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Raising Kaine

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Please don\’t call the offices of Democrat politicians and tell them how badly they are making themselves appear in the eyes of the voting public. Don\’t call Nancy Pelosi and ask her how we can save the planet from the likes of her and her friends. Please don\’t tell Brutha Obama that Kaine is not telegenic enough, not woman enough or not black (brown, red or yellow) enough to be vice president. Will Rogers was right when he said that it is easy to be a comedian when you have 535 members of Congress working for you. Let them keep on keepin\’ on! Nobody can do as good a job at crippling them politically as they, themselves, can.

Hinter Uns Marschiert Deutschland

Friday, July 25th, 2008

So Obama has played Berlin? I would add a word of caution and restraint in the wake of the ensuing effusion. Other elocutionists have electrified the crowds in Germany. The enthusiasm was short-lived for all but Reagan. The Germans don\’t have a very good track record when it comes to showering adulation upon the eloquent. The roar of the crowd seems to impart a disproportionate desire for dominance.

Preferred Paradigms in Peril

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

A friend, with a differing cultural and political orientation was telling me that I don\’t understanding the current scientific meaning of the word \”theory\” specifically as it relates to the theory of evolution. This was my reply.

\”I understand the meaning of the word in its traditional and historical sense. The new meanings of words in our PC era are designed to fit favored assertions. It would almost be easier to list the definitions of of words that have not changed than to list those that have. Even the simple words have changed; family, patriotism, marriage, tolerance. The word \”change\” can now mean anything anyone wants it to mean.

In any case, the lack of evidence to support the idea of inter-species evolution reduces the \”theory\” (in modern parlance) to hypothesis, and a severely weak and challenged one, at that. No evidence has ever been found to support the notion that man descended from apes. Does evolution exist? Of course it does but it is limited to the changes that occur within species. Any other conclusion requires every bit as much faith, probably more, than a belief in a supreme deity.

DNA research has discovered that, at a knowable and known rate of mutation (one could call it evolution, I suppose) mankind\’s common female ancestor lived between 6000 and 6500 years ago. PC anthropologists have dismissed this data in favor of their preferred paradigm; that she lived 200,000 years ago. They are still scratching for the bones of the \”missing link\” somewhere in the Serengeti.

Primitives can call the exterior covering of an airplane \”machete skin\” and modern aircraft designers can employ newest designations to explain the latest in aircraft technology but neither description will effect the way the airplane flies or the alter the impact of a crash. No matter how we wield the tools of communication, facts and truth remain, undiminished by the naivete\’ of the uninitiated, the poetic portrayals of the professional observer or the tortured nuances of dissemblers.\”

Open Letter to John McCain

Monday, July 21st, 2008

I emailed this message to John McCain this morning.

\”For heaven\’s sake, forget the NY Times! Everyone else already has! Who gives a rip about the prehistoric press? If you want to reach the people who can still read, you must run a cyber-oriented campaign. You\’ll get a lot of good mileage from publicly telling the Times to take a hike, especially among the youth who wouldn\’t dream of dirtying their fingers on that old rag. It\’s Time to get with the Times and forget about the Times, Senator McCain, if you sincerely hope to be the President.\”

Khyber Warfare

Monday, July 21st, 2008

As our military shifts focus from Iraq to Afghanistan there are things to remember and consider. The Bush administration has thus far been reticent to employ our technological superiority in any theatre of the War on Terror. This is the only answer to the present impasse at the Khyber Pass. We have used drone-launched missiles with significant effect but we have to step up that program. We have non-nuclear weapons in our arsenal that we have yet to use. Nothing impresses the neo-Neanderthal mind more than a massive display of force. Those who refuse to be impressed enough to lay down their arms will need to be caught, taught or compelled to desist. While we may have difficulty bombing the stone age inhabitants of the tribal zones back into the stone age (since they are already there), we can substantively interdict their lines of supply. We cannot win a war by fighting PC battles.

We also need to put more pressure on Pakistan, which is the real fly in the ointment as they are neither/both friend and foe. The Hindu Kush has always been hell for anyone whose aim it was to tame the wilds of Waziristan, but for Western powers this mountainous region has presented particularly difficult terrain, geologically and geo-politically. Still, America has a much higher success rate, everywhere, than historically colonial-oriented nations and we have a right to expect a proper outcome from this struggle as it will be to everyone\’s benefit, whether they presently recognize it or not. Military operations on the Pakistani-Afghan border will have to be undertaken. Pakistan is the primary supply route for men (mostly Pakistani jihadists) and materiel for the Taliban. We have no real hope of victory without depriving them of this support.

