The Wicked Witch is Merely Wounded

In 2008 Republicans were sent packing for behaving like Democrats. In 2010 the Democrats were run out of town for behaving like Bolsheviks. This is important to understand. In both cases the voters were voting against behaviors rather than for a specific party or party line. Failure on the part of party leaders to comprehend this fact will cause further erosion in the waning faith of the body politic.

There is, indeed, a dimes worth of difference between Republicans and Democrats, but that difference resides primarily in social matters. Economic differences are not as distinct and the obvious subservience to the interests of the Federal Reserve is nearly universal.

We can hope that the attitudes of the newcomers like Rand and Rubio will reverberate through the halls of Congress in the spirit of Mr. Smith, but the Boy Rangers have their work cut out for them as they take on the Taylor’s of the world over the thousands of Willard Creeks hidden in hundreds of bills in which billions of dollars are siphoned from the public treasury to pay for votes.

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. This is our job. Hold them to account. Call and write and let them know you are watching. 2012 is only one election away.

As an aside, it must be noted that California’s hard-left-leanings cannot be blamed on a propensity for smoking dope, not legally at any rate. The problem has to be more organic (and perhaps more Pavlovian) than that. It must have something to do with the instinctual understanding that one should never bite the hand that rings the bell.

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