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She Knows How to Use Them

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Those who until recently had been critical of the McCain team for getting off to a slow start and failing to gain traction must now unequivocally concede that the campaign now has legs! We suggest a change in the McCain theme from the \”Straight Talk Express\” to simply the \”McCain Gampaign\”.

Silliness aside, the choice of Governor Palin as VP running mate is a show-stopper. McCain\’s stylish pick will Garner votes from nearly everyone who swooned at the sight of Brett Maverick (yes, more silliness), and all those who imagined themselves to be the rakish gambler.

The choice of Palin inoculates the Republican ticket against unfounded but inevitable charges of racism from the Obama camp because the backlash from that kind of attack will duly paint the Democrat duo as sexist. Obama doesn\’t need to be reminded that there are many more women voting in America than those who would respond positively to his appeal to racial divisiveness. Palin\’s nomination is every bit as historic as Obama\’s and her story no less stellar an example of the reality that the American Dream is still available to those who do more than merely daydream.

More than anything else, most Americans will appreciate her ability to exercise good sense in the face of emotional circumstances. Her judgment is not clouded by political correctness, appeals to fear, or offers to feel her pain. She has had enough of her own and decided to do something about it. She is guided by principle and doesn\’t need a speech writer or a TelePrompTer to help her convey the convictions she has carried throughout her life and is capable of articulating in a heartbeat and without first referring to a focus group. She knows who she is and has no fear about revealing her true thoughts and intentions. This fact alone will be highly illustrative of the greatest distinctions between the two campaigns; the honesty and integrity of a true reformer vs the prevarication and obfuscation of the vain performers. She is not an act; she is the real deal.

She is as clear, crisp and refreshing as the breezes that sweep down from the Brooks Range to the vast Arctic Plain. She is that very breath of fresh air that America, and John McCain needs if there is ever to be any hope of cleaning up that swamp on the shores of the Potomac. It may well be that the best man for the job is after all, a woman.

An Independent\’s Perspective

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Ted Kennedy, Caroline, Nancy Pelosi, Claire McCaskill, Jesse Jackson, Jr., NARAL, the NEA and AFT, the Teamsters, Ed Rendell, Kathleen Napolitano, Patrick Leahy, Federico Pena, Stenny Hoyer, Rahm Emanuel, Linda Sanchez, John Sweeney, Planned Parenthood, the Clintons, Tom Daschle, Bill Richardson, John Kerry, Robert Wexler, Richard Daley, Joe Biden, Barak Obama. THIS IS CHANGE!!!? All these, plus many more of the same leftist persuasion, are speaking to the assembled Democrats in Denver this week. As of this writing, the event seems more like a casting call for the remake of \”Queen for a Day\” than a serious political gathering.

No, this is not change; it is just more of the same, only worse. What we will continue to get from these people is more complaining about the problems we face, the overwhelming majority of which were their creations. We hear them blame and vilify the most productive among us. If they win, America loses. We will suffer under greater regulation, taxation and wealth redistribution; the same things that are the cause of our current economic woes. The middle class will suffer as jobs become harder to find as more companies go out of business due to the excessive burdens placed upon them by overtly meddlesome government, red tape and ubiquitous litigation; this as inflation destroys their savings. The Dem\’s radical agenda will focus the expenditure of precious funds on more black holes such as socialized medicine and climate change. They will continue to block access to our own domestic resources and the building of clean nuclear power plants. They will continue to ignore provocations from foreign extremists, as they have done in the past, inviting outrages, like 9-11, with their displays of weakness and their morally ambivalent motives. They will defund our military as they did in Clinton\’s term of office, as they did with our intelligence gathering capabilities. They will stack the federal courts with internationalist, activist judges who will thumb their noses at our Constitution. We cannot afford to allow these people to monopolize all three branches of government. One branch is already too many.

All the while they will pander while they plunder and smile as they defile the Constitution they took an oath to defend even as they pretend to be Christians. Michelle\’s speech about her daughters and the American dream was sparkling Splenda from the pretenda, but nothing was mentioned about the 40,000,000 infants who were not permitted to live to pursue their dreams, who were not even granted a single breath as the result of monstrous policies crafted by her party; pitiless programs unwaveringly defended by her husband.

