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100 Days on the Road to Ruin

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Perspective is relative. Truth is not. Science brought us a perspective on relativity but that remains a theory. Science is truth or it is not science. Obama has stated that he wants to put science back in its \”proper\” place. The science to which Obama claims to adhere exists in defiance of what is true. So, here are some questions that real science would not be afraid to answer if truth were the honest object.

If life begins at birth, why do hospitals feed the fetuses of otherwise lifeless mothers? If we descended from arboreal primates, where is the evidence? Evidence of evolution exists, but not inter-species evolution. And what about the evolution of consciousness? What about that uniquely human faculty that actually created the theory that the Darwinists none too deftly defend? From whence did it arise? Why does current DNA research point to a common female ancestor a mere 6500 years in the past?

Global warming; where is the science? The creator of the idea was grilled in Congress about 5 years ago and was unable to sustain his theory with the peer review required to call it \”science\”. Science demands independent substantiation, without which there is but theory. Al Gore and the Democrats would not permit opposing opinions to be heard in Congressional hearings last Friday. And these are the people who support the \”fairness doctrine\”? Exhalation of CO2, thanks to the Obama administration, now makes each and every human a polluter. Where is the science to defend this nonsense? What, among other things, must plant-life have to survive?

350,000 people die annually from the flu, worldwide. And this new swine flu, with 250 deaths in Mexico where tens of thousands have died due to corruption and cartels, is a health crisis? Why? Is it because the Obama and his congressional colleagues are about to unleash \”reconciliation\” to force us and 1/3 of the US economy into an historically debased, debunked and devalued concept known as universal health care?

Why, if skyrocketing energy prices is a concern to Americans did the Obama administration arbitrarily shut down the Colorado and Utah gas and oil industries? Why is ANWAR not open to further exploration? Why has Obama nationalized private industries? Where in the constitutionally enumerated powers of government does he draw legal support for this brazen act of economic sabotage? Where are the jobs?

And lastly some political science questions. What is it about the First, Second, Fifth and Tenth Amendments that Democrats don\’t like and cannot defend? When did you last read the Constitution? The Declaration of Independence? The Communist Manifesto? When you can answer these questions, you will be able to converse on a much higher level than mere opinion and perspective. The truth provides far more interesting topics for discussion.

If the first 100 days is any indication, our Democratic Republic may not survive the damage long enough to make it to the mid-term elections. Be prepared. Oh, and forget about being rescued by Republicans. Don\’t be delusional. Republicans, as typified by the actions of John McCain, whose legislation constricted freedom of speech and Arnold Specter, the defector, are simply actors in the political charade that now barely conceals the face of Big Brother.

Arlen Specter

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

All you need to know about Arlen Specter is this; he has been a tool in the hands of the Central bankers for decades, beginning with his creation of the \”Magic Bullet Theory\” adopted by the Warren Commission, which was stacked with other tools of the Central bankers. Don\’t believe it? Check it out. The coup is nearly complete. Wake up Americans. It is time to reactivate the Declaration of Independence. Government has become destructive to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is our sacred duty to create a new government; one that will honor the original charter of this land.

Holder\’s Ethical Duty to Recuse Himself

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

The fact that US Attorney General, Eric Holder, and his law firm represented 17 of the Guantanamo Bay terrorists should automatically be grounds for his recusal as the final arbiter of the decision whether or not to proceed with investigations of Bush era officials regarding the techniques employed to glean the intelligence necessary to prevent all post 9-11 domestic terror attacks. But he won\’t, and the most ethical and transparent administration in history becomes even more transparent as they become even more unethical.

Water Boarding

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Water boarding is not torture. It may be scary and it may be unpleasant but it is not torture. No harm is done to the person being water boarded. Our own military prepares members of our own special forces for the possibility of capture by water boarding them. Cutting people\’s heads off, a la Allah\’s Al Quaida, is torture. Enduring the endless drivel of self-loathing, suicidal left wing lemmings is torture. What Obama, Pelosi and Reid are doing to our country is torture. Reading anything at Soros-funded is torture. Watching PBS, ABC, NBS, CBS or CNN is torture. Don\’t buy the hype! These people, from Obama to the lowliest left-wing operative, whether some know it or not, are on the payroll of those who actively seek to destroy this country. Why else would they give aid, comfort and classified information to our enemies? It is time to wake up, or sober-up.

