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Better to be Lucky than Good

Friday, June 29th, 2007

It wasn\’t an attack of good sense that killed the immigration bill. The smell of fear that, for weeks, had settled over the Capitol has evaporated along with the political futures of those who sought to cram this malodorous mess down the throat of the body politic. Still, even the losers must privately confess a measure of relief. They hadn\’t exactly relished the prospect of explaining this to the folks back home.

Now the majority can turn their attention to issues more in line with their talents and abilities, like banning bottled water in government buildings and funding more studies like their recent investment of $20,000,000 in a research project concerning the contibutions farm animals make to global warming. We\’ve known since 1984 that two legs are bad. Will science finally prove that four legs are good or are we about to discover that they leave twice the carbon footprint?

Electile Dysfunction

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

The appalling small-mindedness of today\’s crop of elected officials is particularly galling when contrasted with the stellar qualities of those who forged this nation\’s founding document in July of 1776. One would think that a nation of 300,000,000 would at least be able to replicate some of the diplomatic talents present when the nation had but 2,500,000 inhabitants. Is it because the truly talented people have chosen to pursue careers in other venues? Perhaps, but maybe it has less to do with those who run for elected office than with the electorate. PT Barnum once stated that \”No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the average citizen.\” Certainly the charlatans who pose as public servants have learned that lesson.

When William Jefferson can still serve in Congress while James Trafficant serves 8 years in prison for defying Bill Clinton and the House Democrat leadership (leadership?), we know the nation is is dire need of a little \”see-Alles\”.

Embryonic Histrionics

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

The real issue for Democrats in this debate is not for the potential health benefits that embryonic stem cell research might produce but rather to continue to blur the beginnings of human viability. If an embryo is not a life, when does life begin? This is all about abortion. If this was really a fertile medical field Wall Street would be all over this, as would medical researchers in California who have already been given the green light. We don\’t need to spend tax more dollars to fund another red herring specifically designed to further enfog the genesis of mortality. Bush did the right thing to veto this. Why don\’t the Dems try to pass some truly meaningful health related legislation; like banning the smoking of cigarettes in Hollywood movies and on TV or in an effort to encourage the conversion of high fructose corn syrup to ethanol instead of as a type-2-inducing sweetner for soft drinks?

Everybody\’s New Favorite Excuse

Monday, June 18th, 2007

You just can\’t make this stuff up! Reality is infintely more peculiar than fiction.

\”UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that the slaughter in Darfur was triggered by global climate change and that more such conflicts may be on the horizon, in an article published Saturday. \”The Darfur conflict began as an ecological crisis, arising at least in part from climate change,\” Ban said in a Washington Post opinion column.\”

The truth, of course, eludes the head of the organization most responsible for the problem. The real problems on the Horn of Africa are radical Islamic fundamentalists about which the UN has been loath to do anything, anytime, anywhere, and the aid programs sponsored by the UN in which the cultivation of cropland has been co-opted by the arrival blue trucks delivering bags of grain and other foodstuffs. Why plant, water, weed and harvest when it\’s so much easier to line up at the tailgate of a truck? Naturally, soil unfettered by roots is the recipe for a dustbowl.

One must wonder if it was the horrific pollution created during World War Two, the undisciplined unleashing of hydrocarbons and radioactivity, that caused the UN.

To add to the first point noted above, Harry Reid said today that Congress\’ dismally low approval rating is a result of the Democratic leadership\’s having \”raised the bar too high.\” Really?! This sounds an awful lot like those who blame unseasonably cold temperatures on global warming. Regime change, climate change, spare change, the constancy of change; everything changes except the downward spiral of ethics, creativity and intellect in the elected representitive department.

Reason for Hope

Saturday, June 16th, 2007

How did Arkansas Bill Clinton, who was born poor and never held a job outside of government, ever get his hands on $50,000,000? Sure, some of this is for post-presidential speaking fees but even this is a perk of office. Who would want to hear from him otherwise? This is either a cause for concern or a reason for Hope.

(We remember how Hillary got hers; she invested $1,000 in the commodities market and won a handsome return of $100,000 in a single year! With this kind of luck these two should be playing Vegas.)

Viva Schwarzenegger!

