Common Sense

An old friend of mine has not been able to extricate himself from the thoughtless ideology of his youth, having failed to test it against modern day reality. As he is thus unable to defend his irrational conclusions and his untenable political position, he falls back on an old liberal custom; the ad homonym attack. Because I disagree with Obama’s programs and the direction he and the leftists in the other two branches of government are dragging our once-great country, he accuses me of being a racist. The following is my response to this attack. I offer it as a possible means of deflecting similar attacks that you, my facebook friends, are certain to suffer at some point if and when you choose to stand up to the lies.

Common sense is found in the willingness to objectively view available evidence and draw conclusions based upon the application of logic and then to ethically employ that information in formulating a plan of action consistent with the principles thus identified. Common sense would then dictate that one use rational thought in conveying one’s findings to others without fear of contradiction or without the necessity to impugn the character of the other; in other words exercising discretion sufficient to avoid the thoughtless temptation to misrepresent the content and context of a conversation in which one has lost intellectual traction, choosing instead to mis-color the other party as a racist, bigot or fool. One cannot claim to possess common sense if he cannot defend his position other than through a virtueless effort to vilify the other in a manner wholly inconsistent with point being debated.

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