Cold is Hot

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Cold fusion has re-emerged as a possible solution to the energy challenges we face. It appears that a palladium cathode bathed in a deuterium solution will generate 25 times the amount of energy required to stimulate the reaction. This would be great news but for two things; it will doubtless cause more global warming (isn\’t it bad enough that hot things heat up the environment without having cold things adding more? And you know that I am kidding, right?) and the government will not be able to levy a carbon tax on this technology. Both will be reasons for the government to shoot down the idea just as they did 20 years ago when they laughed the first cold fusion enthusiasts, and John Galt, into exile. Free energy, or nearly free energy is an anathema to the power-mongers who control the flow of capital and the flow of carbon-based fuel. These people seek to further enslave us. This new technology would naturally have the opposite effect. This is another reason to stand up to the powers that be. They cling to outmoded ideas and technologies out of the greedy desire to maintain the ultimately unsustainable status quo. If we don\’t shake them up, they will take us down.

Standing Aside

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

My natural tendency is to point to issues of concern and to point out what I consider to be the obvious possible solutions. These ideas are generally at odds with the notions employed by those currently in positions of power in our government. My silence of late is not indicative of my lack of concern for recent events but is rather a pro-active response of a different sort. The people against whom I ordinarily rail are doing such a good job of demonstrating their native foolishness and their overwhelming ineptitude that I simply have not wanted to be a distraction. They are good at something after all! I would simply ask that they put the gun down after they have shot themselves in the foot.

Right Wing Extremists

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

According to a new report issued on April 9 to all domestic law enforcement agencies by the Department of Homeland Security, you are a right wing extremist if you fall into the following categories (aka, profile):

You believe in the right to life or the sanctity of life.
You believe in the Bill of Rights, particularly the 1st, 2nd and 10th Amendments
You believe that the Federal government is acting in any way unwisely or unconstitutionally
You support Third Party political candidates
You are not in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens
You have recently purchased a firearm or ammunition
You think Obama is the wrong person for the job
If you are at all concerned about the actions of the UN or the creation of a \”New World Order\” that erodes American sovereignty
If you are a veteran returning from Iraq or Afghanistan

This excerpt is from the report (the whole report is available at

— (U//FOUO) Proposed imposition of firearms restrictions and weapons bans
likely would attract new members into the ranks of rightwing extremist groups,
as well as potentially spur some of them to begin planning and training for
violence against the government. The high volume of purchases and
stockpiling of weapons and ammunition by rightwing extremists in anticipation
of restrictions and bans in some parts of the country continue to be a primary
concern to law enforcement.

— (U//FOUO) Returning veterans possess combat skills and experience that are
attractive to rightwing extremists. DHS/I&A is concerned that rightwing
extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize returning veterans in order to
boost their violent capabilities.

The mere act of purchasing weapons and ammunition makes you an extremist by definition.

And you thought the Department of Homeland Security was protecting the nation against other forms of radicalism! A government that is more concerned about law-abiding citizens than with illegal aliens, foreign terrorists, pirates, Iranian dictators, North Korean madmen, street gangs, ACORN and the Mafia is legitimate cause for concern, is it not? If you think so, you are a right wing extremist.

Slight of Hand

Monday, April 13th, 2009

The Obama administration just slipped this past us while our gaze was fixed on Pirates and tea parties. The following excerpt from the Executive Order, dated April 8, 2009, should be cause for concern. In spite of every historical precedent and perspective, the Leftist in Chief persists upon following a course that is doomed to fail. The additional friction this will add to the current economic ills that we face has the potential of rendering the patient comatose.

