how much more I can take without a breather. I\’ll report as I am able.

Amnesty Universal

Friday, May 18th, 2007

Who else deserves amnesty? If it is not only okay to break this nation\’s immigration laws but also to be rewarded for doing so, what other crimes should we reward lawbreakers for committing? Which laws may otherwise law abiding citizens now freely ignore? Which crimes provide better benefits? Passing the Immigration Reform measure the Senate currently proposes is not just the slippery slope, it is the entrance to the abyss, at the bottom of which we already find McCain\’s crumpled and lifeless campaign.

GOP Debate

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

The questions were much better than the answers, the most memorable of which were clever but ultimately meaningless.

Note to Ron Paul; we have been \”listening\” to \”irrational\” people (we call them liberals) in this country for decades without any positive result. What makes you think that we would have any hope of reaching any honest and meaningful acord with \”irrationals\” in the Middle East?
PS. The reason the Chinese haven\’t built military bases in the US because we only bombed their embassy in Belgrade, not their financial district in Shanghai.

War is Politics by Other Means

Monday, May 14th, 2007

The disappearance of three American soldiers near the Iraqi town of Mahmoudia, though multi-dimensionally difficult, offers the US an opportunity to do what should have been done long ago. Recognizing that there can be no negotiation with terrorists and therefore no \”political\” solution, it is necessary to provide the terrorist gangsters and those who hide and support them a lesson in the only language they seem to understand; overwhelming force. Operation Dresden would involve cordoning-off the city. The city would be leafletted (unlike the real Dresden) and all residents would be required to leave, passing through checkpoints at the perimeter where they would be disarmed and their identities recorded. Anyone trying flee without subjecting themselves to the process will be immediately shot. At the end of 48hours, MOAB\’s sufficient in number to level the town would be dropped. Let Al Jazera televise the event.

The message is clear; if you support or fail to properly disclose the terrorists in your town, yours will be next.

The reason most Americans are unhappy with the situation in Iraq is that we are not fighting the war to win. We are fighting it PC-style; not to lose. As a result, we are losing, or as Harry Reid claimed (although very much responsible for the PC nature of the conflict), we have already lost.

If this is war, let us treat it and our enemies as though it is a war.

War is politics by other means.

Moral Courage

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

I had my serious doubts about Tony Blair (and the British) during the Clinton years. I still have my doubts about the British but there can be no doubt that Tony Blair is a man of great moral courage. Only rarely do nations elevate such people to the highest office. He will be missed on the world stage but he will be missed even more here in America. Thank you for your leadership and your friendship, Mr. Blair!

Coming Home to Roost

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

It would stand to reason that the six Albanian Jihadis who were arrested today for conspiring to murder American troops at Fort Dix, NJ, are alive today because the US intervened to eject the Serbs from Kosovo. In retrospect, should we have betrayed our historic allies, the Serbs (warriors who bravely stood up to successive invasions by Muslims, Nazis and the Soviets) , in favor of Islamic radicals?

Clinton will ultimately have more to answer for than simple ineptitude in combatting terrorism on his watch. As it turns out, he actively supported and protected those who subsequently sought to murder our soldiers here on American soil. If the Bush Doctrine (whoever sustains our enemies is our enemy) were to be clinically observed, a surgical strike on the outskirts of Chappequa would be appropriate. We can use the same excuse we gave the Chinese when we hit their embassy in Belgrade; \”Oops!\”.

By George

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

Imagine the furor that would have been triggered had that suspended Arizona professor included George Washington\’s Farewell Address, as well, in his nefarious email to his un-collegial colleagues. In it, the First President outlines the circumstances in which questioning Patriotism is appropriate, in addition to defining the character and behaviors of those that could be described as domestic enemies. His claims that morality cannot be preserved in the absence of religion would have drawn howels of derision. There must be something about the name \”George\” that drives the Left over the edge.
RC, formerly a student at Washington High, Phoenix, AZ (have they changed the name of my old high school yet?)

Viva la French!

Monday, May 7th, 2007

Congratulations to France and the voters who rejected the failed policies of their socialist past!
Is this the beginning of the Fifth Republic? Hope shines brightly for France and Europe today.
We Americans may again feel comfortable using the terms \’French fries\” and \”French toast\”.

Friends and Neighbors?

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

May 1st is the traditional day for Communist Marches. Do the \”Immigration\” marchers think they are gaining friends among the citizenry of this nation by marching this day? Who is bussing these folk in? Who is payng for it? Maybe it is a Communist sponsored march? You don\’t think communism is dead do you?

And how is possible that the head of Al-Qeda in Iraq was killed in Iraq if Al-Qeda doesn\’t exist in Iraq?

Hugo Chavez has just nationalized the oil industry in his country and has taken control of all oil production facilities from the companies that owned and operated them. He will doubtless do as well with in the oil business as he has in making Venezuela a better place in which to live. I\’m sure this move will endear him to the \”oilmen\” who supposedly rule the world. If Chavez survives this, the Left will have to find a new boogie-man (other than the oil industry) as a target for their ire and as the object of their misrepresentations.