We also need to remember the intelligence capabilities we lost due to miscalculations (or pure foolishness) on the part of Post Vietnam Democrats. It would not be wise for the electorate to trust the Left to get this right, especially not at this critical juncture. Intransigence, not intelligence, is their long suit. If we we put them in charge we will almost certainly be snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. We must also remember the Democrat\’s extremely negative and dispiriting representations of the mission the members of our volunteer military voluntarily accepted. One cannot honestly claim to support the troops while simultaneously refusing to support the mission those same troops freely elected to undertake.

We need people of courage from both parties to step up and do what is correct and appropriate if we are to have any hope of surviving the global jihad.

Reach for it Mister!

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

When one takes a hard and objective look at serious jihadis, wherever they are found, it is impossible to miss the fact that the overwhelming majority of them have their faces covered. Are they trying to mitigate allergy symptoms? Are the roads that dusty? Of course not. These people don\’t wish to be recognized.

What other cultural sub-group behaves thus? Gangsters, thieves, assassins and other assorted thugs. In America, we still treat these nefarious types judicially, owing to their American citizenship. But that citizenship is what sets our home-grown hooligans apart from the Taliban and Al Qaida. Americans, even criminals, have rights but they also have consequences. If one or more of them kidnapped two women and drove them to outskirts of town and executed them with machine guns they would likely be hunted down and gunned down like the rabid animals they are.

The buddies of the men we hold in Guantanamo do these kinds of things regularly; in fact, check the AP. It happened again on July 12th. Two women suspected of trafficking in the sex trade with Western military forces, were hauled off and summarily executed; their lifeless bodies left for the town\’s people to find the next morning. This is Jihadi justice! These are brave and bold men. And their Gitmo brethren litigate when they are even approached by a woman. I would like to see what would happen to them if the Dikes on Bikes got ahold of them, unarmed, one at a time.

Meanwhile our major media, the ACLU, Justice Kennedy and Democrat politicians want us to treat these guys like American citizens. Only the lowest low-life among us could possibly imagine being as hard-bitten and heartless as these neo-Neanderthals. One would have to reach for the sky to stretch the truth as far as the American Left has stretched it during the course of this war that the mad Mullahs declared on us.

The jihadis hide their faces because somewhere in the dark dungeons that hold their souls there is a faint recollection of the distinction between right and wrong. They are not actually proud of the things they do. If they were, they would want everyone to see them in the midst of their sacrifices. They hide their faces to mask the fear that they might betray a shred of remorse before their callous comrades and to the wider world. These people are not freedom fighters; they are merchants of murder and mayhem and slaves to humanity\’s basest depravities. But masked or not, where they are headed they will not be able to hide.

Two Reasons to Vote

Friday, July 18th, 2008

This November Californians will be voting to reject or ratify a constitutional amendment that proposes to permanently codify the traditional definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman. Voting on similar legislation in 2000, 61% of the largely liberal electorate affirmed the definition as described above but in 2008, the California State Supreme Court, in an overt affront to the majority of citizens in the Golden State, overruled the will of the electorate and made homosexual marriage a reality by judicial fiat.

There are plenty of people in the state, myself included, that believe that homosexuals have the right to behave as they wish in the privacy of their own homes. It is to be lamented that so many homosexual activists who have made a life\’s work demanding privacy and tolerance for their predilections are so eager to make a public spectacle of their sexuality while being so unwilling to tolerate differing opinions. The politicization of this perversity is their doing and they have no one else to blame for the backlash but themselves.

There are two reasons to vote for the Defense of Traditional Marriage Initiative; one, to settle the issue about the qualifications for the title of \”marriage\”, which has always been a religious covenant until the recent advent of state sanctioned unions. Marriage has a religious connotation, regardless of the specific religion, because of the universal commandment to \”go forth and multiply\”. The liberals who spawned this current mockery, on the other hand, have gone forth to divide. Even their hero, Charles Darwin, pronounced homosexuality as an \”evolutionary dead end.\” There is no God in the celestial line-up who promotes the idea of the extinction of his progeny. This is a moral issue for nearly every religion under the Son.

