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Contaminating the Red Planet

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Mars is no longer green; not since NASA\’s Phoenix touched down on the Red Planet. It is unlikely that the scientists who dreamed up this mission will actually be able to glean any relevant or valuable data from the very site they contaminated with the retro-rockets employed to, first, slow the spacecraft and then to allow it to softly touch touch down on the Martian polar plain. As the Phoenix is incapable of subsequent movement from the landing site it will only be able to investigate the immediate area; the area impacted by the exhaust from the rocket engines. It would seem that this hot exhaust would melt some of the permafrost that supposedly exists just below the surface in addition to leaving a chemical footprint of some sort. Wouldn\’t all of this tend to render as invalid any data that is subsequently accumulated?

Now, I am no scientist and I didn\’t stay at a Holiday In Express last night but I cannot imagine how the American taxpayer will benefit from the questionable science that we purchased through the investment of billions of dollars for the purpose of scraping a little bit of ice and dirt from a site polluted by the investigative machinery. It is somewhat like seeding a crime scene with evidence designed to derail the investigation. This mission isn\’t even politically correct. I am all for scientific exploration and am especially a fan of the high-tech stuff that is designed to reveal a better understanding of the the universe in which we live, but this mission reeks of waste and foolishness and would not even be permitted on earth, as evidenced by our government\’s unwillingness to drill through our own permafrost to get at our own hydrocarbons.

Whose Ox is Being Gored?

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

The Czech President has challenged Al Gore to debate the issue of Global Warming but Al won\’t debate him (not because Vaclav Klaus is esteemed by his detractors as a crackpot; Gore debated Perot didn\’t he?) but because Gore knows that the model he relied on for his hyperbolic assumptions and windmill-tilting crusade has been fully discredited. The guilt-ridden guardians of the Nobel trust, awash in petro-dollars, gave Gore the prize to cover up their own carbon (not to mention TNT) crater and to blunt the fingers of scorn being pointed at them from the eco-radicals they don\’t want to offend (because, as everyone knows who has had a wife or a leftist associate with a natural proclivity for excessive psycho-pyroclastic activity when confronted by uncomfortable facts; that it is simply best not to incite them more than is necessary but to mollify them whenever possible, you know; enable them!).

If Gore had a principled bone in his body (it must be genetic; his family has traded with the enemies our nation for generations) he would have told the Nobel Committee to stuff it and would have pointed out that the Norwegians are (per capita) the richest nation on earth because of nasty, cruel, carbon-filled, North Sea crude.

This debate (the one Gore already declared to be \”over\”) is really about freedom; one cannot be free without freedom of movement (energy) and without freedom to be secure in our homes (private property). This is all about power and money for Al Gore. He has already accumulated billions from the self-loathing. The reason that leftists are so eager to climb aboard the Al Gore express is because they see this as way of disciplining the proletariat in ways they will not discipline themselves. Then they, by virtue of \”exceptionalism\” will be free to do whatever they wish without feeling guilty about it because they will have purchased carbon offsets as proof of their caring and their willingness to sacrifice.

If you have not read the Communist Manifesto, I would suggest you do so before aiming scorn at the Czech President (an expert on the subject of communism and its propensities) for branding the purveyors of the global warming myth as the the new generation of Marxists.

Open Letter to John McCain

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

I sent this letter to John McCain yesterday. I would encourage you to send him one, as well. It\’s easy; just go to his website and click on Contact Us and fill in the blanks. He needs to know that he cannot pretend to be a conservative while espousing positions that paint him as a liberal.

Dear Mr. McCain;

I am a lifelong politically active, moderately influential, independent conservative. I voted for Ronald Reagan twice. He was fond of saying that facts are stubborn things. There are no facts to support the notion of man-made climate change (unless you are talking about the moral climate).

The Congressional hearings on the subject contained testimony from the man whose theory lies a the heart of the debate. This particular paleo-climatologist employed a statistical model (though he is not a mathematician or a statistician) wherein 300-400 years of data (the length of time humans have measured temperature) were used to extrapolate historical temperatures for the last 4,000,000,000 years! Still, we can\’t predict the weather more than 5-7 days in advance, and have no idea where tornados will touch down and where hurricanes will land! Peer review by statisticians was never sought as is common in the scientific community, without which his theory remains pure conjecture.

