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Partisanship is Our Friend

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Imagine a political party with a super-majority in control of one or both houses of congress. Imagine them under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid. Imagine further the presidency held by a member of the same party. Does it send shivers down your spine? Fellow denizens of the swamp, take a moment to offer up a little gratitude for partisanship and gridlock. You have already conjured up the nightmare that would exist without them. What if we actually got all the government we paid for?

The Senate is poised for an exercise in bipartisanship for the purpose of rescuing the Wall Street bailout package proposal under the guise of saving the economy and rescuing the taxpayers. We know what this means and what they mean to do but they obviously did not get the message that 99 out of every 100 callers previously sent to the House. We should not be surprised however. They haven\’t listened to us in very long time. They think we are asleep or otherwise so distracted that they can rob the treasury in broad daylight and get away with it. They might be right. What will be left?

Jefferson issued a stern warning about allowing a central bank to take root upon this soil. He also spoke about watering the tree of Liberty that grows therein. Some reflection on the Founding Fathers and their sacrifices may be in order, for this nation\’s house is surely not.

If it Smells Fishy, Is it Fishy?

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Suddenly, the Dems in Congress are lining up behind President Bush. Why? Isn\’t he the stupidest president in US history? Why aren\’t these Dems concerned about all the billions Bush wants to give the greed-heads on Wall Street? Why do the Dems call the Republican rejection of this plan \”partisan\” when they are not even following their party\’s leader? Why didn\’t the Democrat majority pass this bill as they were perfectly capable of? What is going on? There is something fishy, to be sure.

Madam Speaker, did I hear correctly; Barney Frank has an intellect?

No Mercy for the Merciless

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

We who have endured the harassing phone calls and lawsuits from collection agencies (usually hired by the banks which had extended credit to us) a time or two in our lives, want to know who will be given the responsibility for calling and calling the homes of the bankers who have defaulted on their obligations in this most recent debacle. I wish I had had someone who would have bailed me out when I experienced a business failure due to no fault of my own, except for being foolish enough to attempt to compete with a monopoly. I guess it was my fault.

Instead of patience and understanding and an extension of my note, I got calls every day and night and was mercilessly hounded. I ultimately paid what I owed though it took me 12 years and cost me four times my original indebtedness. In fact, I had made arrangements for the bank to accept a settlement offer (greater than the original debt) on the condition of calling off the collection agency. They agreed but after I made that payment to the bank and opened an account with them as a show of appreciation, they had the collection agency sweep my account and take me back to court where I was made to pay the original debt, plus fees, plus interest, plus court costs. I showed up in court at the time appointed only to discover that the judgement had been rendered the previous day (really and truly). This is how I was treated. Justice was, indeed, blind.

I survived and rebounded owing to my well-practiced ability to tread water (this is the Frog Blog, after all). Now we, as taxpayers, are supposed to bail out those who didn\’t give a second thought to inflicting the severest of judgements on the rest of us when our shot at the American Dream fell short. I say we make their names and phone numbers public so they can experience for themselves the additional agony and anxiety they imposed upon us after we had already suffered the ignobility of defeat.

I know this sounds like bitterness but it is not. I sleep very well at night, having met most of my obligations (I\’m still working on the few that remain). In addition, I learned a lot from this particular failure; like, if I had any money I would not keep it in a bank.

What Crisis?

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

Since the dawning of this most recent scandal involving the financial markets and the subsequent pleas for a bailout, has anyone bailed out of an upper story of a Manhattan building? If not, is this truly a crisis? Still, calls to the suicide prevention hotlines have increased dramatically. This looks like a growth industry, in case you are looking for a career change. We can rely, with certainty, that the number of those calls will increase dramatically on and after November 5.

The Good the Bad and the Very Ugly

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

The financial problems we face are not the result of under-regulation. We are over regulated, over taxed, overwhelmed and under-served by our government.

Why is it that failing financial institutions are good but profitable oil companies are bad?

The bailout is designed to disguise the real underlying problems which will surface until after the election.

After that things are likely to get a whole lot uglier, but at least we\’ll have a better picture of those who are to blame.

The Solution

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Although the Poached Frog encouraged you to call your Congressperson to tell them to resist the proposed bailout, it must be understood that your Congressperson and past generations of Congresspersons before them are complicit (if even passively) in the massive fraud unfolding before us. While all are co-conspirators of varying degrees, the most disgusting among them are the ones who attempt to profit politically from this, after having previously profited from the pilferage. None of them should vote for this while the FBI is investigating, but most of them will, as the majority of them are stooges of the parties, and both the individual politician and the party apparatchiks are stooges of the Federal Reserve. Nothing they do will help until we return control of monetary policy and currency issuance to the US Treasury and back the currency with gold or silver as is required by the US Constitution.

