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Heller High Water

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

The poached frog highly recommends that you read the High Court\’s majority opinion on the DC vs Heller case, penned by Justice Scalia. It is a brilliant piece of work and and a high water mark for the court. While it doesn\’t address many issues that will ultimately have to be worked out through the judicial process, such as licensing and types of weapons precluded from use by individuals, Scalia lucidly enumerates and elaborates upon the common sense historical underpinnings of the concept that \”the right to keep and bear arms\” is an ancient right of private individuals and that the Second Amendment merely codifies this well-accepted fact for the benefit all generations of Americans and that the government shall not \”infringe\” upon that right (although the government does and has).

Pummeling both Breyer\’s and Steven\’s dissenting opinions, Scalia dances around them like Mohammed Ali. In a stinging rebuke of the logic-free arguments made by these two dwarf-stars of the back bench, Scalia sends them both reeling to the mat with a one-two punch that probably didn\’t knock any sense into them but also didn\’t leave them any less conscious than they have been since ascending to the ring. The only bells they have ever been inclined to answer are the phone calls from the Trial Lawyers Association or invitations to cocktail parties where they are schmoozed into the false belief that they are oh-so smart and oh-so wise. If only it were so! It is clear by reading the dissenting opinions that these two lightweights approached this fight with anything but open minds. They must have written these opinions with their gloves on. They tried very hard to make the Constitution yield to their repeated use of the left cross but it wouldn\’t go down. If Scalia hadn\’t saved them them by a knockout, they would have ultimately punched themselves out with Palooka-like proficiency.

And the winner by decision is——-you and me!

Comments on the News of Today

Friday, June 27th, 2008

The Democrats don\’t need to resurrect the Fairness Doctrine. They have Obama. He is on all sides of every issue.

Today\’s Supreme Court ruling on the 2nd Amendment is an historic moment and a great victory for the forces of good. Had the decision gone the other way we would have been at the mercy of the criminals on both sides of the law.

The fact that the DC Mayor and others of his orientation are focused on maintaining a ban on firearm possession for law-abiding citizens is evidence of the existence and intentional perpetuation of a true criminal class in America\’s big cities, all for the benefit of trial lawyers. If armed citizens are now able to defend themselves against the bad guys, the ones that grease the turnstiles of the justice system, the friction (aka, attorneys) will suffer counter friction. If the bad guys are finally and fairly confronted in the homes of citizens armed with the right to self defense, they won\’t be needing lawyers.

To understand the true dynamics of the issue of the conservation of the criminal class you must make room for the realization that there are people in high places whose desire it is to inflict fear on the public for the purpose of personal gain. This evil does indeed exist in our midst. It is the same evil that attempts to constrict the rights of the law-abiding. The same evil that calls good evil and evil, good.

This a great day for freedom-loving Americans, but we cannot rest. Freedom\’s enemies, the new American Left, will not.

Newton\’s Greatest Experiment

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Isaac Newton was able, employing a friend\’s own powers of reasoning, deduction and intellectual honesty, to prove to his friend\’s satisfaction that God does indeed exist. To do this, and in response to his friend\’s claims of agnosticism, Newton secretly built a mechanical model of the solar system, placing it upon his desk when completed. Shortly thereafter his doubting friend came by for a visit and beheld this marvelous creation. He marveled at its design, complexity and the skilled workmanship required. He demanded to know where Newton had obtained this magnificent device. Newton simply told him that it had just appeared that morning on his desk and that he had no idea where it had come from. Further queries resulted in the same or similar responses. \”It just appeared out of nowhere. No one saw anyone place it here. There is no evidence that anyone entered this room.\”

His friend was beside himself in disbelief. He insisted that nothing this grand could have simply appeared out of nowhere, that someone had to have designed and built it, that it was impossible for such a thing to call itself into existence.

Finally, Newton confronted his friend with the truth. \”I built it\”, said he.

\”I knew it!\” exclaimed his friend. \”Nothing so elaborate could possibly appear out of nothing!\”

\”Precisely!\” was Newton\’s reply. \”And yet you would have me and others believe that something infinitely more complex could spin into being out of the void. You deny the hand of a creator in all the marvels that surround you and yet you cannot imagine the something as meaningless and insignificant as this model arriving out of that same dark, empty expanse of nothingness.\”

At this his friend quietly withdrew to examine his own lack of understanding and his own willingness to deny the genius in all that appeared around him. When he came to himself he searched the soul whose very existence he had previously doubted and concluded that he not only possessed one but that he was, in essence, one, and that he was, in some way, connected to an overarching intelligence that imbued his world with richness, beauty and meaning.

