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Understanding the Postmodern Liberal Mind and Method

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

One must look back to Friedrick Nietsche, from whom they learned that God is dead, and according to whom, “There are no absolute and fixed truths.” According to Nietsche, reality is a flux, an endless becoming that is beyond words and language – that all language is metaphor, useful to us but ultimately detached from reality.

Further, that fixed truths in religion and morality are an illusion. We created them, thus “God is dead” and morality is relative to the individual. And that myth is mightier than reality.

Therefore, it is important to understand that facts mean nothing to the postmodern liberal unless the facts support their agenda. If the facts are not useful to them, they merely change the language or simply refuse the debate.

In order to gain sway with one of these human chameleons one must first consider the value of making the effort to communicate. It is probable that it will not be worth the time or frustration, but if you conclude that it is a worthwhile exercise, speak what you know to be true, stand your ground, in other words on firm principles. Repeat yourself as necessary. Fall back, if necessary on the Founding Fathers. The Declaration of Independence says most of what needs to be said and cannot be refuted. The Constitution is also a very handy thing to have at hand.

Contrary to Nietsche’s opinion words have meaning, but names do not (a nose by any other other name will smell as well). They will call you names; racist, bigot, hater, homophobe. This is all they’ve got. Fear them not. They have no moral standing by their very own definition of morality. Their claims to integrity are as real as their ideology and no firmer than the shifting sands.

In truth, this is no contest. The debate is between truth and error, between what works and what does not, between right and wrong, between good and evil. Which side will prevail? You already know. The victor has already been determined. This event must merely undergo the formality of actually occurring. Stand firm. Be courageous. God is not dead. He stands with you in this battle as the war which began in heaven is concluded here on earth.

Terrorist Attacks on Moscow Subway

Monday, March 29th, 2010

I feel terrible for the families of the innocent and unsuspecting Russians who died today at the hands of the terrorists; two female suicide bombers probably from Chechnya, home of a virulent strain of violent Islamic radicalism. If there is any good at all to come out of this it will most likely be a demonstration of how to effectively wage war on terrorists.

Our government should take note. I don’t think the Russians will grant the rights of citizenship to the terrorists they capture and I am sure they won’t be raiding the homes of Christians with guns, as was done by the FBI here in the USA over the weekend. The Russians killed or exiled most of their pesky Christian population years ago and no Russian citizen has the right to own guns; not since the revolution that resulted in the formation of the Soviet Union. On second thought, maybe the government has taken note.

Furthermore, this should dispel the notion that females are still to be considered innocents when it comes to the war on terror. They are just as complicit as men in the propagation of the hate that generates these dastardly acts. Their children should also be suspect, as were the Hitler Youth. War is hell.

Salesmanship Begins When the Customer Says No

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

So now that the Democrats have poured the cod liver oil down our throats, they are off on tour to tell us how delicious it is. They could actually sell me their health care program if I could be assured that funding is included for research to find a cure for liberalism and related political diseases. As it is, I would almost prefer the plague.

Be Not Deceived

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Obama and the rest of Dems are trying to cover their tracks on the health care fraud by claiming that they are now the victims of backlash and violence caused by right wing extremists. Nothing of the sort is happening. They are merely trying to provoke violence to give them an excuse to invoke martial law. Be patient. Given enough hemp, they will hang themselves.

A New Car!!!

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Back in the good old days when East Germany was officially known as the German Democratic Republic, they had two state-owned automobile companies; Trabant and Wartburg. The word “Wart” in German means “to wait”, which was totally appropriate as the purchaser had to buy his automobile long before it was manufactured; sometimes years. Once he took possession, he often had to wait for tires. The additional problem for the consumer was that he had to pay for the vehicle and the tires at the time of order. This is what was required of everyone except, of course, the corrupt politicians and their cronies.

Well, America just bought a Wartburg health care program. You will now be required to purchase a product that will not be delivered for at least four years. Should you fail to order and pay for your Wartburg now, you will be assessed an additional fine. I hope you are fine with this as this is all your fault, if it is true that people get the government they deserve. Of course, some things don’t change; the corrupt politicians and their cronies don’t need the Wartburg as they already have the Cadillac plan.

But lest we stray too far from the reality of the situation, let us remember that yesterday’s vote was not for health care reform; it was a procedural vote to “deem” the Senate version of the bill as having been passed by the House (which it was not), in violation of Article 1, Section 7 of the Constitution. The rationale for this move was that this procedure has been used before. If this is true, then those laws thus passed are also without true force of law. Can the government expect its citizens to obey the laws that are made in the process of Congress flouting the law? How deleterious was Bill Clinton’s perjury? How many people have subsequently lied under oath as a result of the president’s unpunished crime?

One can only wonder, with an election on the horizon, why the Democrat party would consider engaging in what appears to be a politically suicidal move. The truth is that they are not worried about their political futures because they plan to use the same process for immigration reform. They will fast-track citizenship for 30-40 million illegal aliens, much like Clinton did during his administration, and tell them it is a gift from the Democrat party. This and the complicity of the unions, whose loyalty has been purchased with the health care reform package and other funds, will just about guarantee that these gangsters will remain in office past November.

The question you must now ask yourself is this; how long must I Wart for real change from real Americans?

What is in a Name?

