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“—To Provide for the Common Defense—“

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Obama’s nomination of Elena Kagan to the US Supreme Court is illustrative of the contempt in which he holds this nation and its Constitution. Choosing someone who has kicked military recruiters off campus, men and women who have risked their all in defense of their fellow American citizens, is both cynical and sinister. Will we actually survive as a nation until November of 2012? Do we have reason to hope so if we do not act as citizens should act in the face of such threats to our Republic? At the very least we must actively defend the meaning of this nation’s founding documents and the simple-to-decipher intent of our Founding Fathers.

Take a stand against the enemies of our Republic wherever you find them. What have you to fear; name calling? Refuse to be bullied. Push back. Their PC world is crumbling under the weight of their own foolishness. Do not allow yourself to be another victim of their insanity. Do not wait for another tomorrow to demonstrate your fidelity to those who gave their all in defense of our freedoms.

The Value of Value

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Too many have fallen for the propaganda that the current global financial woes are the fault of capitalism. This is simply not so. Corruption is the real problem.

Value, in an open and honest system, is determined in the process of negotiation between a willing seller and a willing buyer, in which desirability and availability are contemplated, as well as the motivations of both parties. Interference in that process, through the manipulation of the negotiation, places undue burdens on one or both parties and serves to change the value of value. Corruption of the process, usually through regulation, litigation or legislation, changes the nature of value, and values.

Government, in our era, has become the tool of the corrupt. Arbitrary manipulation of the rules to benefit a favored class has created the problems we face. Greed and covetousness, not capitalism, has devalued value.

Foul Play

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

I suspect foul play in the explosion of the off shore drilling platform in the gulf. Something like this is a very rare event and its timing is far too interesting to be merely coincidental. This allows the powers-that-be to have their cake and eat it too. They can be for drilling and be against it at the same time while further fouling our economy, as is their goal, while harming the most conservative region of the country with an ecological disaster. If you don’t think there are people who would do such things, you have not studied history.

I worked in the oil field (oil patch) on a drilling rig for a number of years and one of the first things we did when we started a new hole was to affix a BOP (blow-out preventer) just above ground level to the first piece of pipe inserted solidly into the earth. This is designed to prevent what has just happened in the gulf by hydraulically cutting the drill pipe, and/or casing, and shutting off the flow of oil or gas from below. Granted, they do not always function as designed but it is quite rare when they do not. There is a great deal of pressure in the earth and before BOP’s there were many “gushers”. The BOP brought the vast majority of these under control.

Why not this time and why at this time? Are you a believer in coincidence?