The second reason, and the one most likely to tip the undecideds in favor of this initiative, is to temper the courts in their desire to enact law from the bench. This act of political sabotage by a single vote, ignoring and overturning the express will of the majority of Californians, simply cannot be allowed to stand. The judicial branch has overstepped its authority and has trampled upon the powers of the legislature, which in this state includes the people, through the initiative process. This act of unparalleled hubris must be met with stern opposition, otherwise the elitists in black robes will make a habit of stripping us of our rights of redress.


Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

My recent trip back home brought back many memories. Through my elementary years I had a friend who was an interesting amalgam of contradictions; happy and sad, bright and dark, obedient and rebellious, kind and mean. He was interesting enough and exhibited qualities positive enough to provide reasons for the maintenance of that friendship, and he lived within walking distance.

He would lead us, his gang, on night-time forays through the neighbors\’ gardens in search of carrots, radishes and strawberries. His rebellious streak had a violent tint. He would instruct us in the manufacture of mini-maces, constructed of clothes line rope, electricians tape and a large rock, with which we would crush the lids of trash cans that lined the alley ways. I was always uncomfortable with these activities but feared to desist because this guy would not hesitate to enforce his will with a fist or a kick. I liked him well enough to tolerate this behavior, and I was careful not to push him to the point where he would turn on me.

A couple of times at school he walked up to me and, without warning, punched me in the face. This was brought on by jealousies arising from the attentions I received from girls in whom he took an interest. Twice, he drew blood from the corners of my lip which I let drip as long as I could because it was cowboy-cool. He would later apologize and we\’d move on.

One day in the park, he attacked one of my little brothers. I knew he was doing it to rankle me. He succeeded. I grabbed him by the shoulders, spun him around and proceeded to beat the crap out of him. I hit him until my knuckles bled. I pummeled him completely and thoroughly. I hit him until my arms were tired. I made him pay for every for every dishonor I had allowed him to heap upon me. Though others witnessed the drubbing, no one stopped me. We all knew he had it coming.

Our friendship changed instantly. He never threatened or hit me again. I do not recall seeing him hit anyone after that. He ceased being a bully. He moved away during junior high school and I never saw him again. We learned that he had died several years later, probably from cancer.

A bully remains a bully as long as one allows himself to be bullied. When appropriately confronted, bullies back down, and when properly monitored they cease to be bullies altogether. Is there current relevance in this story? What should we have done with Hitler early in his career? What should we do with the present government of Persia before they fully capable of harming us or our smaller friends?

Nothing as Constant as Change

Saturday, July 12th, 2008

I have recently re-arrived from Hotchkiss Colorado and environs, where nearby, where river runs by bend of shore, I had returned for my 40th high school reunion. It was a splendid occasion. I was initially taken aback by what I thought was a room filled with the parents of my classmates. Imagine my surprise at the realization that these people were my classmates! I suppose I am just not honest enough with myself when I look in the mirror. It was uplifting to contemplate the fact that I am able to think fondly of all (there were only 56 of us that graduated from that high school in 1968) of these people. We remembered the time before we were rankled and wrinkled by the combination of excessive foolishness and the inflexible facts of life. Perhaps my current attitude is the result of having grown softer and somewhat more resilient as I have crested the mid-life rise and am expending more energy on applying the brakes than on stomping on the accelerator.

I was away from the news for about 10 days. That was therapeutic, especially upon discovering that practically nothing changed in the intervening time, excepting Obama\’s stance on almost everything. Is this the \”change\” he asks us to believe in? If so, it is a promise he obviously takes quite seriously.

The energy costs top everyone\’s list. I attempted to gain some perspective on at least a part of the solution by circumnavigating (in my automobile) the richest known energy reserves on the planet; the oil shale, oil , gas and uranium reserves of Easten Utah and Western Colorado. The last estimate I heard was 5 Trillion barrels of oil locked up in the shale! With new technologies proven to liberate the oil the oil from the rocks, we should be able to move forward with extraction. There is enough uranium to power as many nuclear power plants as we would ever build. There are also colossal deposits of low sulphur coal in the surrounding areas; talk about a carbon footprint! Too bad there are so many heels in Washington! One could imagine stumbling into Imelda Marcos\’ closet.

What will it take to awaken the slumbering majority of Americans to the reality of their circumstances and cause them, in righteous indignation, to throw the bums out? Which bums? All of them, everywhere, but primarily the legions of the lemming left. If they are bent upon jettisoning good sense and dashing themselves on the rocks below, let them, but I am not willing to follow. Are you?