Read section \”h\” of the order;

h) work with the Congress and executive departments and agencies to eliminate unnecessary legislative, regulatory, and other bureaucratic barriers that impede effective delivery of efficient and high-quality health care;

The interpretation of this is where it all gets a little murky. Knowing what we know about the left we can only assume the worst.

The Ides of April

Monday, April 13th, 2009

It would be a big mistake to think that the Tea Party phenomenon has anything to do with political parties or even politics. The frustrations arising from the recent changes in the socio-economic climate and the obvious tone-deafness of our elected officials and their legions of bureaucrats has brought us to the most polarized but at the same time the most apolitical moment in our history since 1775. The anger and frustration is about government having become \”destructive of these ends\”, in other words destructive of \”life liberty and the pursuit of happiness\”; about governmental abuse of power and authority emanating from BOTH political parties.

As outlined in the Declaration of Independence, it is the duty of citizens not only to seek redress of grievances but also to replace tyrannical or ineffective existing governmental forms with one which, \”as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness\”.

This is America. The obligations of citizenship compel the serious citizen to act. Because this is America, our traditions and laws dictate that we must first make the attempt to effectively communicate our grievances. With the Civil War as a notable exception, we have been largely successful at working out our differences peacefully. This time, however, things are different.

We are no longer dealing with simple ideological distinctions; we are confronting criminality of the highest order on the highest levels. The people presently in charge have cast aside every pretense of appealing to the Constitution for guidance or authority for their actions. In so doing they have placed themselves above, and have trampled upon the laws of the land. A civil appeal for redress is in order but is not sufficient to restore the confidence required to properly take on the crises that confront us. Our government in its present form and size is not capable of counteracting the calamities that have befallen us; it is, in fact, the major cause.

With this in mind the tea party as an instrument of change will be almost completely meaningless unless it is followed by something of substance, like a new Continental Congress or Concord Bridge. Fortunately for us, the Founders have done all the hard work, having designed the blueprint and laid the foundation. Our job is to pare the size of government back to the dimensions initially envisioned for it. Not easy, but we are Americans, aren\’t we?

The Tea Party is a great first step for those just beginning to understand the nature of our circumstances. The next steps will likely include varying degrees of civil disobedience (withholding of withholding, ignoring the imposition of laws and regulations contradictory to our unalienable rights, the flouting of laws and regulations that exceed the constitutionally delineated authorities granted to the government, etc). Following that a structured, non-partisan debate must occur wherein we, the citizens, reclaim the top spot in the hierarchy of government.

The author of this blog has previously detailed such a scenario playing out in Branson, MO, a geographically well-situated community with plenty of room and an abundance of venues for just such a purpose. It would not be appropriate to carry on this exercise in the nation\’s capitol, for a host of reasons, not the least of which would be the inappropriateness of a public acknowledgement of DC\’s importance. Washington DC and the people who govern from there are the problem. The solution rests with the people and states. The \”Show Me\” state would be a perfect venue for a \”Reconstitution of Government\” convention.

Before taking on the Federal government, the citizens must act to take back their state governments. Each state\’s reconstitution convention (held for the purpose of sending delegates to the national convention) must also issue directives to the state legislature, executive and judicial branches instructing each to function within their respective constitutional limits; noting that breaches of authority will no longer be tolerated. A demand that all state legislatures be immediately placed on full-time part time status will also be issued in deference to Jefferson\’s proper assertion that \”the government that governs least governs best\”.

Blue ribbon commissions will be empaneled in each state with the specific purpose of reviewing all laws and regulations with the goal being to dramatically reduce the size and scope of government in all forms and aspects; laws, agencies, regulatory bodies, budgets, etc. Recommendations will be made to the legislature for the elimination of all unconstitutional, ineffective or otherwise friction-laden programs. That body must act to eliminate or publicly provide evidence of the necessity to maintain each program within six months of the receipt of each set of recommendations or face sanctions that include loss of pay.

