Turn That Frown Upside Down

Remaining positive is starting to feel more and more like work. Still I labor. Looking for the silver lining is straining my eyesight but I remain on the lookout. The good (?) news; modern stresses do come with their own set of benefits. Losing one”s appetite will ultimately lead to weight loss, if it’s a tone-up one desires. Being broke makes shopping a whole lot quicker and simpler, and if gasoline prices keep one closer to home, imagine how much house work (or writing) can be done.

Ranchers in South Dakota awoke to find the blizzard that just passed through killed 100,000 of their cattle. Imagine the feast if those animals could be dressed out and BBQ’d before the weather warms up, provided that Kansas City is generous with the sauce and if Idaho shares the spuds. So many hungry people could be fed.

The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), operated by the IRS, might punish a person for not enrolling in the program, but if they arrest you and and check you into the gray bar hotel you will get your healthcare for free. What’s not to like about that?

The National Park Service has closed America’s natural national treasures down to the public, but on the other hand we have made 11,000,000 to 20,000,000 illegal aliens feel warm and welcome on Park Service property in the nation’s capitol. The NPS locks WWII veterans out of the memorial dedicated to their heroic service, but the welcome mat is out to drug dealers, human traffickers and terrorists on our southern border. But we are a nation of second chances, right? These might be “wretched refuse” but aren’t they just “huddled masses yearning to be free”?

Our Justice Department has flooded Mexico with illegal assault weapons, to be sure, and one of our own border agents was murdered by someone wielding one of these, but on the other hand none of the dead Mexicans compete for the limited number of jobs and they don’t eat very much, especially the ones without heads.

The Canadians (the British) are mining our gold and silver, but they must be paying us for it, right?

Trillions have been spent bailing out the banks but at least we have places to borrow money.

When we add up all the debts that have been sold as investments (derivatives), the world is in debt to the tune of nearly a quadrillion dollars but all we have to do is hit the reset button (world war) and we can basically start all over again with lots of rebuilding to be done and a few hundred million fewer mouths to feed.

Congressional hearings reveal countless scandals and no one is held to account. Isn’t it swell that we can forgive and forget?

Both political parties serve the Federal Reserve Bank and the IMF. Isn’t it great that the Dems and the GOP really can get along, even if not in public?

Kennedy was killed because he raised the ire of the Fed with his silly executive order (11110) putting the US back on the silver standard, but he will always be the youthful king of Camelot instead of an old and feeble former president insulated by the Secret Service.

After the NSA reads this I will probably be water boarded but it might ultimately cure my psoriasis.

Our news media is brought into the White House for private meetings about which nothing is revealed, but we have all had enough of the bad news, haven’t we?

Our Constitution is gored and ignored but thanks to the Department of Education and CORE, we needn’t worry about our children and grandchildren. What they don’t know will never hurt them.

Senility will be the fate of most Baby Boomers (those not immediately placed under palliative care) but are there not so many bad things too painful to remember?

Yes, there are many things that could be better but see how easy it is to look on the sunny side?



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