Call Him God, Jehovah, Allah or any name you choose, but if He isn\’t, you aren\’t.

George Carlin

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

George Carlin is proof the God has a sense of humor, and proof that cynics can still exercise their disdainful disbelief without having to dodge lightening bolts as instantaneous karmic retribution for their public expressions of ingratitude, thus also proving that God really must love us. Comedy has always been about the unexpected, which is why each of us will struggle to stifle a chuckle at George\’s untimely exit, stage Left. Let us hope, for his sake, that he will be able to smile as he confronts what he has failed to anticipate.

Who is John McGalt?

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Self-effacing John McCain, who admitted that he does not know much about the economy, has set out to prove his own contention by offering a $300,000,000 prize (your money, not his) as a reward for the inventor of a new battery that will offer vast improvements over the current technology employed in today\’s hybrid vehicles. This sounds good on the surface but the idea further reveals McCain\’s liberal tendencies. A wise man once quipped, \”Problems are caused by solutions.\” No one is better at this than liberals (see McCain/Feingold).

While the new battery might marginally reduce gasoline consumption, we need to consider the consequences; where do we get the power to recharge these new batteries? Will the electricity be free? Will an ultra-left Democrat Congress permit the construction of new power plants? What will we use to fuel these plants? How will the use of this fuel impact the economy, the environment and the climate?

Until we locate John Galt should we not simply drill for and refine our own oil; something we have in abundance? In the meantime, let us hammer the phones and put as much energy as we can into enlightening the Democrats as to the nature of their civic responsibilities in the face of a growing economic crisis. If they are as American as they claim to be, ask them to prove it by allowing Americans to drill for and refine American oil!

Black Gold\’s Lost Lustre

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

I worked as a roughneck in the oil and gas fields in the the Four-Corners states back in the late 70\’s, early 80\’s. Our crew drilled hundreds of holes in the Rocky Mountains and the adjacent plateau. Most of the holes we drilled tapped into oil or gas-bearing formations. Many of the holes were simply capped; not placed on-line for immediate use. We used to speculate about the purpose of this practice and I concluded that the answer could be distilled down to two inter-related reasons; one, the oil or gas was money in the bank for the people who produced the well, and two, it would be readily available at some future date when the world had tapped out the supply of OPEC oil. Everyone in the in the industry that I knew and spoke with was confident that America had domestic supplies of oil and gas that could take care of our needs for centuries. We figured it was all about the price.

Some years ago I was watching a special on the diamond business. I seems that the DeBeers family cornered the South African diamond market shortly after the \”tears of the gods\” were discovered there in such magnificent abundance. The method they used to monopolize the local market was simple. They spoke with the other diamond producing companies and said essentially this; \”We have a lot more diamonds than you do. If you try to undercut our price, we will flood the market with our diamonds and your diamonds will be worthless, but if you play ball with us, we can all make a lot of money. The only way to control price is to control the market. Join us and we will control the inventory and its release and thus maintain the high prices we demand.\” (or words to that effect). As other diamond producing regions came on line, the same conversation was had. A two carat diamond now worth $30,000 and upwards would be worth about $50 if the entire inventory was to be made available. Diamonds are not scarce. The scarcity has been created for the purpose of market manipulation and price control. So it is with oil and natural gas, and uranium.

After the original Prudhoe Bay oil discovery was made and the Alaskan pipeline was pulsating with the lifeblood of commerce, a new find was made; the largest reservoir of oil in the history of North American oil exploration, perhaps even in the history of the world. It was estimated that this pool was sufficient to power all of America\’s petroleum needs for the next 200 years. The day after this discovery was made, the information was classified. Shortly thereafter the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was created. Why? You can figure it out. If all of that oil were to be released into the marketplace, the price would plummet. Who would stand to lose under that scenario? Yes, they and their slavish minions in government at nearly all levels. (Similarly, supplies of uranium have been discovered and held in place.)

Invest the hour it takes to go to this site and listen to someone who was there. Then send this link to everyone you know, including every elected official you can think of and tell them the jig is up! Then, on election day (if it truly still matters) remember those who did something about it and those who did nothing.

Five to Four, Five to Four, Five to Twelve

Friday, June 13th, 2008

So, we are turning our sworn enemies, the current inhabitants of Gitmo, over to our court system. I thought torture was beneath us.

