The Benighted Senator from Searchlight

Every piece of legislation passed by this extraordinarily lame lame duck congress and signed by Obama should be repealed. The Pelosi and Reid agenda was fully fully rejected by the voters in November, yet they persist in flaunting the will of the electorate. This is the worst example of leadership in the history of our nation. They are not satisfied in merely taking down the Constitution; they want to drag the entire culture into the abyss, as well.

Harry Reid is the worst kind of politician imaginable for he holds himself out to be a faithful, God-fearing man. He would do far less damage if he was simply a crook, as are most of his fellow politicians. The Senator from Searchlight is leading our government further into the darkness. His sins are not just ideological. Who’s errand is he on? When will he be excommunicated for his brazen immorality?

I call upon the leadership of his church, and mine, to hold him responsible for his detestably irresponsible actions as the most politically powerful Latter Day Saint in the history of nation and the church. He is a very dark stain upon the honor of both.

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