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An Open Letter to Mr. Obama

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

You are about to awaken the sleeping giant. It will take but a little while before he washes the sleep from his eyes, has a cup of Joe and snaps his straps. Americans by their very nature are slow to rile. They are more circumspect than most expect or respect. They prefer peace and tranquility, letting others live and let live. Enjoying one’s own freedoms bespeaks respect for the freedoms of others. Freedom does presuppose the right to do wrong, but there are limits. You have crossed that line. You have mocked the citizens of this nation by consistently violating your primary oath of office, your first sacred obligation; to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. By doing so you have become the “domestic enemy” to which that oath refers.

You have also violated the spirit and the letter of the Declaration of Independence, wherein is contained the prophetic warning about the government becoming “destructive of these ends”, i.e.,” life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, among others”. It is the duty and obligation of all real Americans to see to it that you and the other domestic enemies are appropriately held accountable for violating your oaths and for being destructive of the American way of life. It is now just a matter of time. The clock is ticking.

It took only 4% of the population of the original 13 colonies to put our last king in his place. He went too far but was smart enough to know when to quit. Today an impassioned 1% would more than suffice. If you were merely incompetent these might be willing to remain somewhat tolerant, but your deeds are unambiguously designed to destroy the laws and traditions of this noble nation.

I am but one lowly and humble citizen who seeks first the redress of the wrongs you and the other domestic enemies have consciously and carelessly committed, but there are millions more who believe as I. There will be millions and millions more, many who do not seem as patient, who grow more perturbed each day. If you wish them to respect and cheer you, repent or resign! If you want them to resist and jeer you, then continue down the road you are on. The clock ticks. The giant stirs.