Heaven Help US

One should not be terribly surprised that Utah Senator Orin Hatch is seriously considering endorsing a moderate Republican in a primary challenge to Utah’s other US Senator, Mike Lee, an avid constitutionalist. We could attribute Orin’s nod toward the dark side as a singular, senility-induced spasm but for the fact that he and Ted Kennedy were bosom buddies. Can a clearer picture of someone be developed? Show me your friends and and I’ll know who you are.

Orin has had his moments of courage and clarity but he has always managed to avoid a genuine confrontation with those actively engaged in corrupting our culture and our government. Is decorum truly sacrosanct? Must we conjure up the ghost of Patrick Henry? Is there a red, white and blue pill that men can take to stiffen their spines.

Senator Lee’s “radical” attempts to resist the top-down corruption of the entire nation is a worthwhile pursuit and should be lauded and applauded by everyone who still has faith that the Founding documents remain a timeless recipe for success, politically, culturally and morally.

If Orin turns his back on Senator Lee it will be the surest sign that the elect (and most of the elected) have not only been deceived, they will have willingly become co-conspirators in the deception.

Don’t get me started on the most powerful Mormon in the the US government, one Harry Reid. What a….I said DON’T get me started!

Heaven help US.

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