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Letter to a Friend

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

The following is a letter I sent to a friend who is against the War but who has compassionately chosen to annually serve 400-500 wounded/disabled veterans who love to ski and who seek nature\’s therapy in the crisp fresh air on the snow covered mountains of Colorado, where my friend protects those below from the danger of avalanche.

\”My hat is off to you for serving those who volunteered for this mission and sacrificed, as many before them, for the peace and freedom that come from the observance of Democratic principles which, if universally applied, would minimize the requirement to sacrifice. The problem with the government\’s role in the battles against tyranny they have elected to fight is that they have not united the people of the nation in the struggle, and this by failing to obtain a single declaration of war since WWII. A declaration of war does two things; it crystallizes the necessity (or we don\’t go to war) and it puts the weight of mandate behind the effort, putting the commitment of the nation to work. You recognize that the danger posed by Islamic Fundamentalists is every bit as ominous as the danger posed by Japan and Germany. I am certain that you supported the US in that conflict. But this war was pursued, by the congress and the administration without your support. They simply assumed that you wouldn\’t object. They failed to make an air-tight case for war (a case that could easily have been made without any questions of deception), otherwise an intelligent person like you would have gotten behind it and the sacrifices necessary to obtain the victory.\”

Good Luck!

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

The current effort by the EU to pry open the Swiss accounts of those suspected of tax fraud is destined to fail. If investigators (whose main task is to find money to fund their members\’ bloated bureaucracies and temporarily staunch the hemorrhage of out-of-control social spending) were permitted to crack the secret code, they would expose more than anyone is truly willing to face. Questions long unasked and unanswered will expose and explode many a myth, and secrets too secret to have become myth.

How did the Swiss maintain their neutrality throughout the two World Wars that raged all around them?
Who was using their banking system during those conflicts, and for what?
Which tyrants and which other world leaders maintain Swiss accounts, and why?
When that SwissAir airliner crashed off the coast of Massachusetts a few years ago with 150 pounds of cash on board, were those $1 dollar bills? Is this a daily occurrence?
If I ask too many questions will end up wading in Lake Geneva in cement boots?
Your questions here:

Current Events

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

It is illuminating that members of the extremist environmental movement would choose to observe their allegiance to the cause by turning off the lights. \”Lights Out\” is obviously an appeal to duskier notions. Christ told Nicodemus \”he that doeth truth cometh to the light\”. Darkness is the domain of lesser angels.

National Appreciation Day

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

There exists a weekly custom at the Pentagon when, each Friday for the last four years, wounded soldiers and their families are invited to experience the appreciation of their comrades in arms, wherein those arms are extended in extended applause for the sacrifices made. It is a moving ceremony.

We civilians might wish to follow this lead and choose a day ( call it National Appreciation Day) on which we converge, in as many numbers as possible, to surround the Pentagon to offer our gratitude and applause (an hour or more; some can clap while others rest) for all who have volunteered and sacrificed for the defense of our nation and the freedoms of its people.

Some might say that this appreciation is expressed on Memorial Day or Veterans Day or even Thanksgiving, but I think a little extra is probably in order. I\’ll do it! How about you? What day works best? Pass it on.

Justice Delayed is Justice Nevertheless Appreciated

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

After observing the Left as they donned the mantle of \”Democracy\”, sided with the extremists among the suffragettes, and lay claim to the legacy of MLK, the Democrat party, long accustomed to bombarding the GOP with a never ending barrage of generally unjustifiable charges of sexism and racism, we are at last privileged to behold the sword they use to sunder the electorate as the blade cuts the other way.

The ironies are rich. The justice, juicy sweet. The Dems have long employed the strategy of \”divide and conquer\” while offering the large and spacious tent to the disparate ideologies which unite each election cycle to collect their share of the plunder; each faction\’s primary motivation. Now we watch this divisive impulse turn, Frankenstein-like, on its creator, dividing the party that fueled this fraud and fooled this crowd over many generations. I thought we were all supposed to judge everyone by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin or by their gender? I thought that the Democratically expressed will of the people was supreme (what or who are super delegates?). Apparently not.

Could it be that there is truly justice in this world after all? It\’s beginning to look that way.

Over The Mountain Men

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

I have recently discovered that my great, great, great, great grandfather wintered with Washington and 12,000 other Patriots at Valley Forge. I would naturally be proud to have but a drop of his blood in my veins. His brother, similarly committed to freedom, fought in a little known battle that proved to be the turing point in the Revolution; the Battle of King\’s Mountain.

The British had firmly established themselves in the relatively pacified colonies of South Carolina and Georgia and were about to press northward through North Carolina, in 1780, to take on the Continental Army in Virginia. Cornwallis tasked a daring Scotsman named Colonel Patrick Furgeson (inventor of the first breech-loading rifle) to lead approximately 1,100 American \”loyalists\” along the western flank of this northward foray. Hearing rebellious rumblings from the frontier, Furgeson let it be known that anyone daring to interfere with his march would suffer the most serious of consequences, including hanging, the murdering of families and the burning of farms and villages. This unwise threat proved to be Furgeson\’s undoing. Had he thought twice he would not have taunted them a first time.