No, this is not change. This is more of the same, only this time we will be getting our class warfare straight and undiluted. There will be no more Marxism-lite. The serious work of dismantling the shining city on a hill will be undertaken in dead earnest.

Barak\’s choice of an Appolonarian backdrop for his acceptance speech represents more than mere hubris. It should be noted that the last major politician that wrapped himself in the trappings of Greco-Roman paganism was also feted by the residents of Berlin for his oratorical prowess. The world barely survived the radical racial obsessions of Austria\’s most ardent national socialist. The moral judgment (or lack thereof) thus far demonstrated by Obama should cause the thoughtful to seriously observe the regalia that surrounds the otherwise mysterious lack of detail in Big 0\’s uttered message. The \”O\” is the perfect symbol for his campaign and the sum total value of his promises.

If you find these thoughts too radical, look back 30 years and ask yourself if you could have ever imagined America in its current condition. Meanwhile change is accelerating at an increasing pace. More fits into a month than historically fit into an average lifetime. But this is not the change that Barak Obama has in mind. He won\’t tell us what he has in mind. This should be cause for serious concern. A vote for Obama is a vote for more of the same socialist delusions; only worse. Refuse to be what Lenin called a \”useful idiot\”. Refuse to vote Democrat.

This is the plea from a life long politically active Independent and former Berkeley liberal from the 60\’s who tested his leftist oriented ideology against modern day reality and found it wanting on nearly every level. If you suffer from liberal malaise, check your orientation. You\’ll be happy you did.

Little Big O

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

There are other responsibilities above Obama\’s pay grade. Being Commander in Chief is only one.

It doesn\’t take much imagination to picture the Clintons behind the recently released revelations about Obama\’s hidden cache of potentially incendiary documents (seems like he and Bill Ayers aren\’t anxious for the rest of us to hear the story of how he and Barak diverted $110,000,000 in educational grants to radical groups in the Windy City) stored in 90 boxes at the Daly Library at the University of Chicago, and the photo of Barak\’s brother living in a hovel in Kenya (they are just half-brothers, so it\’s OK). We can expect more of the same leading up to Monday in Denver where the Clintons will stage their convention coup. If Obama survives the Clintons, we should be able to survive Obama. I do hope he picks Biden. Two months of Smug and Smugger should be enough to cure almost anyone who had an inclination to vote for a CHANGE.

Let no one call me a racist. I would vote for Usain Bolt in this race.

Speaking of the Olympics; the Chinese will never be the same. There is no way their repressive government will be able to keep a lid on the aspirations of the people now that they have played host to the world. There will be a palpable void after the free people depart and the dew of liberty evaporates. The result will be a national malaise akin to the desperation of severe homesickness. But to our wonderful and talented hosts we say, \”Merci beaucoup\”!

California\’s Proposition 8

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

This will be viewed as bigoted hate-speech by those who refuse to understand the intent and the content. I am as much a homophobe as I am a racist, which is to say that I am neither. In my home town it was against the law for a black person to spend the night until 1964. My house guest was the first to do so. I have a cousin who is a homosexual. I dearly love him. I have worked with dozens of homosexuals, many of whom I sincerely liked and appreciated (though I dare say that they probably liked me more). I worked as an equipment manager for an all-girl band in the SF Bay area in early 70\’s. They had quite a following. I ultimately lost my job for naively asking a few of them to dance and then, horror of horrors, having the temerity to ask for directions to men\’s room. I don\’t hate anyone.

If you live outside of California and don\’t think this matters to you, think again. If the definition of marriage is changed in California, it will change where you live. It is just a matter of time. Everything that happens here ultimately happens everywhere. It is as certain as the sun\’s setting in the West. If you have friends who live in and vote in the Golden State, tell them to participate in removing some of the accumulated tarnish and vote \”Yes\” on Proposition 8.