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Stupak is as Stupak does.

Making Law by Breaking Law

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

The elected representatives in our nation’s capitol, those who swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, have today violated that oath in a manner more egregious than in any way heretofore attempted. This day is likely to be remembered along with December 7, 1941 and September 11, 2001. As with those two events, those responsible will be brought to justice.

Dear John Letter

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

I just sent the following message to my old friend, John, who disagrees with my assessment of Obama as a Marxist. Feel free to copy and use this as you wish.

Your willful ignorance of the evidence and the facts makes your claim to being a scientist quite laughable. I know that you have dug in your heals on Obama because you foolishly voted for him and even more foolishly refuse to admit your mistake. Pride does go before the fall. You continue to ignore the reality at your own peril but your defense of the indefensible hurts the rest of us, as well. Sadly, you are not alone. You and those who think (if one can call it thought) like you are the problem. There is no way to sugar-coat it and I will no longer do so. Do what you like with this. I hope you will accept it as the call to sobriety it is intended to be as I really do like you and really do hope that you will turn away from your folly. If you cannot or will not, please do the rest of us the favor of steering clear of all voting booths in the future.

How To Deal With Bullies

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

I had a friend in my early youth who exhibited behaviors that might, today, be considered sociopathic. He was charming, bright and persuasive; reminiscent of Eddie Haskel, but with dark hair. He was also conniving and sullen and given to destructive activities such as vandalism, shoplifting and physical aggression.

I had no trouble recognizing his faults but tolerated them for numerous reasons, not the least of which were his assurances of friendship and fidelity and a seemingly endless supply of peanut butter. Occasionally he would get wound-up and would hit me. I would shrug it off, excusing his behavior as the result of some stress or another. My attempts to understand and my willingness to tolerate his tantrums only lead to more frequent and more intense attacks on my person.

I had some difficulty in reconciling his various behaviors as true signs of friendship and began to drift away from his sphere of influence. This did not serve to diminish the increasing intensity of his abuse, especially as we were confined to school space. Still, having long resolved to meet his callous comportment with courtesy and compassion, I never responded violently to his provocations.

One early evening on my way home, I saw this person with my younger brother and when he saw me, he began to push and then strike my brother. I knew he was doing this only to get me to react. It worked. I ran to my brother’s aid and tore the bully away from him. I thereupon proceeded to beat the living “you-know-what” out of the guy. From that day forward he never bothered me, my brother or my friends; neither did I witness him harassing anyone else. I had not beaten him so badly as to harm much more than his pride but I had let him know that he had crossed a line he should never have approached.

There is a lesson in this; unacceptable behavior is unacceptable. The sooner this is strongly conveyed to the offending party, the better it is for all concerned. Failure to put the offenders in their place only emboldens them and increases the frequency and ferocity of the attacks. In our age of “tolerance” we have been beaten into near submission by the PC crowd. We have simply taken it for the purpose of proving our compassionate and considerate natures, desiring to show that we are not bigots, racists, homophobes or haters. Where has this gotten us? All we have accomplished in our futile attempts to mollify the malcontents is to magnify the problem and multiply the unreasonable demands of the abusers.

The average bully is a self-inflated blowhard full of bluff, bluster and bull. Unlike the die-cast oaf of “Christmas Story” fame, who would thump you for your lunch money, the current prototype is most often diminutive and sniveling, just as likely to be a woman as a man, and often runs in packs. From the groupie-harpies that electronically prey upon victims in venues such as Facebook to the shrew from California who worked so hard to be a senator, from the bearded mullahsk in Teheran to the naked aggressor from Chicago in the congressional shower, today’s bully remains, as always, a coward. But rather than treat you as a mugger in a dark alley, these people pitch their shrill voices, hurl bull from the battlements and then threaten to taunt you a second time.

How do we get them to stop? The best retort is a good guffaw, though killing them with kindness is equally acceptable. Just don’t let them walk away believing that they have succeeded in getting your goat. Let them know, without ambiguity, that their treatment of you is unacceptable and will no longer be tolerated. A solemn face-to-face, armed with conviction and behaving in a fashion firm, but fair, will usually win the day. We have every right to demand a change of behavior or to enforce a buffer zone to preclude further inconsiderate incursion. If this doesn’t work, we may need to rethink our tactics but our strategy should be here resolved; that we never again conclude that coddling the culprits will provide us relief from their venomous invective, their devious demands and their baseless tirades. Real debate is never really over, in spite of what Al Gore has said, but if they cannot rationally support their position with logic, evidence and honest science they should really sit down and shut up.

If we all stand up to the bullies in our own lives, public and private, we may yet have a chance to save our civilization.

God Save Us From The King

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Watch out folks; here it comes. Obama recognizes that his days of influence are rapidly waning as his super majority will end in November. As a result, he is putting the pedal to the metal on all of the plans initially outlined for a roll-out over 8 years. He must pony up on the promises he made to the unions, the environmentalists, the homosexuals, the pharmaceutical companies, the illegal aliens, ACORN, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, Al Gore, George Soros, NOW, Planned Parenthood, the Federal Reserve, and the 60’s radicals that helped him launch his political career. We are witnessing the first snowballs on the slippery slopes of state. And they will continue as long as we permit him to behave as a king.