1000 citizen soldiers joined to form the force known as the Over the Mountain Men (or Overmountain Boys), who were dedicated to finding and destroying Furgeson and the Americans he led with the hope of putting an end to this pernicious conflict, once and for all. This group of frontiersmen stalked the Scotsman and his men until they found them, on October 7, atop King\’s Mountain just south of the North Carolina/South Carolina border. While the enemy held the high ground, they were hopelessly surrounded. Though not trained soldiers, the mountain men were adept hunters and excellent marksmen and were well-led. The battle lasted about an hour and a half, at the conclusion of which Furgeson lay dead, as were several hundred of his contingent of loyalists. The rest were taken prisoner (some executed and others seriously abused by their captors who had taken exception to earlier British/Tory abuses of various local populations). Not one escaped.

Following this battle, an alarmed Cornwallis suspended his northerly advance and ordered a force commanded by Lt. Col. Banastre Tarelton to deploy southward to attack a colonial force commanded by General Daniel Morgan. This British force suffered an overwhelming defeat at the Battle of the Cowpens in January of 1781.

Previous to the Battle of King\’s Mountain the British had enjoyed a string of victories that seemed to doom patriot dreams and portend the ultimate triumph of King George. Upon the determination of average Americans (previously unengaged in the conflict) to act, the tide of battle turned. The end of British dominion was now clearly in sight; determined in a battle in which 1000 Americans fought 1000 Americans.

I had been in South Carolina a dozen years ago on business and, while driving toward Charlotte, was drawn to the Kings Mountain battlefield as if by some unseen hand. I had never previously heard of this battle. As I stood before Furgeson\’s grave, on the spot where he fell, I pondered this decisive moment when Americans fought Americans (and a mere handful of British) and wondered if something like this would ever be required again as a means of reforging the neglected ideals of the Republic our forefathers sacrificed to create. I still wonder.

Separation of Powers is the Real Issue

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

The Dems have controlled congress for most of the last century. That most of the occupants of the White House during that time frame have been Republicans is illustrative of the brilliant, though Gump-like nature of the electorate, creating enough gridlock to minimize the effectiveness of the government (as if the native ineptitude of most politicians wasn\’t enough). And as the \”government which governs least governs best\”, this is a very good thing.

The bad thing in all of this is that there are three branches of government, not just two, and that third (only tangentially related to the democratic process) has quietly and completely infringed upon the prerogatives of the other branches by embedding \”officers of the court\” in both the legislative and the executive branches in clear conflict with the doctrine of separation of powers (while most people that bother at all stress over the non-existent concept of separation of church and state). We live under a judicial monopoly rendering nearly all complaints about the parties and the congress and the administration completely meaningless; hence the expression, \”moot court\”.

Clinton Like McCarthy?

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

If only!!!!! I am not sure which parallel universe General McPeak is living in but in this universe the only similarities that exist between Bill Clinton and the late, great Senator from Wisconsin is that both are homo sapiens. How dare the former Air Force General and current Obama operative insult the memory of Joe McCarthy by comparing him to Clinton. Still, it is to be expected in this age when good is beheld for bad and bad for good; when Swift Boating and Joe McCarthy are used as perjoritives and the nearly sacred word, \”choice\” is employed as a cover for infanticide.

The Blue Brothers

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

Many of our brothers in the blue states are obviously in great distress over the revelations of hate speech emanating from the pulpits of a number of black churches on either side of the partisan contest between Barak Obama and Monica Lewinski\’s boy friend\’s wife. It is probably safe to say that Curtis would have to think twice, today, before sending Jake and Elwood for some \”churchin\’ up\” in Chicago. Whatever happened to the Reverend Cleophas James?

Meanwhile Hillary is being very quiet. One must wonder who fingered Rev Wright.

Good Idea, Bad Pass

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

My father was a basketball coach. His favorite expression was \”Good idea. Bad Pass.\” He said it often, and for good reason.
Much the same could be said of Obama\’s speech. We need to have this dialogue about race but the madness of creating new government programs and adding a trillion dollars in new social spending will not assist in bridging the racial/social gap, provide a slam dunk solution to our misgivings or further our nation\’s goals in any arena. Still, in spite of the obviously self-serving nature of the effort, Obama has scored big with some constituencies. Nevertheless, it is high time, perhaps even overtime, for this debate to begin.