There is much to do. It sounds like work. It is. It may require sacrifices on many levels. This is the American tradition. How will we explain our selfishness and our cowardice to our forebears and our posterity? Should we fail to act we will be the first generation of Americans to bequeath servitude, not liberty, to our children and grandchildren. If we fail to act, and soon, nothing else that we do will be of any real consequence. Let this April 15 mark the beginning. Then do what you must do while remembering that only 4% of the colonists actively participated in the revolution, and recalling further that Providence was with them each step of the way.

Happy Easter

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Today we celebrate the most important event in all of human history; the resurrection of Jesus Christ, His victory over death, His gift and promise to all who have ever lived that each may also claim this resurrection as a right and privilege at some future point, not distant. We all have a sense of our immortal nature, including those who otherwise publicly insist that \”when you\’re dead, you\’re dead\”. In their private hearts they know that this life is but a brief, though important byway. If there is genuine hope to be had it arises from the understanding that we are eternal beings who are no longer manacled by the limits of mortality.

May you accept God\’s blessings. Happy Easter.


Friday, April 10th, 2009

The minutes of the April 2009 meeting of the Federal Reserve Board reveal that the current money supply is approximately $2 Trillion dollars. This represents an approximate five-fold increase in the last two years. The minutes also record that their prior certitude about being able to stuff this genie back into the bottle was ill-founded. They are not going to be able to pull these funds out of circulation without significant harm to the economy and they cannot leave this extraordinary amount of money in circulation without causing significant inflation. They are between a rock and a hard place and we will all pay for it. None of these so-called geniuses has the slightest clue as to how to proceed or in which direction. This includes the genius in chief.

We have been taught that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. This is true as far as it goes, but we are now in uncharted waters. Ply the oceans of knowledge. Dredge the historical backwaters. You will not find anything that accurately points to the situation in which we now find ourselves. My mother-in-law vividly recalls the days when she had to bring a sack full of Marks to the store in order to buy a sack full of groceries. In previous hyper-inflationary tidal waves, like this Weimar Republic example, there was at least one rescue vessel able to answer the SOS call. This happened to be the United States dollar. No longer.

The Germans, who had been furiously printing million and billion Mark notes to the point that people were actually using them as toilet paper (because it was cheaper), finally had to give up on the notion of floating their economic enterprise on a sea of ink, and thus cast their mooring lines in the direction of something solid; a gold and silver based currency. Upon choosing this course the Germans went from 4,800,000,000 Marks per dollar to 4.80 Marks per dollar overnight and found themselves in an equally painful deflationary environment but gaining solid footing and heading in the right direction, economically. There are presently no currencies in the world that draw upon the value of a solid commodity for support. All currencies today are \”fiat\” money and their values fluctuate against one another another based upon trade, politics, treaties, faith, oil and whatever the IMF says. There are no rescue vessels. We are essentially adrift in Waterworld.

The US Constitution requires that our \”coinage\” be in gold or silver. Why have we drifted away from this requirement? This is the element that makes our present circumstance different from the economic cycles of the past. We have lawlessness in the highest places. Those who were purportedly our servants have hijacked the ship of state, ransacked the pursers quarters and now hold the ship at ransom awaiting further payment from the taxpaying passengers. Even the captain of the vessel and most of the mates are in on this. Compared to the privateers at the Fed, the pesky little Somali pirates are like brine flies; bothersome but not all that harmful.

At this stage of the game we need to recognize that the Central bankers and their government gofers and press puppets, bereft of solutions for the crises into which we have all been press-ganged, will have two choices; the Wizard of Oz gushing tears, wringing hands, mea culpa, I\’ll-do-my-best-to-get-you-back-to-Kansas apology tour, or—martial law. Which choice do you think is more likely?

There is one viable solution; SOS. Stop Over Spending. We cannot solve the problem by spending more on the same failed notions. We would be better off cutting the budget so dramatically as to practically shut down the government. If one does not have money, one does not spend money; not without severe consequences. We have lent and spent ourselves into this problem by investing in ideas that have been proven inviable, such as manipulating economic realties in an effort to balance the static demand for \”social justice\” upon the moving engines of entrepreneurialism. The crowds of beggars are capsizing an already leaking boat. Meanwhile the people who are busily bailing are getting tired and preparing to mutiny. Before we allocate another dime for anything else we should first place a bounty upon the heads of all those who persist in promoting this criminal enterprise.