Bail Out

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

During WWII, the US Military flew tens of thousands of Chinese \”Over the Hump\” (the Himalayas) from China to Burma to build a road across that country for our forces to use to drive the Japanese out of Southern Asia. On these long plane flights it was common for the Chinese to gamble. It was not uncommon for the loser to be required to bail out, without a parachute, as a consequence of losing and to make the game interesting. Those who did not gamble had a better than average chance of surviving the flight because they were not forced to sacrifice themselves to pay for the unwise speculations of the losers.

We find ourselves faced with a different kind of bailout; sort of. If the citizens of this nation permit the government to bail out those institutions and individuals who have foolishly speculated or otherwise failed in their respective responsibilities to successfully and profitably operate their businesses, or which have operated fraudulently, we are not only gravely hurting ourselves financially but we are also telling everyone else, including our children, that consequence and accountability are completely meaningless precepts; that foolishness and greed in their vilest forms are acceptable. The next things we will be bailing out are our children after they have concluded that laws, ethics and morality are not binding upon them, as they are apparently not binding upon their parents or their government. Following that, we will be bailing out the ship of state, if it remains afloat long enough for us make that effort.

Call your Senators and Congressmen and tell them to tell the failed and failing to get about the work of bailing, and make room for those with better ideas; like ensuring American energy independence. We can overcome this problem if we first arrest the corrupt, thereby stirring the hearts of the honest but shaken, and invest ourselves in things American.

Pullin\’ for Palin

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

The Sean Hannity interview with Governor Palin showed the Republican VP candidate to be capable and competent in addressing the many issues that she and the other candidates must face before and after the November election. She did not stutter or fumble her responses to the substantive questions asked. It was clear that she was not just staking out a position but was rather articulating principles with which she has long been familiar, as they have doubtless served to guide her personal and professional life. She is not someone who needs to create a pleasing persona that \”changes\” with each new audience or location. Her demeanor inspires the confidence that she will indeed fearlessly face and tackle the ominous problems of reforming the government that has allowed the current level of corruption to flourish. I am completely comfortable with the fact the she is a heartbeat away from the Presidency and that she will grow to be heartbeat-close to her fellow Americans, as she has become with the overwhelming majority of Alaskans.

I was not a big fan of John McCain until he picked Sarah Palin. I am now. If these two can\’t get the job done, the job will not get done. We will then be faced with other choices.

For now, I\’m pullin\’ for Palin!

What Fed?

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Be not deceived; the Fed is not a Federal Government agency, nor does it maintain reserves. The Federal Reserve is a \”Central Bank\”, the establishment of which our forefathers fought for a century and half. It has been allowed to co-opt the Constitutional function of both the US Treasury and the Congress in the establishment of monetary policy and issuance of currency. The income taxes we pay are used to pay the interest on the money that the Fed creates, out of thin air, and sells to our government. The AIG and other bailouts are private loans, the collateral for which are the institutions themselves (AIG, Fannie Mae, etc); private loans for which the taxpayer is ultimately obligated to repay.

It is obviously not enough for the directors of the Federal Reserve that they own the sweat of the American taxpayer, they must now own the business for which the taxpayers sweat. Greed is never satisfied.

People are understandably concerned about this so-call government bailout. It is not a government bailout. The Federal Reserve will just print an extra $85 billion (electronically, of course; paper is too expensive due to the impact of the spotted owl on the lumber industry). We are not likely to have to pay this directly, in taxes, as our tax rates are likely to stay the same or be reduced by the next Congress and administration in an effort to maintain positive economic activity. Where we will pay is everywhere else we spend money. We cannot forever endure an ever increasing increase in the money supply brought about, in large part, by these bailouts without also incurring inflation and the heightened risk of hyper-inflation. We will not only pay more for everything but will also pay more for every item that comes with a sales tax.

The only hope we have of avoiding the ultimate nightmare this represents is to do away with the Federal Reserve and the men who perpetrate and perpetuate this monstrous fraud. But how?