Prop \”8\” is not hate. Proposition 8 is not about denying rights to homosexuals, in spite of the intentionally discolored title recently affixed to this initiative by our illustrious Attorney General, former Governor Moonbeam, Jerry Brown; doubtless the recipient of significant contributions from the homosexual activist organizations that bestow the largess of their members (the vast majority of whom have extra expendable income due to the fact that they have no children to support) upon those who will do their bidding. We now know what Brown can do for (and to) us.

Homosexual activists and their ever-eager friends will not let go of the issue of same gender marriage. As previously stated on these pages, homosexuals who understand on some fundamental level that their hedonistic orientation is unhealthy if not altogether wrong (refer to statements made on this subject by Ellen D.) will stop at nothing to have their predilictions validated by the state in the hope of obtaining some soothing salve for their deep discomfort. But there is no balm in matrimony that can heal the soul of this distress.

There are good reasons to defend the traditional definition of marriage, regardless of one\’s moral or political orientation.

The unfortunate need to revisit this issue has been brought to us by the vote of one justice on the California Supreme Court. In a 4-3 decision that reached well-beyond their constitutional authority, encroaching as it did on the legislative function and the rights of California voters to make law through the initiative process (a flawed though legitimate mechanism designed for the redress of grievances), the high court made this process necessary. Homosexual activists forced this issue through the courts after failing repeatedly to obtain a favorable political result. The politicization of this issue is exclusively due to the relentless pursuit of this aim by those who claim the rights to privacy in their intimate relations. If only—! If one does not feel inclined to vote yes on Proposition 8 for moral reasons, one must certainly value the concept of majority rule in the legislative process, of which ballot initiatives are an important part. One person\’s vote should not overturn the will of 61% of California\’s electorate. The court needs to be discouraged from engaging in this kind of unadulterated malfeasance in the future. A yes vote will eloquently and unambiguously deliver the message that the specter of activist judges\’ willful, shameless and blatant disregard for the majority of California\’s citizens will not be tolerated.

Then there are concerns for the natural consequences of failing to pass this initiative. ACLU lawyers will undertake legal actions against churches and organizations that refuse to marry same gender couples. What the Boy Scouts have been forced to endure for the last decade will be nothing compared with the wrath directed at all other institutions with a faith-based code of conduct. Next will come plural marriage, then man/boy marriage, big love and then what? Schools will be forced to promote propaganda in favor of this behavior on our youth in a covert effort to recruit for those who cannot reproduce.

Concern for the health of the homosexual is a good reason to disabuse its adherents of this practice. The average homosexual male in America has a life expectancy of 46 years as compared to his heterosexual counterpart who will expect to live 74 years. Why doesn\’t homosexual behavior come with a warning label? If we are going to publicly promote this type of lifestyle, why are we worried about the effects of smoking and trans-fats? If we are teaching that this lifestyle is OK, why should our children be required to wear bicycle helmets or be strapped into car seats? Why should we have speed limits if anything goes? The average \”monogamous\” homosexual relationship endures a whopping 18 months! Promiscuity, on the other hand, is rampant and reckless. AIDS is not the only disease that accompanies this behavior but it is the only political disease. In a more contemplative era those who transmit such deadly strains would have been tracked down like Typhoid Mary, but not today. But just try flicking your Bic to light up a fag (that would be a cigarette) in public!

The claim that homosexuals should be excused for merely reacting to a natural urge is neither sufficient nor relevant. No one who is thirsty and hungry who sits down at at table in a restaurant in breathless anticipation of eating and drinking is going to mug the waiter and steal the tray intended for another table. Because you are smitten by that magnificent automobile parked next to your heap, you do not have the right to relieve the rightful owner of its companionship no matter how much you desire to take it for a spin. That lovely 40 carat gem behind the plate glass in the museum might be something you crave but no, no, no! Urges, though real and natural, are frequently to be resisted. Temptations exist for everyone regardless of orientation and therein lies the difference between the hedonistic and the disciplined individual.

\”Scientifically\” speaking, let us refer to Charles Darwin, whose theory is taught as truth in nearly every school on the planet. Hailed as hero to those who refuse to believe in the concept of a creator, he was also noted for proclaiming that \”homosexuality is an evolutionary dead-end\”. On which issue is he wrong? Suicide is illegal in every state but Oregon. Same gender marriage is potentially nothing less than a societal suicide pact. Can it possibly matter how our species originated if there is no \”generation next\”?

