Terrorism Surfaces Again

The abuse that modern air travelers must now suffer under the hands of the TSA is but a foreshadowing of the growing darkness we face as the culture is pushed closer to the PC precipice. Frisking grandmas and nuns and groping grown men is evidence that modern social engineering techniques are, like global warming, the results of junk science.

Punishing everyone in lieu of direct action against real criminals clearly demonstrates a villainous intent on the part of today’s decision makers. Those who would force us to sacrifice our liberties in an illconsidered effort to avoid offending our enemies are arguably as evil as the mad mullahs who terrorize their own flocks should their sheep dare to opt out.

9-11 heralded the end of political correctness as a viable means of promoting peaceful understanding among the malcontents. Sociopaths of all pursuaions should be confronted and subdued with all due expediency. This includes those who ignore and violate Constitutional protections against the intrusive acts of government clearly prohibited under the 4th Amendment. True, we are at war, but with whom?

We keep only those rights we elect to defend.

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