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Failing to Learn from the Past

Friday, September 28th, 2007

Most megalomaniacs mistake democracy\’s native flexibility for weakness.

Iran\’s president will doubtless return home in a giddy state of mind. He has confronted the enfeebled democracies while in the heart of the great satan, the USA, where freedom allows anyone to behave as properly or as foolishly as they choose. In full view of the cameras, he pronounced that \”the Iranian people are truly free\”, excepting of course, women, homosexuals (the handful that haven\’t yet been hung), Christians, Jews, Bhuddists, Hindus, Taoists, atheists, agnostics, members of the opposition and assorted others. He has been bouyed by his visit to Venezuela and the indomitable alliance with his new tag-team partner, Hugo Chavez, the modern day Mussolini of Maracaibo.

Because people who populate democracies are ordinarily more tolerant than those enduring life under the yoke of despotism, no one in NYC bothered to beat the crap out of the dimunitive dictator. He has mistaken this as a victory. Hitler made the same mistakes. He pushed the rest of the West as far as he could with his bluster, and in 1939, in an adrenaline fit, ultimately pushed them too far by invading Poland (France and Britain still didn\’t want to fight after this but were forced into the conflict by treaty) . By this point, however, Hitler had accumulated enough of these \”victories\” to convince himself and significant numbers of others under his control that the subsequent drubbings the Germans endured were anomalies. Until the last minute he believed that some miracle would occur (a la Frederick the Great) that would pull the Nazi enterprise and the German nation out of its irreversible death spiral.

Unlike Hitler Ahmadinejad is not a victim of too much Wagner but he is falling into the same pattern of error that enveloped Hitler in the fog of fatal falability. The Thousand Year Reich ended in 12 years with what remained of Hilter\’s brain splattered on a bunker ceiling. The path the puny Persian pursues has been well-worn by the great and petty tyrants of the past. As hapless hubris constricts the flow of good sense, he is unavoidably condemned to the same end. The only relevant questions that now remain are, how soon will his end come and by whose hand, and how many millions will be accompanying him on the journey to the hearafter?

Hate Crime Legislation

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

Attaching a piece of homosexual-oriented \”hate crime\” legislation to a defense spending bill is only one of the good reasons most Americans hate the people who currently infest the once sacred halls of Congress. Even if one agreed with the purpose of the measure (but crime is crime regardless of the motivation), its placement in the defense appropriation is wholly inappropriate.

Hillary Sunday

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Hillary\’s multiple TV appearences over the weekend were merely her attempt to pre-empt future debate over the Hsu campaign donation fiasco. Now she can say that she has addressed this and related issues already and it\’s time to move on. Her contrived surprise at the audacity of the various hosts for bravely asking such controversial questions was pre-designed to make both Hill and the host look serious. And we complain about the Iranian president\’s use of the US media as a propaganda ploy! He\’s got nothin\’ on Hill and Bill.

How did we arrive at this state? Yikes!

Clinton\’s \”Giving\”

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

Many tasteless jokes could be made about the former president\’s title for his new book, especially as it appears just under his mug shot. I will resist that temptation and generously state that although his premise may be worthy, his history would indicate that the only thing he ever gave actually belonged to someone else; the taxpayers. We do recall that the donations he made of each pair of his underwear (boxers, as I recall) yielded a $3 tax deduction; not exactly a sacrifice. I suppose the thing that disturbs me most about this particular piece of literature is that it has a price tag. One would think that if he wanted to motivate others to give, he would be a good example and start by giving away the book. That might disqualify him for the best \”sellers\” list but he\’d be all alone in first place on the best givers list (well—maybe not best).

Neville\’s New Day

Friday, September 21st, 2007

Neville Chamberlain never had better friends. History will certainly judge him much more kindly when compared to Hillary, Dodd, Schumer and Obama. Some day this bunch will actually move on (not soon enough) but they will always be remembered as the politicians that nudged Neville\’s name from Webster\’s definition of \”appeasement\”.

Universal Healthcare

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Health care is not a right, it\’s a personal obligation. Imposing universal health care on the nation will be the worst idea since the \”Great Society\”. Universal health care would do for health what welfare did for self-esteem. The welfare state encouraged slothfulness. Universal health, in every place it has been tried, does not promote good health or personal responsibility. We have de-facto universal health care right now and look at the general health of the population. Not good.

There is one way to fix the problem; a high deductible insurance plan combined with tax free health savings accounts that are owned by the individual and funded by them or by their employer. If the money left over in that account at year\’s end is yours to keep, you will think twice if not thrice about going to the doctor unnecessarily. You will do the things you need to do to stay healthy because there\’s a pay day in it.