Words do not exist to adequately convey my contempt for the Supreme courts of this nation and the State of California. I am sickened! The black-robed oracles (or are they Nazgul?) at the apex of the Judicial Branch, once tasked with validating the Constitutionality of the actions, or preventing the excesses of the Legislative and Executive Branches of government, have once again demonstrated a complete lack of understanding of the role their branch of government was designed to play. These 10 people, this detestable, miniscule, minority of citizens, five in California and five in the nation\’s capital, have egregiously exercised prerogatives beyond their authority and have incomprehensibly conferred judicially manufactured privileges upon people who have no Constitutional claim to such rights.

The US Supreme Court decision granting rights to enemy combatants will seriously impact the battlefield situation if our enemies don\’t die laughing at us first. Recall the horror-filled days of combat in the War in the Pacific, when the watchword \”No prisoners!\”resounded through the dark and treacherous jungle. (The enemy didn\’t take any prisoners either.) Intelligence will be difficult to gather as a result, but it appears we don\’t need any; five of the nine justices certainly didn\’t display any, and they get to keep their jobs until they are dead.

The California Supreme Court decision to proceed immediately with the issuance of marriage licenses to same sex couples, in spite of the will of the majority of voters and in spite of the corresponding initiative question that California voters will decide this November shows a blatant antagonism toward the people of this state and displays a mandarin hubris unmatched until today\’s US High Court ruling (they must be high, they can\’t get much lower).

There is no reason to wonder why there is declining order in the culture; there is no order in the court. Are these judges moronic or malevolent? The answer should be clear to most Americans. Perhaps we should not be surprised by this foreign behavior; fascists are historically prone to act against their own best interests as is amply illustrated by even a cursory review of just a few of the countless inexplicable decisions made by other generations of elitists and tyrants.

These decisions may be five to four but the time is now five to twelve, and the clock is ticking, louder. God save America!

Conservatism Begins at Home

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Appeasement never works. I tried it at home for over 25 years and things only got worse. I am married to a German, and not just a German but a Prussian; the very best and worst combinations of the genes of the Teutonic Knights and the hell-bent-for-conquest Mongol hordes. As we have seen historically, if you give them Czechoslovakia, they will take Austria, Poland, France and everything else in sight. Their native aggressiveness is bounded only by the vigilance of their neighbors (that would be us or in this case, me). I played the part of Chamberlain for many years in an effort to maintain peace in our home. What I got was a long series of broken truces and a succession of increasingly frequent shattered cease-fires. I was ultimately forced to Churchhill-up; no blood, just sweat and tears. Mostly tears. Mostly hers (and not from any abusive behavior on my part).

Karl Marx was a German. Nearly 30% of Americans of of German decent; by far the single largest national or racial group that constitutes our national stew. Is this relevant? Is there an inherent inclination toward intractability among the Germans in our midst? Who can say? The important thing to remember, however, is this; whether we are dealing with Germans or Iranians, Al-Qaida or Hezbulah, a committed Marxist or a radical environmentalist, a brother, sister, father, mother, daughter or son, enabling bad behavior only makes things worse.

It is not our job to massage senseless sensibilities and cater to irrationality. We are not required to tolerate the intolerable. We do not have to accept the unacceptable. We must be firm but fair and resolute, and calmly express our position based upon the principles we know to be true. We must then put them on notice that all subjects, even the uncomfortable ones, are open to reasonable conversation based upon facts obtained from reasonable and diligent analysis; not consensus. Ad hominem attacks and similar distractions will terminate the conversation but, as with belligerence, obsessive fault-finding and unfounded criticism, will result in sanctions, and that they had best prepare to act upon thoughtless threats or not make them at all.

Tell your children that you will help them with college but if they want to go to Harvard or Berkeley or any other school where leftist professors monopolize the discourse, acting as propagandists instead of pedagogues, invite them to pay for it themselves. Monitor the instruction your children receive K-12 and register your concerns with the administration when time-honored truths are being replaced by political correctness.

Stand firm, stand tall, show love, be kind and respectful. People can change but they have to want to. No one is inclined to follow an ogre. If our families are to be properly motivated to remain with us we have to be headed in the right direction. Conservatism begins at home, as does common sense. Teach your families the correct principles and they will govern themselves. Be a good example to your neighbors. Be hopeful. Put a smile on your face. Bitterness is for the guilty and self-loathing. Be the person you know yourself to be and if your neighbors do the same the culture will resonate with the restoration of good sense and good will.