Subsequent statistical analysis (by real statisticians) reveal major flaws in his work and his assumptions; flaws that render his conclusion and everything based thereon to be inaccurate. At the conclusion of the hearing some Congressional panelists were heard to say \”well, shouldn\’t we do something anyway, just in case?\”

If you really are a conservative, you will base your actions on facts not myth. Don\’t try to sell us on the idea that we can somehow profit from the perpetuation of this deception. This is how liberals behave. If you don\’t buy what I am saying, have your staff check the Congressional Record.

Also, I have been to ANWAR. It is a very small piece of an enormous expanse of magnificent country. To paraphrase Reagan, if you\’ve seen one acre of tundra, you\’ve seen them all. Why can we spends billions of taxpayer dollars to permanently pollute (the Phoenix is not designed to move from that spot) the Martian landscape and disturb the red planet\’s permafrost (and for what?), yet we cannot temporarily disturb a miniscule percentage of our own polar region to address the dire economic and security issues that we face here on earth. Are we too bipolar to buy the concept of polar exploration for natural resources? The Russians have already laid claim to vast reaches of the Arctic and they won\’t let a few greenies stop their forward march, and they don\’t give a rip about environmental impact. Besides, the caribou love the pipeline. The native population of the North Slope burrow are in favor of drilling there. Existing technologies are obsessively and compulsively environmentally friendly.

Again, your perpetuation of the liberal myth will not win you the votes of liberals, neither will you win the votes of conservative independents. Stick to the facts, please, Mr. McCain, if you wish to be viewed as a conservative candidate; if you hope to encourage the discouraged to show up to vote for you.

Memo to Jimmy Carter

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Go home, sit down, put your feet up and behave like a former president of the United States. Your single serendipitous term ended long ago. Your overt efforts to damage our only true ally in the Middle East is bordering on treason. Making the public pronouncement that Israel has 150 nukes will certainly not dissuade Iran from pursuing it\’s own nuclear weapon\’s program but it is in keeping with the career you have made of advancing the goals of the Iranian Mullahs and the radicals they manipulate. Siding with Hamas and the other terrorists who operate in Gaza will not endear you to anyone but our enemies. Fortunately, the Israeli\’s know that you don\’t represent the overwhelming majority of Americans, otherwise you would be damaging that relationship, as well.

Fortunately, most Americans also know that you do not represent them either, which is why you were not reelected, or don\’t you remember that you are no longer residing on Pennsylvania Avenue? I would not deny anyone\’s freedom of speech but I will ask you to exercise a little decorum. Please, just fade away.

Memorial Day

Monday, May 26th, 2008

We Americans are blessed above all people who have ever lived. Solomon, with all his wealth and wisdom, would be envious of any one of us. We owe this blessing to those who sacrificed to create this great land and those who sacrificed, and continue to sacrifice, to preserve it. I offer my boundless and heartfelt gratitude to all the generations of patriots and their families who have paid for the freedoms and advantages that I enjoy.

Thank you and God bless you, one and all!

Undo the Undue

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

While American law and custom does and should protect the rights of the minority, it is still the will of the majority that should and must prevail. We have, however, in our understandable zeal to be fair, allowed a vociferous minority to exercise dominion over the process and programs that impact us all, and not necessarily to the benefit of most. It is time for the majority to reassert its preeminence. If we do not exercise our right vote and participate in the process in other ways, the minority will continue to exert undue influence that will be the undoing of our nation. We are all capable of doing something. What will you do to undo the undue?

Re-posted from April, 08

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

This was posted about 6 weeks ago on this site but should be reviewed in light of the Texas Court decision of today.

Can Johnny Have Two Mommies?

It is more than troubling that the state of Texas is willing to trample on the religious liberties of some of its citizens in the guise of defending their children from some perceived harm. In an age when children are continually bombarded with sexual images and taught the appropriate (or inappropriate) use of condoms in public elementary schools, just what is Texas attempting to protect these children from?

If the state is concerned for the welfare of these children for other reasons, say to prevent potential psychological harm from living in an environment that promotes beliefs that are at odds with the larger culture, let us hope that the state applies this concern universally and consistently. I would hope that all Islamic Madrases will be the next target of the authorities. Certainly, according to the traditions of Islam, having more that one wife is wholly appropriate if not altogether desirable and acceptable. And we would wouldn’t want to neglect an obvious concern for the psychological well-being of those children who are taught that the straightest path to heaven is through martyring oneself in the process of murdering infidels.

