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The Mosque at Ground Zero

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

I have good friends who are Muslims. They chose to make America their home rather than live out their lives in their respective places of birth. This they did for many of the same reasons most of our European forefathers decided to forsake their ancestral homelands; to seek and settle in a place where their personal brands of conscience were not branded as heretical, with all the painful consequences that pertained.

When the United Colonies endorsed the formation of the United States and officially crafted freedom’s framework, the First Amendment fully affirmed the pre-existing rights of individuals to freely worship according the dictates of their conscience while completely rejecting Euro-style pseudo-Christianity, to which freedom of conscience was an anathema. The inspired Founders proclaimed that there would never be a freedom-stifling, state sanctioned religion to afflict the American people.

Now, however, there is a concerted and devious effort to import the same kind of religious totalitarianism our ancestors escaped; it is called Sharia, the ultra strict Islamic law governing nearly every aspect of life. Under Sharia, women are less than second class citizens, non-believers are lower than women, homosexuality is punishable by death, and public dishonesty is encouraged if it furthers the acceptance and growth of Islam. We already have enough lying politicians in our midst. Adding Sharia would really complicate the issue of separation of church and state.

The odd assemblage of so-called Americans who support the “Ground Zero” mosque in lower Manhattan do so less out of a sense of ideology or principle than out of a desire to promote anarchy. Most leftists simply wish to see existing social orders crumble (misery no longer loves company; nowadays it insists upon it) and are not concerned with the realities of the consequences. While they march in leming-like lockstep, they appear to be completely ignorant of the fact that their approval of the importation of Sharia law will claim them as its first victims.

In a sense, Obama and his fellow leftists are right; this debate is all about religious freedom. Everyone, even and especially the adherents of Islam, should be free from the dictates of Sharia.

From Slippery Slope to Free Fall

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

They tried it in Greece and look what an affinity for homosexuality brought them. Their amoral, secular world view destroyed their democracy and their culture. All that remains of their golden age are a few marble columns.
Riots and retsina have replaced reason in the land of the once-admirable republic. California, indeed America, is not far behind. In this world there are no “consequence free zones”.

A homosexual federal judge has ruled that California’s Proposition 8 (which defines marriage as exclusively between one man and one woman) is unconstitutional because, in essence, “morality” no longer has a place in law and public discourse. He probably never read Washington’s farewell address to the nation or any other of the Founders firmly held beliefs that religion and morality formed the fundamental framework upon which this nation was built and only upon which this nation would long endure.

The girlie men, the burley women and those who cynically seek and collect campaign contributions from them have all mis-framed this debate. This has nothing to do with equality. There is nothing equal among the unions of man and woman, man and man, woman and woman. In a union between a man and a woman 1+1=the potential to create many others. Same gender unions= 1+1=0. Being unable to procreate, they must recruit. I care not for what anyone wishes to do in the privacy of their homes but please do not debase our culture by lying publicly about the imaginary benefits of one’s particular predilection.

This incomprehensible ruling (after all, morality IS the basis for law) is not the end of the story. This will ultimately go to the Supreme Court where, it is to be hoped, the proponents of the traditional view of marriage will cast off their puny, pitiful, pathetic PC appeals to what remains of reason in this nation, and state the case for what it truly is; the First Amendment’s affirmation of the pre-existence of a free people’s right to the free exercise of religion in concert with the absolute prohibition of state-sanctioned religion, which neo-secularism and this ruling certainly and fully represent. A belief in no God cannot reasonably be considered legally superior to a belief in God. But with Kagan on the court and Kennedy acting as the wild card, reason may well fail to prevail.

God bless the Supreme Court.