We Must Clear the Decks of Jokers

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

As previously noted on this site, there is only one way to stave off the impending financial doom; return all monetary policy to the US Treasury, investigate the role of central bankers in the current crisis, seize all their resources if anticipated abuses are discovered, officially tie the value of our currency to energy (the dollar is already de-facto a measure of the value of petroleum, or the other way around), either in BTU\’s or, closer to bone; calories. Fully investing ourselves in domestic energy production and energy freedom will be the tide that lifts all boats. Lastly, we must purge our government of corruption to the degree that it is possible. Trust and faith are the only things that have any real value as we address real problems with real solutions. Shuffling the deck will only hide the jokers. We need to get rid of them altogether if we hope to avoid the long, dark night of chaos that will be the inevitable consequence of clinging to the status quo.


Friday, September 12th, 2008

Poached Frog and its creator pause to reflect upon the events of 9-11-2001 and express deep gratitude to those whose heroism turned a day of trauma and tragedy into a lasting tribute to human courage, patriotism and the willingness to serve a higher cause. We thank our first heroes; the police and firemen who responded instantly without thought for self. We honor those whose sacrifice aboard flight 93 gave America its first victory in the War on Terror. We thank President Bush for being resolute in the face of both the terrorists and those at home who attacked him as Commander in Chief and the mission he led to take the war to those who hate us and our freedoms. His actions and the actions of countless other diligent public servants prevented another seemingly inevitable attack on the homeland. We thank Mayor Giulliani for his exemplary conduct as he stood, unruffled an undaunted by the cascading catastrophe. We are eternally grateful for all those Americans who answered the call of duty and placed themselves in harm\’s way for the benefit of us all. And above all, we give humble thanks for those who gave all. God bless them and their families and God bless the United states of America. May we always be worthy!

BO Needs to Get a Gripstick

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

If the prosecutor calls the theft of $1,000 grand larceny, what is the appropriate expression for the heist of $460,000,000,000? Do we have words big enough to properly classify crimes of this magnitude? (And in broad daylight!!) How else can one describe the taxpayer bailout of the private mortgage industry? Where in the Constitution is the authority to do this? Who profits or has already profited from this massive misappropriation? Don\’t the House and Senate Banking committees have a responsibility (if not the blame) here? Why isn\’t the average citizen expressing outrage over this? Oh, I nearly forgot; we have been distracted to distraction by decades of common corruption at the highest levels. We are all poached frogs. Why should we wonder?

B.O. should know that the \”something fishy\” in DC, is caused by the pigs gorging themselves at the public trough. As a community organizer, he should know this. It\’s not the poor, the unemployed and aged that benefit from these government \”programs\” as much as the ones who munificently distribute the alms. This is the real source of the stink. Because, as Christ said, \”The poor will always be among you\”, the saprophytic socialists that are the modern Democrat party will never run out of voters as long as they continue to buy their support with largesse from the public treasury, after they have first helped themselves.

Deflect and Pretend

Monday, September 8th, 2008

It is not the custom of this blog to link the reader to other sites but the URL below links to a video of the Little 0 personally offering his clarifications of the defense policy he intends to pursue if he is elected. No one should vote without first seeing and hearing this.

What you will most likely find is that the site has been taken down due to the content. There is no way Obama wants this broadcast any more than he wanted the comments he made about \”bitter\” small town rubes \”clinging to their guns and bibles\” being more widely disseminated.

What Obama says is that he will unilaterally disarm our nation and gut the military budget. Yes, he really says this. I saw the site before it was pulled. Can we afford this kind of leadership in a dangerous world that is growing more dangerous?

The primary function of government is to protect and defend it citizens. We cannot expect this from someone whose primary talent is to deflect and pretend.

More Mere Mortal Musings

Friday, September 5th, 2008

As Obama rallies his fawning Harpies to the defense of his wobbling candidacy against the Mother of all Moose Hunters, the distinction between the grizzled, genderized ideologues and a real woman of substance will become even more obvious, to the delight of an overwhelming majority of Americans who haven\’t seen a real woman in the national political spotlight since Ronald Reagan invited Maggie Thatcher to visit. Although the Iron Maiden was never a member of the NRA, both Margaret and Sarah have plenty of brass.

Legislators, like the Little o, Biden and, yes, McCain, are practiced in the political art of compromise; often to the inclusion of their principles and whatever other values that may have survived the process. Being in the executive branch of government, as is Palin, precludes one from participating in such demeaning activities. She is actually required by her position to make decisions. Some call it leadership. Yes and No are the only choices available to the executive; it is not enough to simply be present or to vote present.

