WikiLeaks Docu-Dump: an Alternate View

The WikiLeaks document dump does cause a problem, but primarily for those who cause bigger problems. There will assuredly be innocent victims but the casualty list would be wanting if it did not contain the names and deeds of the dishonest, deceitful and disingenuous among us. While some information should remain secret for bone-fide security reasons, the rest should be exposed for what it is; double-dealing, corruption, back-biting, duplicity, skulduggery, treachery, underhandedness, malfeasance and otherwise deplorable (if not criminal) conduct.

The best thing about the dump, thus far, is that it forced the Federal Reserve to release the story of its $3,000,000,000,000 secret loan program to everyone on the planet except, of course, to you and me. This they did to pre-empt the release of documents promised to shed light on the dark and nefarious domain of the world’s central bankers.

Just how and where did the Federal Reserve (a private bank with no known reserves) get $3,000,000,000,000 to loan out? If they are wealthy enough to bail out the world, why not tax them at a 90% rate?

The bad news in this story is that the government can and will shut you down and hunt you down if you post something they consider to be threatening to the ruling class and their masters in the underworld.

Truth can withstand the light of day; falsity and fraudulent behavior cannot. Thanks Julian!

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