Friday, June 15th, 2007

Is \”Bravo\” the wrong term to use in response to Schwarzenegger\’s remark to Hispanic journalists that Hispanic kids wishing to enhance their educational opportunity should \”turn off the Spanish language TV\”? Would \”Ole!\” be better? As much as some don\’t like the comment, he is absolutely right. This is not a racial issue, as much as some will try ot spin it that direction. As previously noted in this blog, English is the exclusive language of the American Dream.

Who are These Masked Men

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

If they have \”right\” on their side, why do Islamic militants wear masks? Shouldn\’t they be openly and proudly displaying their fidelity to the principles of their faith? Even gangsters have more dignity. Do we have enough silver bullets to properly take care of this problem?

Question for the UN\’s IAEA chief, Mohamed ElBaradei; if attacking Iran for its refusal to comply with international demands regarding the proliferation of nuclear weapons is \”madness\”, how willl you describe the international community\’s failure to prevent Iran from producing nuclear weapons to the victims of the next holocaust? Or will you be wearing a mask in an effort to avoid being ask such questions? It has become more and more fashionable for many named Mohamed.

Who\’s Next?

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

Is there a legitimate purpose for legalizing the approximately 12 million illegal aliens in this country? What would it be; simply to make tax payers of them? Because we have a labor shortage? Because we have a shortage of cheap labor? Because there are too many jobs that citizens refuse? Because first generation citizens ordinarily vote Democrat? Because some Republicans think they can change that fact by playing nice? Because of a deal with Mexico? Because global corporations want to maintain an economically depressed workforce?

Who can say? The real question is this; once these 12 million are tax paying citizens with access to the modern state and its system of doling out money in exhange for votes (commonly known as \”pork\”, or in this case \”carnitas\”), where will the next wave of illegal aliens come from who will do the dirty and difficult work and for less?

Amnesty Amnesia

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

The supporters of the Kennedy/McCain immigration bill are hoping you will forget the last immigration amnesty travesty. We are supposed to blindly trust that they will now do what they have thus far not done. 21 years is a long time but my memory is not that fuzzy. I have a question for Lindsey Graham; are we a nation of laws or just a nation of lawyers?

Hilton\’s Release

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Justice has a color and it\’s green. The frog now knows that happiness is more than being green; it is also in having green.

I\’m Back!

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

I have returned and little has changed. I don\’t know what I was expecting; perhaps I wasn\’t expecting anything. That seems to be the key to preventing disappointment.

I did have a very pleasant time away from the day to day. The NW Pacific Coast\’s chain of volcanoes, from Lassen to Ranier, are living monuments to Earth\’s regenerativity; the tips of the iceberg in planetary processes that are so vast and gradual as to not be noticable at all except in times of seismic distress or primal displays of overwhelming power in which our relative significance in the greater scheme of things is properly prioritized. I would recommend the drive.

Hang a left off of Highway 97 and visit Leavenworth, Washington; a sincere and largely successful attempt to re-create the charm of a Bavarian Village. I have been to Bavarian villages that were not as quaint. Westward on Highway 2 was a beautiful drive with all one could want in the way of mountain scenery. We proceded to Edmonds for the short ferry ride across the sound to Kingston and Highway 104. Turning north on US 101, we began our survey of fish and chips in Port Angeles at the Landing; the point of departure and arrival for the Vancouver ferry. Both the cod and the halibut were excellent, the slaw was noteworthy and the chips were okay. We would eat there again.

Our next stop along the way was the Lodge at Lake Crecent. Perhaps it is a good thing that the beauty of this place is not widely heralded. We overnighted at Forks before heading to Hoh Rain Forest. I would recommend going there when it is raining but any time you can get there would be time well-invested. Ruby Beach is as magnificent as any confluence of soil and sea and sky as I have been privileged to see.

The drive south from Astoria along the Oregon Coast is refreshing, relaxing and rejuvenating. The Tillamook Air Museum is a worthwhile side-light for anyone who loves airplanes and enormous wooden stuctures.

Giant Redwoods! One could say that seeing one, one has seen them all but I am happy to see forests of them. The atmosphere is peaceful and one cannot help but feel humbly reverent in this green and brown cathedral.

Now I am home. The wheat and the tares have continued to mature in their respective attributes. We must all do our best to be good examples to those around us, especially our children. We must live what we believe and not simply use our beliefs as talking points in an effort to win votes. When the Liberals come to understand that faith is an action principle they will be Conservatives.