If the state’s concern surrounds sexual/moral health issues, the ACLU should be all over this. If man/boy relationships are okay (according to the ACLU), what could be wrong with man/girl relationships? If it is alright (according to the ACLU) for homosexual scoutmasters to spend the night in the tents of young boys, why can’t a heterosexual male marry a young girl? Do all children (of all ages) have a reasonable expectation of being free of the psychological mayhem that modernity’s morally amorphous messages must generate?

I am not of the FLDS faith but I can appreciate their belief in plural marriage (not for me, heaven forbid; one wife is already more than I can handle!), which harkens back to Abraham, the common father of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Solomon, etc, all had more than one wife. Perhaps there is something of significant value to be gleaned from this particular approach to familial relationships. Maybe it is good for a man to have more than one wife; if the women have each other to befriend, befuddle and berate, maybe a guy can get some work done. Is this concept really so far-fetched in era when “family” has already been re-defined and in an age when it is totally okay for little Johnny to have two mommies—–when the mommies are lesbians.

I think it is time for everyone to re-read the Constitution or at least the Bill of Rights. All public servants take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution but there seems to be a growing problem with the adherence to that practice. The citizens have a right and an obligation to demand this of their public servants. Other rights of redress exist.

Cake!? What Cake? Where?!

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

It occurs to me that this generation of central bankers have actually learned from the errors of the past; they no longer permit any nation to have a real currency (silver or gold based), just fiat currency. In this way there is no way to observe the severe imbalances caused by comparing inflated currencies to non-inflated currencies because all currencies are suffering similarly. No longer will anyone notice that a Dollar is worth 4.8 Billion Deutschmarks as in Weimar Germany in the 1920\’s. Now, the comparison is similar to calculating the distance between two automobiles traveling in the same direction at nearly the same rate of speed. Relativity Theory applied to economics! E=MCi (expenses (the cost of living) = M (modern monetary measures) x C (cash) to the i (infinite inflationary) power. Cosmic! If we could just export our inflation to Alpha Centuri instead of China, as we have been doing for the past 30 years, we\’d really have a stellar economic outlook.

As clever as they are, the directors of the Fed and their foreign (if such a concept continues to exist in a global economy) allies are still doing this for their own purposes with no regard whatsoever for the public good or the ultimate impact of their villainy. They had best invest some of their ill-gotten gains in some distant islands if not some extra-terrestrial habitat (maybe this the real impetus behind the enthusiasm for private space flight) because when their larceny becomes public knowledge (too late to change anything, of course), the goings-on in Paris in 1789 will look like a Sunday picnic by comparison. We must anticipate some inflation in the rate and tenor of retribution.

We Can Dream

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

The reason gasoline and diesel prices are so high can be found in the simple but seemingly forgotten concept called supply and demand. Demand is at an all-time high while supplies have not significantly increased (especially domestically) for a long time. The reason domestic supplies have not increased to keep pace with demand is because of thoughtless environmental policies designed to mollify the mindless and the guilt-ridden among us. I worked in the oil field. Heaven and earth are moved to restore these sites to nearly pristine, after the work is done. Caribou love the pipeline. Oil is not a dirty word!

Neo-eco-Marxist ideology is threatening humankind. Our survival is dependent upon its eradication. It is time to demand that our leaders supply us with well-reasoned, logical, practical solutions to the problems that confront us: not pablum for the proletariat. The government is the problem so let\’s start with these;

Let the oil companies drill in the ANWAR and off the American coasts, let them convert oil shale into gasoline and let them profit as much as they are able. Enlist the public\’s enthusiasm for energy independence. Fire up the nuclear power plants. (Place wind generators in the halls of congress.) Everyone will benefit, even the Lefties.

Dramatically reduce taxes, or replace the current tax structure with a national sales tax, as an incentive to productivity and creativity.

Revisit all regulatory law and eliminate all non-essential regulations.

Review the purpose of and the necessity for each federal agency and eliminate all non-essential and non-constitutional programs.

Return as much power and authority as possible to the states to allow their \”part-time\” legislatures to deal with local issues more effectively.

Re-establish a gold or silver based monetary system as a means of preventing inflation and its accompanying ills.

Establish transparency in all legislation through the elimination of all earmarks. Call the bill what it is. Allow the President to exercise the line item veto.

Eliminate every possible advantage enjoyed by incumbents including McCain-Feingold, in order to return some fairness to the political process.

And one for the lawyers; prosecute all public officials who violate their oath of office including those who willfully violate the Doctrine of Separation of Powers and otherwise subvert our system of government or seek to personally profit from the exercise of their positions of power.

This would be a good start but, of course, none of this will happen short of the Second Coming or an open rebellion against the powers that presently infest our government, but we can dream.