Some say that this is a religious matter and that right-wing zealots are unconscionably turning a moral issue into an ethical issue; an arena with a greater latitude of acceptable opinion; that moral issues have no proper place in the conduct of law. Is \”thou shalt not kill\” a religious issue; a moral issue; an ethical issue; a criminal matter? What about \”thou shalt not steal\”; religious, moral, ethical, criminal? We do, as a society, legislate morality without regard for religious connotations. But why, in any case, should matters of morality be legally taboo?

During the last effort to clearly define marriage in California, the Prop 22 campaign, I met a family who had recently immigrated from Russia. Their reaction was telling and compelling. They had been mystified by the yard signs that said \”Protect Marriage\”. They couldn\’t understand what this could possibly mean. They were happy that I had stopped by and was able to explain the purpose. They were astounded that there was even a question about what marriage is, that anyone would question that it is between one man and one woman. They went on to explain that they had been raised in a non-religious environment, that their view of marriage was untainted by any religious viewpoint, but that the future of the civilization was dependent upon the proper care and nurture of children in an environment that consisted of a male and a female role model. How could it be any different?

I was shortly thereafter assailed by callers to a call-in radio debate in which I participated along with a supporter of homosexual marriage with the notion that the Protection of Marriage Initiative was motivated by religious intolerance and fear. Relating the story above permitted me to confound the callers and my counterpart.

There are many good reasons to vote yes on Prop 8 but my reason is this; marriage is ordained of God. Gender is a critical and crucial element in the eternal lives of humans. Children need a mother and a father, not just to create them but to raise them.

Crisis in Georgia

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Bravo President Bush!
This is leadership! This has the potential to be the 21st Century version of the Berlin airlift which freed the people of West Berlin from Soviet aggression without firing a shot. This time, however, we are dealing with gangsters, not with WWII vets. These Russians are not as tough or as ideologically oriented as their fathers and grandfathers. All they got from their brush with capitalism was greed.

We Can\’t Inflate our Way Out of This Crisis

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Obama may have an inflated notion of himself, it seems, but with his most recent pronouncement on the cure for the nation\’s energy woes he has really blown it! We are supposed to be able to offset the need to inject more fuel into our sputtering economy by properly inflating our tires, according to His Highness.

Let\’s get to the truth of our circumstances. We are where we are as a result of government interference with commerce and particularly with oil exploration and extraction. We all know this. What most of us do not understand is that the current price of oil has less to do with the oil supply than with the fact that we have printed trillions of debased dollars in order to pay for the things that China has sold us. Some bright bulb got the idea that, as the Chinese were \”savings oriented\” that they would just stash all those greenbacks in the vaults and maintain their hoard indefinitely. The idea worked for a while, until the Chinese realized that their mattresses were stuffed with air, whereupon they made the choice to spend those trillions of dollars before they became completely valueless.

Guess what they decided to buy? With 8000 new vehicles every day in Beijing alone, they needed gas. They decided they would rather use their worthless dollars now, even paying in excess of $4.00 a gallon rather than waiting for the price, in dollars, to be much higher as a result of the value of the dollar being much lower. We sold the Chinese our inflation problem and as our reward they are using our money to further inflate the price of gasoline, causing the price we pay for everything else to inflate. On this \”what goes around comes around\” orb to which are attached, it is as though we let go of the balloon without first tying it off and now the whole thing is flying hither and thither, with nothing to prevent its inevitable collapse.

We tried to inflate our way out of our impending economic crisis by printing more money and it is not working; it cannot work, it never has worked and never will. Properly inflating our tires will not not solve the energy crisis, either. Further inflating Barak\’s ego will, likewise, not a president make.

Now, if you could tap the hot air at the two presidential conventions, you might have something——but probably not enough to get us back to Kansas, if you catch my drift. And we will find, when we\’ve pulled the curtain back, that the whimpering sociopath at the controls has no power other than to flatter.