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Lone Wolf or Big Bad Wolf?

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Would anyone be truly surprised if Obama’s recent pronouncement, that he fears a “lone wolf” domestic terror attack on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, was meant as bait for just such an event? Could he not then declare martial law and maintain power in the face of his ever-decreasing popularity? Is this not as likely a scenario as his being re-elected in 2012?

He would not do this on his own, however, it would be at the insistence of his bosses at the Federal Reserve; a private bank with an interesting name, which seized control over our currency and monetary policy from the Congress in 1913. They know the jig is nearly up and something will have to be done to keep them out of prison, or worse.


Monday, August 1st, 2011

The senior Senator from Arizona, the brave naval aviator who has become the Republican party’s Peter Principle poster boy, has very recently referred to members of the Tea Party as “Hobbits”. As noted by more than a few others, these diminutive, furry-footed agrarians were the very creatures who managed to take down the evil empire. So it has often been.

It was the common man, who had had enough, who tossed the tea into Boston Harbor.

The embattled farmers stood their ground behind Concord’s rude bridge and fired the shot heard round the world.

The 900 farmers from “over-the-mountain” destroyed the left flank of Cornwallis’ march through the Carolinas in his 1780 attempt to confront Washington’s army in Virginia, turning the tide of the Revolution at King’s Mountain. The opposing force, under British Colonel Ferguson, was comprised almost exclusively of American colonists loyal to the English King George.

The farmers of Eastern Tennessee once again answered the call to come to the nation’s aid in New Orleans, where they defeated a far superior British force in the War of 1812.

(The British, though twice defeated, did not give up. They ultimately managed to re-occupy the USA via the Federal Reserve Bank, essentially a branch of the British Central Bank. This is who our political leaders really work for. This is not conspiracy theory; it is conspiracy fact. Our two party system is merely veneer.)

Still, the lesson is this; tyranny is turned when the common man makes history.

Are more such days in our future?