The Big Flap

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Most of us are old enough (if not too old) to remember the flap that occurred between the lumber industry and the environmental movement over the survival of the spotted owl and its critical habitat. The enviros argued that cutting down the old growth trees would drive the owl into extinction; a real possibility, one would suppose, if it weren\’t for the fact that more trees have been planted than have been harvested during the last century, and if it weren\’t for the fact that owls can and do fly and are capable of locating other trees in which to nest and procreate, but all of this is logic is lost on the overly-sensitive among us. None of the young people who participated in this debate would have thought their age was relevant, just as one must suppose that spotted owls would not arbitrarily discriminate against younger trees.

Most of us, however, did not hear (unless you have been reading this blog for a while) the story out of left-leaning Davis, CA a few short years ago, having to do with nesting birds poisoning the city\’s old growth oaks with their poop. Trees that had offered a home to these otherwise homeless creatures were being killed by their feathered guests. And if this tale of ingratitude was not sad enough, the actions of the city council were even more hurtful to our earthbound friends, the stately and solid oaks. By majority vote, the town parents of this ultra-liberal enclave decided that the trees must go. It is not known (to this author) how many of this protected species of tree suffered the axe. What is known is that the mighty collision of inconsistencies resounds yet today. Not only did one protected species destroy another but we enlightened humans chose, as a solution, to punish and banish both; the tree, by cutting it down and the birds by destroying their nesting places.

A similar story now emerges from down under as Australians ponder the fate of their most beloved and recognizable symbol, the kangaroo. (Here in America we have declared the Kangaroo rat to be a protected species just because of its lovely name.) Kangaroos have become so numerous in New south Wales that they are endangering the habitat of certain species of lizards and grasshoppers. 400 roos are scheduled to be executed for their failure to be more sensitive to their environment. It appears that the kangaroos have been behaving like conservatives, obviously not giving a rip about their responsibility to be more concerned with all the other beasts of the field. So, which species deserves to win this battle? Shouldn\’t we let the little furry and scaly creatures figure this out with all the native wisdom they possess? What about the survival of the fittest? Isn\’t this a natural law? Who are we to intervene on the side of one or the other? Isn\’t this a discriminatory act on the part of the two-leggeds?

These dangerously specious arguments about what constitutes an endangered species have evolved into a social psychosis. We have watched way too many animated movies and TV shows that portray animals exhibiting human traits which they do not possess. And don\’t get me started on the polar bear! Go for a stroll in his neighborhood and you\’ll quickly find out who resides atop the food chain; who is and who is not the endangered species. There is a reason all bears are left-handed. A hint; you are what you eat.

Half & Half

Monday, May 19th, 2008

Scientists in the UK have been given the green light to proceed with research that employees a mixture of human and animal DNA to create embryos ostensibly for use in the study of Alzheimer\’s and similar afflictions. This is dangerous new ground. The last island nation that purportedly got mixed up in mixing humans with other animals was Atlantis. Man the lifeboats! Women and Children first!

(Can anyone recall what other animal(s) suffers from Alzheimer\’s?)

Open Letter to Charlie Brown

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

Dear Mr. Brown,

I am a life-long, politically active Independent voter. My political views have evolved from liberal to conservative as I have grown and gained in knowledge and experience and as I have moved from Berkeley to Sacramento. I live in California\’s 4th Congressional District. It is not hyperbole to claim that I am an influential voice among many hundreds (if not thousands) of friends, family and associates (many of whom also live in your district) who seek my opinion on political matters. I expect that you will emerge from the primaries as the Democrat candidate.

I am gravely concerned when I see your advertisement. If you are truly committed to the troops with whom you have draped your candidacy, why will you not support the mission these brave men and women \”volunteered\” to carry out? The Democrat leadership in Washington, who will tell you how to vote, is not aligned with the attitude of the defenders of this nation. If they were, they would have included funding for the war in the war funding bill they passed on the 15th. If you do not vote with the leadership, you will be discarded at the next election. You are not so naive as to believe otherwise.

Now, what can Brown do for me? Your TV ad is brazen hypocrisy and an unforgivably shameless use of disabled vets as props for your propaganda, if you are truly a Democrat. If you are not truly a hypocrite, you should change your party affiliation. Do this and I and my friends will know you to be honorable enough to deserve our votes. If you cannot see your duty to honorably defend this nation, do not dishonor those who do by using them in your campaign advertisements.