Election Prediction

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

The Frog Blog goes out on a Lily pad to proclaim that McCain will win the presidential election by a landslide as significant as the victory Nixon enjoyed over McGovern and Reagan over Mondale. Unless we have truly reached the cultural tipping point where the majority of Americans will sell their votes for the empty promises of free health care and other government largess, Obama will be soundly and resoundingly rejected along with the ultra-radical ideology he bears on behalf of the Marxist wing of the Leftist Party.

This drubbing will be misinterpreted as a political lynching by those who see his candidacy as a long overdue referendum on race relations, and many (though still a relatively small minority) will wrongly accuse the majority of being racist. This is sadly unavoidable as Obama\’s ardent supporters, who have already excused a profusion of prevarication, an overabundance of obfuscation and a superfluity of haughtiness, will, as most who struggle with denial, refuse to accept the fact that Barak\’s political posture, not his skin, is too dark for the vast majority of Americans.

It is to be hoped that these soon-to-be-self-disenfranchised voters will not revert to violence but will quietly, privately discover, as a result of immersing themselves in this truly historic moment, that this is not about being black or white, or yellow or brown; it is about being American.

A Polite Society

Monday, June 9th, 2008

The Tokyo stabbing incident that left 17 dead is not an indictment of knives and will not lead to the call for the control of cutlery. Murder and mayhem are not the designs of the weapons employed; they are the result of the madness of individual men and women. A knife will not harm anyone unless it is picked up and wielded by someone possessing the the will and the intent to harm another.

A loaded gun of any kind, even a full automatic or a sawed-off shotgun, cannot and will not kill anyone until it is hoisted, aimed and fired by someone with malicious intent. Herein lies the criminal perversion of those who openly violate the law-abiding citizens\’ Constitutional guarantee articulated in the Second Amendment. One must be suspicious of the true motives of any and every government official who advocates any infringement of this right, without which all other rights are imperiled. The old line about \”when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns\” includes the government that disarms its own citizens. This is a right that should never be surrendered without a fight. Ask any of the Jews of Europe, if you can find a survivor of that Holocaust to engage you in this conversation. They will give you an unambiguous answer that should not surprise any thoughtful person.

How many lives might have been saved if one citizen, armed with a handgun or a knife, had intervened in Tokyo, London (the machete murders) or Virginia Tech? An armed society is a polite society.

The Government We Deserve?

Friday, June 6th, 2008

The ever-escalating price of gasoline is an expense absorbed not only at the pump; it is factored into everything else we require and desire. We would be appalled if we were to calculate the number of gallons of petrol we purchase that doesn\’t go into our own gas tanks. Just who is responsible for this unacceptably meteoric increase in fuel prices; OPEC? No, they are only selling their product at the prices the market will bear. The oil companies; no, ditto, and besides, they make less on a gallon of their gas than our own government does. The government; which has put a moratorium on drilling and the building of refineries? Yes, our own government!

Are the people who created this grave condition incomprehensibly inept or are they extraordinarily evil? There aren\’t any other rational choices. How did such people find their way into positions of such power and authority? Is it true that we get the government we deserve? I don\’t deserve it. I did not vote for the leftists who made these, and countless other stupid rules that harm us endlessly.

A word to the older Democrats out there; your party left you long ago! If you continue to vote for these people then you are part of the problem. And to you young idealists; command economies have never worked and they never will because of all the built-in disincentives.

If you are unhappy with the current circumstances you simply cannot afford to vote for a Democrat. If you do, however, you must be accounted either mentally, morally or ethically challenged.

Revisiting The Big O

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

This was originally posted several months ago on this site. It is appropriate to review.

The Big O

Anyone who has ever visited this site knows that I am no fan of the Clintons, most Democrats and a fair number of Republicans. I have never belonged to either party because both are corrupt; as an elected member of either party, one does what one is told and the party leadership will do what they can to perpetuate your incumbency. Both parties are more obsessed with money than they are passionate about principle. I think most people feel pretty much the same and are anxious to vote for someone to counteract their cynical conclusion about politics in America.

I understand what eager idealists see in Obama. They see someone who has no significant history with Washington politics, or anything else for that matter. He is bright, articulate, fresh and clean. On his shiny surface the impressionable can project their own images of what they want this man to be. He is telegenic, charismatic to a degree and engaging. He can talk for an hour allowing the audience to hear exactly what they would like to hear without revealing a clue who this guy is and what he truly intends. The big “O” on his campaign signs and bumper stickers is truly the best representation of him that I have seen. Colorful all the way around but absolutely nothing in the middle, leading one to wonder, “Isn’t that actually a zero?”