The insurance offered in open capitalistic competition will be less expensive to obtain because of the deductible and almost immediate reductions in costs. If people cannot pay their deductible it is up to family or private organisations (in some rare cases, governmental contributions), such as churches or other existing charitble associations to assist.

People showing up at doctor\’s offices without insurance are 100% responsible for the expense. If they do not pay they will be listed in a database accessible through a secure internet site available to the doctor. If treatment is given in spite of the record of non-payment, it will be at the doctor\’s discretion and at his/her expense. Again, health and health care is not a right; it is a personal obligation.

Problem solved.

Assorted Observations

Monday, September 17th, 2007

It\’s about time Olmert has grown some Golans. Go IAF and IDF!

If one removes an \”e\” and takes a little creative license in forming the \”v\” into something more reminiscent of an \”r\”, one can more accurately assess the caliber of those who follow and swallow the line.

To Sally Fields. Were you acting when you implied that women should rule the world? News flash! They already do! Don\’t blow it for your sisters by riling the rednecks.

Is it just me or does it seem that a lot of actors have trouble speaking without a script or teleprompter?

To Obama. Hugo Chavez and Ahmadinejad will soon be in NYC. Is this not the perfect opportunity to show off your foreign affairs acumen? Or are you afraid that you won\’t be able to get a cab from Laguardia to Manhattan?

Any Orinthalogist worth his assault would tell you that OJ was destined to be a jailbird.

The more kudos for the Clintons we hear from Alan Greenspin, the less credible he becomes. But how much credibility did he have to start with? All that money could buy, you say?

Finding Madonna in Israel for any religious purpose is a sure sign of the impending Apocalypse.

Hillary Care is nothing more than an attempt to buy votes with taxpayer money.

For the Euro Oriented

Saturday, September 15th, 2007

Just a couple of notes to the Euro-centric among us. It is time to re-Orient!

Al Qaida is threatening Swedes! Swedes (you know, the cheap furniture people) are the most peace loving and liberal of all Euros and yet they have been marked for with death for printing cartoons having to do with Mohammed. Cartoons!
Death! If the Jihadis are that freaked over Swedish cartoons, just wait till they get to Hollywood and Rockefeller Center.

Professional journalists in Germany have been fired for using the word \”degenerate\” because it was a word used by Nazis. Now a Catholic Cardinal is under intense fire for using the same word. Degenerates! They demand their right to behave the way they wish, but please don\’t confront them with the name for it. What other words were used by Nazis that we cannot now use?

Does maintaining freedom of speech and freedom of the press mean anything to you on the Left? It is not too late to choose the right. Rights are something you won\’t have under Taliban rule. You\’ll be lucky as a Lib to escape with your life if these people succeed in their plan to take over the world.

Wake up!

The Tares and the Terrorists

Friday, September 14th, 2007

I have been as insensed (the Lefties would prefer to continue to the spell it \”incensed\”; not a bad idea considering the stink they are making) by the depravity of the Democratic response to the the Petreaus report and their unimaginably uncivil treatment of the General himself. At the very minimum one would expect a certain level of respect for his office—but I am forgetting that these are the same people who regularly malign his boss, the Commander in Chief.

In spite of the temptation to react negatively to the provocations and prevarications of these knuckleheads (far too kind an expression, I know), I have begun to take heart from every twisted pronouncement and each ugly utterance authored by these vapid wimps. Why? Because it must be.

We do have terrorists, it\’s true. They are the foreign enemy. The tares are the domestic enemy; the weeds that infest the fields once filled with amber waves of grain. These are busily making themselves better known to us all with each mouthful of bile they hurl at decent, honorable men, with each decency they seek to destroy. Don\’t worry. They won\’t have to live to regret the day. Each day is filled with the pain of regret for those who lead lives as bitter as these, for each new day is a day of corruption and destruction for those devoid of the slightest hope of ever offering even the smallest grain to nourish the body politic.

Let them assail, the right shall prevail!

OBL\’s Old BS

Friday, September 7th, 2007

Had Bin Laden\’s tortured harangue begun with his discussion of Kyoto and Global Warming and his quoting of Gnome Chomsky I could and would have saved myself a lot of time.

America\’s Ruling Class

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

America\’s Leftist Elite believe that they are smarter than the average American citizen and therefore more worthy to rule. The fact that any of them have ever been elected to public office provides the most solid evidence that at least half of their theory is correct.