The Poached Frog (I used my real name in the actual letter to Brown)

Pelosi\’s Baghdad Mission

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

She said she was there to \”pay her respects to the troops\”. Try this, Madam Speaker; how about respecting the mission these troops volunteered to undertake. Democrats who are using this \”support the troops\” approach to getting re-elected are guilty of nothing less than brazen hypocrisy. People are watching. The Poached Frog is watching. Such duplicity will not go unchallenged for long.

Go Ahead and Get Married

Friday, May 16th, 2008

Marriage will not liberate homosexuals from the pangs of guilt and remorse that are the natural consequences of inappropriate behavior. They have been clamoring for this validation for a long time in hopes of numbing their pain. Government intervention cannot assuage one\’s howling conscience, but let them experience it for themselves. It will be fascinating to see just how quickly the muddle of divorce court causes a downturn in marriage license applications for same sex pairs.

On the Government side of the equation, from a civil rights perspective, when does a condition linked to behavior equate with a condition linked to genetics (race, nationality, gender, certain disabilities, etc)? If we confer \”equal rights\” upon some who subscribe to and engage in \”minority\” behaviors, mustn\’t we then confer those rights on all other non-traditional behaviors? Where do we draw the line? The attorneys will love this ruling, however. This may have been the real motive behind the California Supreme Court\’s decision, as all branches of government are fully engaged in tapping every potential source of income. The wheels of justice have evolved into a mere mill for grift.

On the scientific side, didn\’t Darwin state that homosexuality was an evolutionary \”dead end\”, i.e. extinction? If Darwin is correct in this assertion (and the modern Doctrine of Darwinian Infallibility would seem to indicate that he is), isn\’t deference to homosexual behavior a cultural wink and a nod to suicide, which is illegal in every state but Oregon?

Bush is Right

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

At last!

\”Some seem to believe we should negotiate with terrorists and radicals, as if some ingenious argument will persuade them they have been wrong all along,\” the President said to Israel\’s legislative body, \”We have heard this foolish delusion before. As Nazi tanks crossed into Poland in 1939, an American senator declared: \’Lord, if only I could have talked to Hitler, all of this might have been avoided.\’ We have an obligation to call this what it is –- the false comfort of appeasement, which has been repeatedly discredited by history.\”

The fact that Obama and the Democrat leadership in the Congress have taken exception to the President\’s remarks clearly illustrates how out-of-touch with reality they are and just how injurious their attitudes are to our nation. Either these people have failed to learn from history or they are, indeed, the enemy within. In either case we must do all we can to see that these people are defeated in the debates that ensue and at the ballot box.

Let the Debate Begin

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

I sent the following email to the Smithsonian Institution\’s Natural History Department and to the National Center for Science Education. Admittedly, the first part is capable of putting those people off but there can be little argument as to whether or not it is so. We should at least be able to debate the point, especially with the scientists who are taking home tax payer dollars.

\”The charges against Communism made from a religious, a philosophical and, generally, from an ideological standpoint, are not deserving of serious examination.” -Karl Marx, 1848, from the Communist Manifesto.

Replace the word \”communism\” with Darwinian evolutionary theory\” and the apparent state of the modern PC scientific community comes into clearer focus. Is Darwin\’s theory capable of withstanding serious debate, or not? If not, why do you cling so tenaciously to a flawed concept? What are the origins of the paranoia exhibited by those among your group who wish to stifle man\’s \”natural\” inclination to examine all possibilities? Isn\’t it the roll of science to follow the evidence? It surely is not the roll of science to stymie inquiry, is it?

Human consciousness, the stuff that creates (i.e., intelligent design) theories, like Darwin\’s, is not accounted for in evolutionary theory, is it? From whence did it spring?

I would dearly love to have answers to these questions.


I suspect that many of you would also like to hear the answers to these questions. I would wager (if I was a betting man) that multiple inducements would create a greater likelihood that these \”scientists\” would actually attempt to answer these reasonable questions. With this in mind I would encourage you to contact them via your favorite means. I assure you that their ultimate agenda is far more serious and sinister than simply preventing a debate over the merits of ID vs. Darwinian evolutionary theory.


Thursday, May 1st, 2008

There can no longer be any doubt that there exists a certain sector of the American public that takes great pleasure in cultural sabotage. As evidence for this assertion consider that the dreadlocks dude is still among the finalists on American Idol. The only other possible explanation is that there are a lot more Rastafarians with speed dial capabilites than previously anticipated. This year\’s Sanjaya is clearly the anti-idol. It would still be okay if he could sing.