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The 7-G\’s

Friday, October 24th, 2008

It matters little what the G-7 will attempt to mitigate the unfolding economic \”crisis\”. What matters is what we, as individuals, will do in preparation for what appears to be an inevitable downturn in all things measurable. While it is still possible for us to get back on track and move forward on a relatively firm foundation, it does not appear likely; not with the same people who brought us these problems now peddling their desperate and dubious solutions. We must be prepared to take care of ourselves. I recommend the following list; the 7-G\’s.

1. God. You will not be able to adequately meet the challenges we face without some recourse to the Almighty. Laugh or smirk if you wish. Mortality is short and represents the smallest measure of your existence. If you are not already investing your faith, you might want to at least consider hedging your bets.

2. Grub (or groceries). Your mortal sojourn will be a whole lot shorter without an adequate supply of victuals. The store shelves will be empty within three days\’ time without replenishment. Any number of things can cause the trucks to stop running.

3. Guns (and ammo). Others will be looking to relieve you of you of your stores. If you hope to keep them you will need to be able to defend them. With municipalities laying off policemen due to the economic realities of our day and with an ever-increasing workload, they will be hard-pressed to properly respond to your needs in a timely fashion. Civil unrest is to be anticipated under a host of foreseeable circumstances.

4. Gasoline. Have enough on hand to get you clear of the cities where civil unrest will be at its worst. Plan a route to your rural kin or friends and have enough petrol to get you there.

5. Gold. Paper money is already worth next to nothing. How much cash do you have on hand anyway? What will it be worth when the system of fiat currency ultimately collapses? Who will take your credit or ATM cards? Gold will be the only currency that anyone will consider as an acceptable exchange for the necessities of life, such as grub, gas and guns.

6. Guts. Courage will be a requirement for survival. You will be called upon to do things you never imagined, in circumstances you never dared to imagine. Steel yourself. You might want to get in better physical shape. Refer to item 1.

7. Gratitude. We live in the most amazing time in all of human history. We are about to enter into open conflict with the Master Deceiver and his minions. Regardless of the outcome of the next election, the last and greatest hope of humanity, the United States of America, has been effectively overthrown by greedy and corrupt individuals and institutions which we, as citizens, have tolerated for too long. Still, we have opportunities never before enjoyed by the billions who have preceded us on the mortal stage. We, as Americans, still have the power to act and the information technology (for now) to unite us in purpose. For those, like myself, who once lamented the inability to respond to the challenges that our fathers and grandfathers faced so heroically in their respective generations, this moment in history has delivered our chance to engage ourselves in a mission of near earth-shattering scope and scale. This is not a battle to return territory or restore freedom to those afflicted by common tyrants. This is perhaps the final phase of the conflict of truth and principle versus deceit and error; the culmination of the battle that began before the world was. We are privileged to participate.

If you are frightened by this scenario, you should be. Check your convictions and ask yourself \”Whose side am I on?\”. That should help.

Now is not the time to panic but it is the time to prepare. It doesn\’t take a universal calamity to necessitate the use of the items noted above but when you really need them, you will want them to be readily available. Isn\’t it better to be safe than sorry?

Where are They?

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Does Obama still have a wife? A running mate? Why are these two amazing intellects nowhere to be found?

If This Really Is a \”Crisis\”—

Monday, October 20th, 2008

There is a solution. All debt is ultimately owned by banks, right? Let\’s arrest the central bankers that created this mess and perpetrated this massive fraud, seize their assets, cancel all debt and start over again with real money, backed by gold. The US Treasury will be in charge of printing and minting currency and the Congress, in concert with the Treasury, will exercise control over monetary policy, as required by the Constitution. We eliminate the income tax and institute a national consumption tax of 12-15% (excluding food and basic utilities for the primary benefit of the poor and elderly), which will plug every loophole known to man and finally make the various black marketeers subject to taxation. We then eliminate all earmarks from all legislation. Everything must be voted on for its own merits. We commission a blue ribbon panel consisting equally of never-previously-elected Democrats, Republicans and Independents to review all programs that receive annual funding to determine which are unfruitful, wasteful or unconstitutional. The panel\’s recommendations will be be taken up in public session by the whole House and Senate to be voted on, up or down. Lastly Americans must take their duties as citizens seriously. Otherwise we will find ourselves right back where we presently find ourselves.

Tricked or Entreated

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

It\’s just a good thing the American electorate was neither tricked nor entreated by the specter of elevating Colin Powell to the nation\’s highest office, as had been floated by some. He has certainly displayed a paucity of good judgement by endorsing the Marxist (I do not use this word lightly), Obama. Powell says it\’s not about race. Remember the old line, \”when someone says it\’s not about the money; it\’s about the money\”? The same principle applies.

To any and all out there in cyberville who harbor any pretense of maintaining a reasonable relationship with the frog, please do not ever tell me that you voted for Barack, or for any Democrat for that matter (remembering that I am a lifelong Independent). I would prefer that our political differences not interfere with our sociality. If I knew that you had committed such a boneheaded blunder, such an intellectually vacuous goof, I would naturally be forced to regard you and your cerebral assets as having been deeply deflated in the process of investing in and ingesting the propaganda pumped out by the discredited prehistoric press, or wonder if you even made an effort to distill the truth from the overwhelming body of evidence available for all who are willing to see. Voting for those who promote Marxism, by this or any other name, is wholly incompatible with being a truly patriotic American. Please exercise your right to vote with all due soberness of character and with the maximum respect for all who have sacrificed for the freedoms you will sacrifice if you vote for anyone associated with the new Democrat party.

There is apparent validity to the old adage that we (the majority) get the government we deserve. No matter which of these square pegs is shoehorned into the Oval Office we will need all the help we can get, but Obama and his worldview represent problems for our republic that we may never overcome.

Accounting Coup

Friday, October 10th, 2008

Would you be surprised to discover that the economic upheaval we are witnessing is contrived and that it is actually a coup staged by the globalists at the IMF, World Bank and their associated central bankers, worldwide? Have you wondered at the timidity of our leaders and those who would be our leaders? Stay tuned for the 7 G\’s.


Friday, October 3rd, 2008

If Joe is \”not going to change\”, what is their campaign really about?