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Truth: the Bitter Pill

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

While not all that can be said should be said, some things must be said.

The modern Democrat party is a cancer in the body politic. People who vote for Democrats are, at best, fools. If those who are elected in 2010 do not treat those who have consistently violated their oath of office as criminals, they will be complicit in the greatest crime ever perpetrated on the American people; the evisceration of the Constitution.

Having an (R) behind your name makes you more (R)esponsible to fix the mess we are in because the other party is completely incapable of taking any actions that do not put us in a worse fix. You cannot go to Washington to “go along to get along”. It is incumbent upon the new blood to extract a full measure from the incumbents from both failed parties. The immoral cannot wield moral authority. In the face of evil, decorum is no virtue.

Barack Obama is neither an American nor a Christian. He was born to an underage (17) mother and a father who was a British citizen. This makes him a British citizen, regardless of where he is born. His father and mother soon parted company and he was subsequently adopted by Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian Muslim. Barack was educated in a Madrasa in Indonesia. A Muslim does not convert to another religion without dire consequences (usually a death sentence). Ask any Muslim. A Muslim, however, is permitted (indeed obligated) to lie in order to further the faith. He attended Occidental College in Santa Monica on a Fulbright Scholarship for foreign students. As troubling as all this is, his association with avowed communists, Marxists and bomb-throwing anarchists should trouble you more. His statements on the inadequacies of the US Constitution should also be of major concern. His blatant disregard for the limits placed upon the federal (feral) government is evidence of his contempt for the Founders intent.

These statements are true and are easily corroborated for those who do not suffer from LIS (lazy intellect syndrome).

It is not hyperbole to state that the election this November the 2nd is perhaps the most important election in this nation’s history. If we cannot rid ourselves of those who have slavishly supported Obama’s insidiously un-American agenda, we may never again have the opportunity to restore the Constitution.

Remember, a vote for any Democrat is a vote for Barack Obama.

Labor Pay Day

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Obama’s plan to “invest” $50,000,000,000 of taxpayer money in infrastructure; roads, railways and runways, is just another payoff to the union labor who will benefit from this decision and is nothing more than Chicago-style payola. It is designed to buy recently diluted loyalty from the unions and votes from the communities that will see the instant, but transient, infusion of inflation-generating funny money.

Infrastructure is ordinarily useful if there is industry or agriculture to support and for the creation or maintenance of supply lines for the products they create. When productivity is flat to non-existant, of what use are new roads and railways? The reason Hitler was able to successfully kick-start the anemic German economy with Autobahn construction was twofold; first, it required legions of men with shovels and picks. Secondly, as soon as these roads were completed, these men were conscripted into the German military, which made very good (or bad) use of the men and the new highway system; a system specifically designed to serve this same military and Hitler’s purposes.

When Eisenhower decided to build our Interstate Highway system, it was also for military purposes (the rapid defensive deployment of troops in an increasingly dangerous world) although it has served a viable economic purpose, as well, back in the day when people had products to move and places to go.

The $50,000,000,000 would be much better employed as a tax break incentive for businesses to hire people and produce products. When these businesses and their employees are successful and able to pay more taxes, then the government can build or repair roads to move the products these businesses are actively creating. This would also save the Fed from having the expense of printing $50,0000,000,000 more in funny money with which they further enslave the taxpayer/debtors of this nation.

We are closing in on the November elections. This boondoggle is an overt attempt to buy votes with taxpayer money. It is really nothing new. It just has a lot more zeros than we have been accustomed to see in the past. Please remember, Democrat politicians are not stupid, just immoral, but those who vote for them are stupid and not just stupid, but suicidal.