In Answer to Justice Breyer\’s Question

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Breyer\’s question, \”Is it unreasonable for a city with a high crime rate to outlaw private gun ownership?\”, has a simple answer; no, not if that city wants to maintain its high crime rate. If Justice Breyer was as smart as he thinks he is, he would be able to figure this out. Perhaps he does know the answer but rather than choosing to expose the true nature of his personal objection to the 2nd Amendment he prefers to deflect attention and criticism by cloaking his position in this camo-colored question. In any case, we must hope that the Supreme Court will affirm the Founder\’s intention to canonize private gun ownership and possession without failing to address and affirm the equal right to \”bear\” arms. And let\’s hope they don\’t forget the \”shall not be infringed\” part of the equation.

In illustration of my objectivity on this subject I will grant that the Bush Administration\’s position on this issue is every bit as squirrely as Breyer\’s.

That this has to be debated at all is unambiguous evidence that we are already a very long way down the slippery slope.

Ode to a Gonzo Journalist

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Not content to await the day
He chose to go the Hemingway

Climate Change

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

Yes, climate change is real! A tornado hits CNN and still there are people who do not believe. A light dose of the wrath of God, to be sure, but there is certainly more to come. Justice will be dispensed in degrees.

The Enslavement of Liberation Theology

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

The Reverend Wright is not entirely wrong; he simply ended his argument where he should have begun, with the revelation that Bill Clinton \”did\” the black community they way he \”did\” Monica. Had the Rev continued to trace this assertion back to its roots he would have arrived at the conclusion that the \”white America\” he decries is, in reality, modern liberalism and neo-secularism. One could make the case that the spread of this virulent political philosophy is precisely what our international critics, and especially those committed to Jihad, hate about America. His belief that AIDS was employed as a genocidal tactic has merit when one considers that the legal steps taken to \”confront\” this disease were the enforcement of complete privacy and silence, and total non-disclosure relative to those who had the disease. Where the Rev Wright is wrong is in his continued support of the modern Democrat Party; the Typhoid Mary of modern political thought. There is none so blind—-

Race Disgrace

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

The real disgrace is not Geraldine Ferraro\’s remark about Obama\’s race; it is that we cannot discuss the issues that revolve around race. Politically, Hillary is in the same quandary as she is with the Spitzer event; having failed to defend principle at the outset, she is now trapped in the PC environment she helped to create and promote. She has no room to maneuver. It is hard to spin when caught in a vice.

Culturally, we will one day have to openly and honestly deal with facts that exist in the polarized, multi-racial context that has been intentionally generated by Democrat politics. Among other things we will need to resolve the incongruities that have evolved from mutually exclusive constructs such as the racial profiling required to respond to affirmative action mandates. We can do this without using the \”N\” word, the \”W\” word or other specifically incendiary terms. Until that day, race will continue to matter.

Should Obama become the Democrat nominee, he will not win more than one state in the general election. Everyone will scratch their heads but the truth is that we Americans (of all colors) need to have an open conversation about race and about being \”American\” before we are able to open ourselves up to the idea of having a black president who won\’t salute the American flag and whose singular qualification is that he is black.

Ferraro is right about Obama. He would not be in the race if not for his race. Ferraro is not a racist and never has been. I am not a racist just because I agree with her. I invited the first black man to ever spend the night in my home town, in my home, in 1968. My sister\’s boyfriend is black and I like him as much as I like any of my dear friends. I have friends from all over the world; Asians, Africans, Europeans, Middle Easterners and Americans. All are God\’s children. I want everyone to succeed and be happy. They cannot succeed if they fail to identify the reality of their circumstances and if they fail to enter into meaningful discourse about the world in which we find ourselves. They cannot succeed if they continue to allow the color of their skin to keep them apart and to darken their attitudes and aspirations.

Sex Scandals

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

The reason Spitzer paid such a high price for his indiscretions (as opposed to Bill Clinton and his) is because the New York governor used the services of a French company, thereby \”outsourcing\” what would otherwise have benefitted the domestic economy (see the flap over the Boeing/Air Force deal). The mitigating factor in comparing the two prominent Democrats is that Spitzer did pay; with money, his career, his future and possibly his family. He also accepted responsibility for his actions making himself appear less like a Democrat. On the other hand, Clinton enjoyed the use of free labor from the intern pool and has never publicly admitted wrong doing of any kind.

Meanwhile Hillary is trapped in a conundrum of her own construction. In failing to denounce her husband in the proper moment and setting she has forfeited the right to criticize the Blue State governor and has thereby painted herself into a deep blue corner; as blue as Silda\’s dress, as blue as Moncia\’s.

The feminists will have to wait a while before they are able to field a candidate who will properly reflect their agenda.

The Best Reason

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

The best reason to vote for Hillary in the Primaries (if you are a potential crossover voter) is that she needs to be defeated in the general election in order to move her off the stage, once and for all. If she were to lose to the Big \”0\” in the primaries she would be back campaigning in 2012. Democrats don\’t ordinarily give the losers a second chance.