This might surprise some, but small towns are not filled with small people. I would put up almost any small town resident against a member of the Lilliputian Press as being more honest, sincere and reliable. An amazing thing happens in small towns. Because, as in the community of 900 in which I grew up, everyone knows everyone else and little of note escapes anyone, one is required to behave or be appropriately ostracized. The lack of anonymity actually builds accountability (in all but the political class, of course). I believe that most people would consider this a virtue. Those who don\’t appreciate this fact are free to live in the big city, but it won\’t make them any bigger.

James Joyce was a really interesting person who made a reputation obscuring the meaning behind his writings by introducing puns, foreign language and oblique references to even lesser known works or events. He became a hero to some by permitting them to lay claim to some sort of arcane understanding that set them apart from the rest of the puddin\’-heads with whom they were forced to associate. And who could argue with them? I suppose a lot of lyrics in the universe of popular music would similarly qualify as being difficult to grasp in anything other than in a visceral, night-clubbish sort of way. As an example of my point you will just have to guess what it is I am trying to say. (Like Joyce, I\’m also Irish and am similarly entitled to the same treatment as an artist and as an old man.) Hint; it ties in with elitist/leftist thought. Okay! I\’ll explain. A mysterious God is far easier to handle, for some, than a God with a stone tablet full of rules. A mysterious God cannot be understood! How can a mere mortal be accountable to an unknowable God? The obsession with obscurity is fundamental to the understanding of the liberal mind (assuming anyone truly wants to know).

The masked demonstrators that rioted at the RNC convention are little more than a band of anachronistic wannabe anarchists. If they are so enamored of the 60\’s they should just move to Laytonville, or alter their style somewhat and organize more Renaissance Fairs and leave the rest of us alone. The left has become what they claim to be against; reactionary and resentful, hateful and intolerant, biassed and bigoted, bitter and abrasive, obstinate and abusive, racist and chauvinistic. And, as with most people who are suffering from insanity in its many forms, they fully refuse to consider even the slightest possibility that they might be partially to blame for the difficulties they, and we, suffer. I would spend more time praying for them, but it only seems to make them angrier.

Have Guts, Will Travel

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

\”Have Guts, Will Travel\” could be Palin\’s new calling card. Let the bad guys beware. She will prove to be a tremendous Boone to both the ticket and the nation. Try as they may, the below-the-beltway media will have no answer for the Alaskan Governor, but they will have much to answer for as their breathtakingly obvious bias is pasted above the banner for all to see. The partisan observations of the pustulant press ooze from the wounds that they themselves have been complicit in inflicting upon the body politic.

The left\’s vile and bilious reaction to Palin\’s candidacy proves that feminism was never about women, just as Condi and Clarence Thomas proved that racial politics has nothing to do with race, just as the prehistoric press has proven that modern journalism has nothing to do with providing fair and objective coverage of facts or events. It\’s the ideology stupid; or stated more correctly, it\’s the stupid ideology!

Meanwhile John MCain emerges as the smartest man in America.

Smoke, GOOD!

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

The real reason the left has been critical of the pregnancy of the younger Palin has nothing to do with the issues of morality or marriage as would have been the case decades ago. They are simply appalled that she obviously had not been paying attention in condom class and has now become a \”breeder\”.

The problem with most modern Democrats is that they have not advanced their thinking since attending Ideology 101.1. Much has changed since the 60\’s. The advent of the 24 hour news cycle should have trained them to keep up, but alas, most have missed upgrades 101.2 through 911.7. Al Gore is a perfect example. He attended a college class in which his professor introduced the concept of man made CO2 as the cause of global climate change. Al has made a career out of this \”knowledge\” but failed to take the refresher course in which the same professor disavowed his earlier claims, having subsequently discovered them to be in error. So much for staying \”CURRENT\”!

I cannot help but associate modern day leftist thinking with a scene from the Frankenstein movie in which the monster, on the loose, visits the home of a blind man (representing the mythic father of college students who just keeps sending money from far off home for what he hopes will be lastingly beneficial) who extends his hospitality to the unanticipated guest. He gives the monster food and drink and then a cigar, to which the monster excitedly responds with the memorable words, \”Food. Good! Drink. Good!\” and \”Smoke. Good!\” Our friends on the left are similarly originalist in their thought and every bit as articulate in their communication. They might have enhanced their vocabulary a bit over the years but the talking points are the same and the content has not significantly changed, except for the addition of \”Sex. Good!\”; unless, of course, your name is Palin.