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The Dark Ages Revisited

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

I flew over the southern tip of Greenland yesterday. I had opened the window shade of the Airbus 340-600 (the world\’s longest commercial airliner) to stare in awe at the black and white vastness of Denmark\’s nearly lifeless colony. (Denmark, rare among nations, still has a colony owing to the wisdom of selecting a place where almost no one lives and still fewer wish to live.) All the shades had been closed by the flight crew, for reasons you will have to determine, whereupon I was told, in no uncertain terms, to close it. Understanding that flight crews are, for all practical purposes, deputized to maintain order in the once-friendly skies, I stifled the urge to resist this seemingly thoughtless demand and allowed discretion to be my guide.

The flight crew may have seen enough of Greenland\’s frozen wastes but it is not something I get to do everyday! As I was seated on an exit row I still had a fish-eyed, coffee-saucer-sized glass opening through which I was able to observe and witness the openly available evidence that climate change (aka \”global warming\”) is a hoax and a scam as large and as bereft of accessible benefit as Greenland itself. For hours we flew over the more-than-frosty expanses extending from Iceland to Hudson Bay while most of the rest of the world naturally suffered from the sweltering approach of the coming summer.

Another member of the crew was queried about the practice of pulling the blinds and we were told that it was the result of a passenger poll in which it was was supposedly revealed that most people would rather sleep and preferred the darkness to the glare that exists above the clouds at 37,000 feet. I was only moderately appeased by this information. It was only 8:oo PM where we had all come from. Who goes to bed at that hour? Don\’t most people maintain a crack in the darkness every night as they sit in front of their TV\’s? Many marvel at the HD documentaries that reveal the earth in its shimmering splendor and here we were with a rare, bird\’s-eye view of Greenland\’s mountains, glaciers and frozen fjords and we were told that we were prohibited from looking out the window! Why?

I had spent the last three weeks in the most conservative part of Germany, if not all of Europe; the lush and picturesque rolling hills of the Alpine foothills of Bavaria where I was thoroughly immersed in the comings and goings of friends and family. It will take yet a while before my reflections of these full and eventful days properly and cohesively crystalize but one thing is abundantly clear; even the most traditional and seemingly well-informed of the Europeans have been fully propagandized.

One must know and understand that there is no freedom of the press outside of the United States. Governments thoroughly control the news. While this can also be said of our major news outlets there remains, here, a free flow of honest information mostly in the form of radio and internet communication. The overwhelming majority of Europeans have no interest in, or access to either of these sources of information. I felt like I had been sucked into a black hole. I found no Wi-Fi and only a few internet cafes, the majority of which were scarcely populated and unable to provide access to anything Mac-related. I might have had better luck in Munich but even the large cites were devoid of public access points to the information super highway. In the endless concourses of outdoor cafes I saw but a handful laptops opened upon the mostly occupied tables.

Discussion was largely limited to weather, soccer, food and drink and the inexhaustible debate over Germany\’s past sins and the price they continue to pay although only a very few of those responsible for the misdeeds remain. It is similar to the discussion of slavery in this country; no one here was ever a slave and no one here ever owned a slave. How long are the sins of the fathers to be visited upon the children? When is enough enough?

Nearly everyone with whom I conversed spoke in very positive terms about our new president. They were surprised at my observations. This was the clearest evidence of dominant influence of the modern European press. Joseph Goebbels had nothing on these people! Tell a lie, make it big and tell it over and over again and soon everyone will believe it. This was the Goebbels\’ philosophy. Today\’s practitioners have made it an art form.

People who cling to traditional values and religion are considered to be right wing extremists. Where have we heard this before? They are also considered to be a danger the state. Hmm? Everyone associates Hitler with the right even though his movement was an extreme leftist-socialist movement.

A recent revelation about the murder of leftist student demonstrator in Berlin in 1968, an incident that forever radicalized a large number of German youth and lead to the Green movement, has required anyone with a brain to re-think the genesis of the modern international leftist movement. It has been discovered that the German police officer who shot and killed this young demonstrator was not the \”right-wing\” extremist he was made out by the press to be but rather a Stasi (East German Secret Police) spy with orders to assassinate this particular young leftist. The moral of this story revolves around the foolishness of displaying loyalty to a master who is not only incapable of corresponding but who will not hesitate to take your very life if it best suits his purposes. So it is with all brands of tyranny and all forms of vacuous ideologies. Someone once quipped, in reference to Oakland, that there is \”no there there\”. The same can be said of socialism. It is a pit that can never be filled, even with numberless concourses of victims.

The churches that once dominated the skylines of every city and village are mostly empty. The church bells peal but bare no appeal for the vast majority of of the once-faithful. They now merely toll at the passing of time. Most of the citizens of Bavaria cling to the notion of being Catholic, as a tradition, but church attendance is minimal even on the most holy of occasions. But everyone is at the recycling centers on Saturday! Wind turbines now claim dominance above every horizon. Green is the new religion. It was reminiscent of the classic movie \”Invasion of the Body Snatchers\” in which the normal people were replaced by zombie-like aliens each resembling those marked for substitution.

The birth rate among the Europeans is between 1.1 and 1.8 children per family. This is unsustainable. There will be virtually no Europeans left in 50 years.

The influx of workers from Islamic nations has been steadily growing. The average Islamic family in Europe has 8.2 children. In the not-distant future Mullahs will be using the towers of vacant churches and cathedrals as minarets for the calling of the faithful to prayer.

The Europeans are committing suicide, slowly but surely. The soft hedonism of \”Gemuetlichkeit\” has eroded the senses and sensibilities of the overwhelming majority of those who appear to live less recklessly than their offspring who have little or no respect for the antiquities they occupy or the traditions of their respective races. Three times during the 20th Century, America saved the Europeans from each other but we are powerless to save them from themselves.

In appreciation for the quality of the food I told one person that if I had to live in a socialist nation that I might prefer one in which the daily bread was better. His surprised response was that he did not live in a socialist nation. Right! And the Greens are neither red nor brown!

It occurred to me, as we touched down in San Francisco, that the shades had indeed been drawn to maintain the darkness and to keep the passengers asleep.

Napolitano As Supreme Court Justice

Monday, May 4th, 2009

While it is true that conservatives will lose little in the way of common sense with the retirement of David Souter, the mere mention of Janet Napolitano as his replacement on the bench should raise significant concern. As the head of Homeland Security she issued a report to all law enforcement agencies throughout the nation profiling people who believe in the Constitution, particularly the First, Second and Tenth Amendments, and who believe in the sanctity of life (as in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) as potentially being enemies of the state. Really ! I am not making this up! Her task, as a Justice, will be to determine the constitutionality of laws as they apply to specific cases. How will she do that when she obviously does not consider the Constitution to be the Supreme law of the land or, at the very least, finds faults with many of its essential provisions? What we know for certain is that Obama will name someone with similar disdain for the rights and liberties of this nation\’s citizens. Justice may be blind, but should it also be deaf, dumb and dumber? This is change?

More Random Thoughts

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Fiat! How better to bail out a bankrupt company than by printing more fiat money. Oh wait, Fiat is acquiring Chrysler without putting up any money. But no matter, we will soon be able to buy a Fiat with a fiat.

The real problem with the government is Congressional recidivism. 99% percent of our elected officials return to DC every election cycle to continue their lives of crime.