Isn\’t it teatime?

Bow Wow

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

I watched the video of Obama\’s greeting of the Saudi King at the recent London G-20 Summit. I watched it six times. The official White House story of the event was that Obama did not bow to King Abdulah but rather, in clasping the hand of the king in both of his, the president only appeared bow. It\’s one thing to make an attempt to manipulate the perception of an event for the purpose of interpreting it for those not in attendance. It is quite another when the cameras are rolling and the video is made available on the internet. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video says it all. I am not sure which is the greater transgression; a president of the US bowing to a king or lying about the incident later. In any case, Obama is guilty of both; both terrible lapses of judgement. Is he really the smartest man in the world? But what should we expect? Didn\’t the smartest people in the country vote for him?

Little O\’s World Tour

Monday, April 6th, 2009

All the gushing and histrionics from the media\’s minions leads one to wonder just what it is we have been witnessing here on this side of the pond. One could conclude that our press, like all of the news outlets in every other country in the world, is being run by the propaganda ministry. But whatever is going on over there it is too urbane to be Woodstock, but still it has that feel; a real rock star moment with a Richie Havens cadence. It\’s too profane to be a revival meeting but there is something in the air akin to the spirit (or more accurately, a spirit). It is too inane to be a circus extravaganza though there are more than enough rings in Brussels. There is not enough loyalty to one\’s alma mater to duplicate the spectacle of March Madness, but there is madness enough. There is not enough drama to qualify as theatre unless one is talking about the absurd. The spectacle fails to dazzle like a movie premier, but the specter of Premiers-past shines darkly from the dim gaze of Putin\’s puppet, Medvedev, and his new comrade, the Little O. There is not enough passion and enthusiasm to bring it to the level of a political convention though more enough lies have been told. The most illuminating aspect of the G-20 summit was Britain\’s semi-public acknowledgement of Obama\’s commitment to transparency in government, which was symbolically represented by having the event catered by Jamie Oliver, the Naked Chef. Or was this simply a Freudian reference to Emperor O\’s new clothes?

All that remains, now, is for the media to put him on a donkey and throw palm fronds at his feet. In a week (or a year or two) they will turn on him and will call for his crucifixion and beg for Barrabas. Buy those libs some bibs; first for the drool and then for the tears. But don\’t worry about them; they make money whether your market is going up or going down. So it is with celebrity and fame. The only thing more thrilling than building you up is tearing you apart.

Only the Kennedy\’s have escaped from the malicious between-the-margins calls of the scandal mongers masquerading as objective journalists, managing to massage their mystique through the tortured decades. Through all of their excesses and foolishness they have at least recognized the source of their blessings and have resisted the inclination to vilify the land of their birth. This is a lesson unheeded by the brash and brazen young Kenyan who has usurped the throne of Camelot. He will soon be made to the pay the political price for his audacity and arrogance and when that day comes, the leg-tremblers and dissemblers will turn on him fully, furiously and ferociously.

Begging the world for forgiveness begs Obama\’s appreciation for what America really means to the rest of the world\’s individual citizens. Everyone who truly yearns for freedom is an American at heart, public protestations to the contrary not withstanding. Americans are not a race. America is not a place but an ideal. It is the last, best hope of mankind and the world. This has not changed and will never change unless he is permitted, by the pathetic and the apathetic, to persist in his mal-advised mission to misconstrue the meaning, the principles, the values, the history, the trials and errors and the sacrifices that made America America.

Gift to the Queen

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

So Barack gave the Queen an IPod. How techie! I hope he also included all of his speeches. I hope, for his sake, that he used a teleprompter for each one and that he edited out all of his contradictory statements. I suppose it would be easier and more symbolic to simply give her an empty one; like all of his promises.